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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to the 2015 Brownells Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship, to be held on August 21-23, 2015, at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, in Park City, Kentucky, USA. We are pleased to say that everything is coming together to make the 2015 Brownells Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun an epic match once again. The Match Director, Gary Welborn, is working hard to create 15 fun and challenging stages, 8 for the Pros, and 7 for the Ams. Registration will be held, as usual, on-line on February 16th at 9 PM EST. The Stats and Registration Manager, Linda Chico, will follow the opening of this thread with all of the information you need to get registered to shoot the Pro Am. The official match website is www.rock3gun.com will be updated shortly. The webiste, this forum, and the Rockcastle Shooting Center Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ShootTheRock , will be the official information locations for information and announcements on the match. It doesn't seem possible, but the 2015 Brownells Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship will be bigger and better than ever. The match will again be wrapped into the 3 week celbration of our firearms freedom that has become known as the Rockcastle Thunder Games. The Thunder Games will begin on August 15th with the Thunder Games 3 Man 3 Gun. The Feature of the Rockcastle Thunder Games is the 2015 Brownells Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship on August 21-23, and the games will end with the Night Stalkers Association 2 Gun Challenge (Rifle, Pistol) and Family Fun Days on the weekend of August 20-30. The Night Stalkers 2 Gun Challenege is what we call Hero/ Pro match, where active duty and retired service members will compete against 3 gun competitors in a charity match benefiting the familes and soldiers of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. All three matches will have phenominal prize tables. We are excited to welcome all comers to the 2015 Brownells Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship, and the Rockcastle Thunder Games. Let the Games Begin!
  2. I ordered two AR recoil springs and a Nordic flush cup from Brownells 10 days ago. All parts were in stock. I even selected the fast shipping option so I would have the stuff in time for last weekends 3 Gun match. The stuff still hasn't shipped. I sent an e-mail last Wednesday and they attributed the delay to the holiday rush. Now I expect this kind of BS when I deal with CTD but Brownells is usually better than this. I understood delays after Sandy Hook but this is ridiculous.
  3. ...so I asked myself the question "What is the cheapest 2011 I can build?". I generally buy top end parts for all my competition 2011's and the cost is generally around $1400 - $1600 in parts. After reading about kguns11' frames (Freedom Gunworks), I decided to order one for a open build. Long story short, I ordered two and therefore I will have one ready for an additional build. So back to the original question... What is the cheapest way one could build a 2011? Can a reliable 2011 be built for less than $900 in readily availabe parts? -TriggerMeister P.S. This post has nothing to do with buying an 2011 vs. building one. Currently, this is a brainstorm session on building a low cost 2011 and what parts to use. P.P.S This post presumes that you have knowledge of how to build a reliable 1911. If you have never built a 1911 your best option may be to buy one, research building a 1911 and/or consulting a gunsmith. Parts Price List: (UPDATED IN POST BELOW)
  4. Come join us for the Brownells G3G Regional 3-Gun Match at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta, Illinois on May 4, 2013. 3-Guns 6- Stages 1-Day Get details and register for the match at Match Registration today! Match is limited to the first 100 registered participants. Gateway 3-Gun is an official participant in the 3 Gun Nation Club Series! This match will include 3 Gun Nation Classifier Stages! Hope to see you there!
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