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  1. Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championships We are very excited to announce Mike Sexton as the new Match Director for the 2017 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championships. Mike is sure to bring a different perspective to this major 3 Gun championship. Once again, Linda Chico will be in charge of registration and the match headquarters and we are thankful that Ken Nelson, Russell Armstrong and the PractiScore team will be on site managing all scoring. We have an incredible match planned for you. We are working on some awesome side matches and some amazing after hour social events at the Rockcastle Lodge. The 2017 Rockcastle Pro Am will be one for the ages. Looking forward to seeing everyone @Shoot_The_Rock in August. Amateur Registration Will Open on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. The sign in process (to get a registration code for the Amateur match application) will be Wednesday, February 15th at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. If you cannot personally be online at the designated time of February 15th, get some else to complete the sign in for you. Note that I will not accept any official sign-in on the on-line list before9:30 PM on February 15, 2017. There is an official clock on the page. Don't hit the submit button on February 15th before 9:30:00 on the clock. On February 15th, get to the web page a few minutes early, so that you can fill in the information correctly, and only click on the "submit" button once the time is correct. I will email you a code after you successfully submit the information to me after 9:30 PM February 15th. The application link for the Amateur match will be sent with the Registration Code. Pro Match Shooter Registration will be open on PractiScore starting February 16, 2017. The Pro Match application will NOT require a registration code & will open like any other 3 Gun Match on Practiscore. The link to the Pro Match application will be public and available on PractiScore, the match website & the Brian Enos Forum. Every year we get people who are not sure if they should shoot Pro or Am. Am & Pro really have little to do with skill level. They are about the kind of match you want to shoot. Am – random draw prize table, easier stages, closer targets, low entry fee ($150), fewer stages. Pro – prize table in order of finish, complex stages, longer distance targets, higher entry fee ($250) & more stages (more rounds overall). Match Website is www.Rock3gun.com. We look forward to seeing you in August!! Nick and Nate Noble Rockcastle Shooting Center Click here to Reply, Reply to all, or Forward
  2. Match Books are up on the site at www.rock3gun.com The Match Books can be downloaded to your smart phone/ device or you can print them. We can also print them at the match headqquarters for those who cannot download them. The weather has been a little wet, but the stages are good to go. The Range Officers will shoot them in on Thursday. Looks like we will continue to have a 40-50% chance of rain through the weekend. Most of the stages are on pretty grassy areas so they should'nt be too bad come match time. We will keep the folks from the south who have had to drop out of the match due to the flooding in our thoughts and prayers. Aklys Defense is one of the companies that was going to do a side match and we are unsure if they will make it up to the match. Also our awsome Gold Sponsor Trijicon will not be able to do the side match, but hopefully next year. We are welcoming several new sponsors to the Pro Am this year, including HPR Ammunition, who will have a rig full of ammo on site for the weekend. We also welcome Springfield Armory to the match. A few of you are going to have a great chance to win one of the new SA EMP4's, chosen as the 2016 Handgun of the Year at the Industry Choice Awards held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center. We also welcome EoTech, Explorer Cases, Ft. Mill Munitions, Howard Leight, Lucas Oil, Mesa Tactical, Premear Hearing Protection, Royal Purple, Safariland, another company from the Strategic Armory Corp. family of companies, Surgeon Rifles, and Timney Triggers. We would like to send a big industry thank you to the following companies for their continued support: Accurate Armory, Adams Arms, Armalite, Benelli, Brownells, Century Arms International and Canik, CMC Triggers, Cross Machine and Tool, Crucible Armament, Daniel Defense, Double Star, Gamaliel Shooting Supply, Hiperfire, Hogue, Hornady, Iron City Rifle Works, Kel Tec, Kimber, Leupold, Magpul, Mod 1, Mossberg, NIC Industries/ Cerakote, Oakley, Praciscore, Remington, Samson Manufacturing, Sierra Bullets, Sig Sauer, Taccom, Trijicon, Tri-State Tactical, TRU Spec, U.S. Optics, VooDoo Tactical/ Major Surplus, Warne Scope Mounts, and X-Rail by RCI. See you all in a couple days, we are ready to Rock it out!
  3. Greetings All! The match website, rock3gun.com should be up to date with the stages, the map, and the schedule. The matchbooks will be there before the match for your download. Printed versions of the matchbooks will also be available at the Rock front desk on a limited basis. We have confirmed sponsors wishing to participate in side matches, including Trijicon, EoTech, and Century International Arms. Hopefully more will follow. We have confirmed several Pros for the free Pro Clinics. Sig-up sheets will be posted outside on the front windows of the Lodge. Prize table products are arriving daily from our phenominal match sponsors. Look for some great stuff from Daniel Defense, Lucas Oil, Hornady, Cross Machine and Tool, Centurty Arms and their Canik brand handguns, Kimber, Sig Sauer, Magpul (not just PMAGS!), Trijicon, Leupold, US Optics, Samson and so many other companies. We will try to get you all up to date as everything arrives. There will be awesome entertainment each night on the Timney Triggers Stage from our good friend Creed Fisher. Get ready for some fun times at the Rock. gary and the crew have been getting the stages ready since early last week, and it's all coming together nicely. We will be ready to Rock when the RO's hit the ground. Feel free to contact Nate Noble, Linda Chico, or Gary Welborn for any needs or questions.
  4. So some updates from the Rock! The planning and construction of the Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship is coming along nicely. I think Linda Chico has got the squads sorted out pretty well. With this many shooters that is no easy task, so everyone show the amazing Linda Chico the ususal love and affection. Gary Welbourne will be on-site this week to finalize some stage deatails and do a final walk-through with our team to finish the stages so we can get all of that information released. The sponsorship side of the match is great as usual, with the best companies in the business continuing to support the match for all of you, including Kimber, Daniel Defense, Glock, Double Star, Brownells, U.S Optic, Leupold, Trijicon, Hogue, Magpul, Cross Machine and Tool, J.P Enterprises, Hiperfire, Sierra Bullets, Gamaliel Shooting Supply, and many more. Also welocoming some new companies into the match like Safariland, Mesa Tactical, EoTech and Springfield Armory. And like we have said a few times before, we are confident we have some great suprises coming on the sponsorship side as we finalize more aggreements with some great companies to give all you guys and gals a great experience. We have some killer entertainmet lined up for the post match activity each day, as well as some great compnaies coming in to provide the competitiors with after shooting food and beverage. Keep on preparing, and we will keep on getting it all lined out for a great shoot. More announcements to come!
  5. The website seems to be working well, not sure if it was just down temporarily or what. The match is coming along nicely! Sponsors continue to roll in and the stages are being designed. Looking at a few great new challenges.We plan on launching new sponsor data around May 1st, as we are finalizing some big things for the match. Some of the new sponsors are going to be very exciting for the world of 3 Gun. Keep up the practice and we will keep trying to arange for decent weather!
  6. We are looking great with vendors and sponsors. Those announcements will come after registration, which is tomorrow everyone. Get your computers tuned up and ready. Registration is happening tomorrow night February 16, at 9:30 pm EST. Look for Linda's post here, in the official match thread, or on the match website at www.rock3gun.com
  7. Check out Linda's post above, and get those typing fingers ready! Registration for the Pro Am is tomorrow at 9:30 pm EST. Good Luck, and can't wait to see all of you at the Rock!
  8. Welcome to the 2016 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship, to be held on August 19-21, 2016 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, Park City, Kentucky, U.S.A. We are pleased to say that everything is coming together nicely for the match. A ton of sponsors, vendors, competitors, and staff have commited to help make the 2016 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship another one for the record books. As usual, we are working hard to ensure that the Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship is the "must shoot" match of the year. The Match Director, Gary Welborn is working hard to create 15 fun and challenging stages, 8 for the Pros and 7 for the Ams. And "The Rock" has some new targets and toys on property that should make for some great competition. Registration is right around the corner, on February 16th, at 9:30 PM EST. The Stats and Registration manager, and evryones favorite by the way, Linda Chico will be following this thread with all of the inforamation you need to get registered to shoot the 2016 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship. The official match website is www.rock3gun.com and along with this thread, and the Rockcastle Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ShootTheRock will continue to be the official locations for information and announcements. Major Sponsor announcemnets will follow in the months to come. We look forward to seeing all of you at "The Rock" in August for some epic 3 gun fun!
  9. Sorry folks, been in the car the last few days and couldn't reply, but have enjoyed reading all of the feedback, good and bad. Obviously we like to know the things that are wrong with the match, and the things that are right. As many of you know, there is a ton of stuff that goes into organizing any match, especially the big ones. We are already working on the match for next year, and it's looking good. Yes, we will start announcing some major sponsors and title sponors, as their bugets get finalized and sponsor contracts are signed. Hopefully now that the new website is up (woefully late) there will be a better communication platform in the future. I would like to thank those that gave so much to make it happen. Linda Chico in stats and registration, Gary Welborn for designing stages and planning how to put them on the ground, along with all of the RO's that came up with Gary for weeks in advance to help build the stages. We would like to thank the Range Masters Joe Harris, and the entire Rockcastle staff. And a huge thanks to all of the range officers, who never fail to volunteer their time and efforts to make all the matches happen, not just ours. And obviously, everyone should thank, and nobody forget the sponsors. Three of our biggest sponsors stepped up big time, Double Star, Adams Arms, and Brownells. There was an outstanding amount of sposnors that donted to the shooters, and deserve support from all of us, including: Kimber, Trijicon, Century Arms, CMT Tactical, Hornady, Rubber City Armory, Troy, Tru Spec, Devil Dog Arms, US Optic, Sig Saur, VooDoo Tactical, Mossberg, Samson MFG, DPMS, JP Rifles, Crucible Armament, Warne Scope Mounts, Benelli, Daniel Defense, Frog Lube, Hogue, XRAIL, Aralite, Mod 1, Nordic Comp, AP Custom, CMC Triggers, 5.11, Anderson MFG, Chamberveiw, Iron City Rifle Works, Kel Tec, Magpul, Oakley, Seekins Precision, Taran Tactical Exos Defense, TACCOM, WMD Guns, Hodgdon Powder, Practiscore, Cerakote, Gamaliel Shooting Supply, CMP Targets, KE Arms, Lantac, Sierra Bullets, Tri State Tactical, Vortex Optics, XS Sights, Hiperfire, Black Dove Customs. Hope I didn't miss anyone. And we wnat to thank all of you that travel from near and far to compete in the match. We know there are great expenses invloved. We know we can't host a match without shooters. Even with some mistakes from time to time, we try to put on a match that everyone will enjoy. We apologize to those who did not, and hope to make it up to you next time. So we would like to take a short time to address at least some of the forum comments, if we did all of them I'm sure nobody would read them. First, Rockcastle as the match organizers have control of things like the match staff, the stage design, the format, and things like that. We take the critism seriously, from those that shot the match. We know there are some things many did't like about those items, and a whole bunch really liked, as we have heard from both on the various medias and conversation we have held about the match. We will be working on all of it. The things we do not control are the sponsors. They donate becasue they want ot support the sport and the shooters, and let people know about their products and services. We do not control which of those companies decise to send product and people to the match for side matches. We Always leave space for them on the map because some companies decide demo when they get there. It happens quite a bit. Some scheduled and had to back out of sending people to the match at the last minute. We post this stuff on enos and other medias beginning in January the last few years, and starting this month moving forward. I can tell you in January when most of the copy is written, as within my very first post, most of the sponsors are not nailed down, and side matches not determined. Most of the time it all works out. Some of the sponsors don't come in until the week before or days before the match, and thank god they do. For those of you who don't think about the industry from a match management standpoint, it has changed on many levels, some of which have been talked about in this forum. To those of you wondering, the NRA really doesn't sponsor any matchs. They host matches like their match next month, Bianchi, and Camp Perry. In the past they have supported them a few times, but those are only specail occasions. There are several other compnaies that do not sponsor matches anymore, and they are not worth listing, becasue it's really ok. Many matches change top sposnors evey year, including 3 Gun Nation, BRM3G, the Pro Am, etc., and that's ok too. Four year's ago there were only four or five big matches, now there are almost 20. That spreads the sponsors thin. Four years ago there were fewer "sponsored" 3 gun shooters, now there are hundreds. That spreads sponsorship thin. Four years ago there were record gun indutry sales, now they suck. That spreads sponsorship really thin. And it will not get better soon. Four years ago the major matches were all on TV, now they are not so much. That spread sponsors thin too. You will see some big changes in the way matches are supported in the future. We all need to be very thankful for those that continue to support, decide to support, or have always supported what we love to do. Because there are so many matches, and everyone here most likely has a real job, both shooter numbers and RO numbers and availability are likely to change every year. Some up, some down. And that's also ok. It's just one of the things all the matches have to contend with moving forward. We try to organize the Pro Clinics to help new shooters learn from the best, and to help the Pro Shooters gain exposure for their sponors who support the sport. We do not control who says yes or no. Many times we do not even know who will show up for the clinics until the week before, or days before, or hours before they happen. I think we can do a better job of working to determine that earlier, and I think it's important that we do so. We do get and read every comment in the forum. They are important to us. And any of you can PM me any time if you you more specifc questions answered or need to be heard. Again, the new website is active, and will stay up to date for the enitre year. We are adding some new features over the next few weeks. We will also be starting an new thread here as soon as possible for the match next year. Thank you all for your participation, shooters, staff, and sponsors. Cheers to all of you!
  10. Also, for those of you with questions about the Amateur Prize Table. We are still debating on posting a draw order early or not. Some believe that it is not fair to the sponsors. By saying that will help you decide whether to stick around to get the goods your sponsors donated to the prize table......may not be the message we all want to send to them. One thing is for sure, that there will be aan Am prize table on Saturday evening, full of lots of generously donated prizes. If you have to stick around an hour or so longer, go to the sponsor booths and say thank you. Or go have a beer from one of 5 kegs per night donated by 5.11 Tactical's Shooter Hospitality Trailer, have some great food, and kick it with your shooting buddies!
  11. I know it's really hard to believe, but there is a brand new shiny match website that has just taken the place of the old one. Please, hold your applause, it's the least that we could do!!!! Sorry it took so long, but here are some things you need to know. This site will be updated daily with pictures of the match, scores, etc. This site will be active ALL YEAR LONG, with new match announcments coming as soon as this one has ended. Like a brand new title sponsor for 2016, and we know you are going to love it! So for now, you can go to www.rock3gun.com and surf the sponosrs (many links being updated every few minutes) look at the stages, download PDFs, and download and print a Match Book if you want. The matchbooks are only available electronically........unless you are still in the dark ages like we were ten minutes ago......then we can print you one up at the Rock on registration day. There is a mobile version of the site as well, so it works well on the igadgets. We are still editing that one a bit, but we have used it personally and it is funtioning well. Enjoy, Click, Print, See you ina few days.
  12. Oh, and we are going back to "real paper" matchbooks, available only at registration.
  13. Greetings to all. The match is coming together nicely! Sure it's hot, but it is Kentucky in August, it will probably end up being.......just like last summer. I get every post that you all put on here, and I know there are some questions, particularly from those you haven't "Shot the Rock" much, so I will try to answer many of them here. Linda has done a great job (as usual) (we are at least smart enough to know that) getting all of you signed up to shoot. She is now DEEP in sqaudding, which is a task that none of you want with 587 shooters, give or take. If you are a sponsored shooter, I suggest that you get on Practiscore and sign up for the match if you have not already. Linda will accept gifts for all of her hard work, but many thanks work well too. Gary has put together some great stages! For the last two week Gary, some of the ROs and the Rockcastle staff have been clearing land, repairing targets, and building stages. And for the next two weeks we will continue to carve the Pro Am out of the bush, hang banners, and prep vendor row. We know you are going to have a great time shooting the match. I see some posts about information that you all are not getting, and the match website. The critisism is desrved, we get it. We have had some epic fails on getting a new match website active. It hasn't come together as we expected. So, within the next two days you will either see a new website or an updated old website. For those of you who think IT volunteers are coming out of the woodwork to build match websites.....crickets! And yes, they cost more than $50, just FYI. SO here's some information to get you by until the site is updated and acurate: 1. We never have and never will post the stages more than 30 days out from the match, takes a lot of tweaking to get those things right, especially on open terrain. But I think you have them now on here. The rules on the 2014 website are accurate, nothing has changed, so when they are updated they will say 2015 at the top. 3. The schedule on the 2014 website will not change except for the dates 21-23, 2015. The match is still shot Friday and Saturday for Ams, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for Pros. Am prize table as early as we can get it on Saturday night, Pro prize table as early as we can make it happen on Sunday. 4. There will probably be very few sponsor changes. Very few have opted out, some new ones have joined the fun. Some current sponsors have dropped their overall donation level, some have increased. I hope to announce a "totally awesome" new sponsor as of tomorrow. Late entry but so cool it's not even funny. The prize table part of the match comes together over a 12 month period, sometimes longer, and always come down to the wire. They are companies that make a good match great, and without them very few would get to shoot. Make sure you take some time out to thank them for the things they provide to you during the course of the match, email, snail mail, phone call, facebook, all are wonderful. They need your thanks so they know that contributing was worth while. Give a shout out to great companies like Double Star, Adams Arms, Daniel Defense, Brownells, Hornady, Kimber, Century Arms, Rubber City Armory, Tru Spec, Mossberg, Samson MFG., and VooDoo Tactical, just to get you started. Let's see here. You can drive your car right up to most of the stages. I don't see anybody having to "hike" very far. Range carts are cool, handy, but if you don't have one, don't go buy one. There will be a light concession trailer in Thunder Valley for cold water, sports drinks, snacks, etc. There will be a selection of day snacks available in the restaurant every morning to throw in your pack. You will have a lunch break, and the restaurant will be open every day, all day. Bar closes at midnight. There will be live music every night to accompnay vendor row. If anyone needs any additional information please feel free to send me a PM. We are excited to have all of you back at the Rock. We love organizing this match for you, and are continually working to make it better. Updates will follow very frequently as match time approaches. If you haven't already done it, make sure you get online and register for the 2015 Trijicon World Shoot at "The Rock" in October. None of you should miss that one either.
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