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  1. For those of you that do use UML rules are you using the expedition or traditional ruleset?
  2. I haven’t shot most of these matches, other than Rocky Mountain. We are trying to put together a smaller regional match in Rio Rancho NM with 4-5 bay stages and 1-3 natural terrain stages. I’m glad to hear that there are some bigger matches using similar rules so competitors shouldn’t be upset about bigger penalties for farther targets.
  3. I haven’t been to a ton of major matches but from what I remember most of the bigger matches I’ve been to that have long range only give 10 second penalties for missed targets, including targets out to 5-600 yards.
  4. Which ruleset are you guys using ? The UML traditional or expedition? some of the penalties seem a bit steep, while others aren’t very high. 30 seconds for a missed long range (300+ yards) target is huge! Our local club joined UML and we are trying to figure out which scoring system is best
  5. I agree - you've gotta keep the match moving. If more than 10-20% of the shooters are timing out then I think that is a problem.
  6. Sometimes I need to use my long range ammo, sometimes I need my hoser ammo. Just depends on the stage and I only have one.
  7. I've had really good luck with them. The first time I used one was when I borrowed it at a major match and it ran like a top. I bought one as soon as I got home. The are a huge pain to load and unload though.
  8. Where in Colorado are you? I don't live there but I've shot the Colorado 3 gun championship in Colorado Springs and I believe they have locals there every month https://pikespeakgunclub.org/league-scores/3-gun-events/ https://www.soco3gun.com/about.html I know they have a few other clubs but I don't know the names - here is what I found from googling quickly: https://www.facebook.com/groups/554578294747740/ http://www.coloradoactionshooting.com/pawnee-3-gun.html https://www.bigben3gun.com/ There are some really good matches this summer in Raton, NM - a few hours south of Denver - Johnson 3-gun He-Man edition is May 16-17 and Rocky mountain edition is August 15-16
  9. Vortex Razor for sure, or the Viper PST if you're wanting something well under 1k.
  10. Mine did the same thing. I had to send it to McGowen and pay around $80 to get it fixed. Not too pumped about having to pay to get my $400 barrel fixed. I don't think my next barrel will be a stretch.
  11. Does anyone know of any resources for stage design that still work?
  12. This is great news. I am not a fan of flat triggers. I'm looking forward to the "big announcement" as well.
  13. 1) There is some variation in the rule sets but they really aren't all that different 2) I felt the same way about the shotgun until I tried it - now I love it 3) I've never had a 12-14 hour day shooting 3 gun or anything even close to that. I think those are incredibly rare. I get way more frustrated with all the time wasted with re-shoots, arguing and whining at USPSA matches than I ever do at 3 gun. 4) Maybe I'm lucky but I can get away with very little maintenance on all of my guns. All I do is add lube occasionally and clean the mags when they're dirty (pistol mags more so than rifle mags)
  14. Thank you for the tips. Since you’ve added the two gun division, how has the stage design changed? Do you design them as you would for 3 gun, then figure out how you’d do it with just the pistol and rifle? Or do you have to keep 2 gun and 3 gun in mind when designing stages ?
  15. Would you mind posting a few tips that you think help the matches flow so well?
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