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  1. I wondered the exact same thing when I watched the video
  2. On practicscore it says that bimetal ammo is allowed - all of the 7.62x39 I have and can find seems to still attract a magnet - will this be an issue? It definitely doesn't damage targets like steel core ammo.
  3. Do you notice much difference in the recoil between the 18” and 16”? I currently use a 16” intermediate and I’m thinking about switching to an 18” w/rifle gas length system.
  4. farinx

    Glock 34 Trigger

    I have a johnny glocks trigger in my gen 4 glock 34 that pulls around 3 lbs with the 4.5# striker spring. I've got a TTI kit in a gen 4 glock 17 that definitely feels lighter than the johnny glocks, but the pull and reset are much longer and less predictable than the johnny glock trigger. The johnny glocks trigger isn't a 2011 trigger but it is much closer than any other glock trigger I've felt.
  5. I’m trying to get a few of my 3 gun friends to sign up. It sounds like they can run a modern AR with irons in “free world irons”??
  6. This sounds really fun. I'm hoping the 300 yard targets aren't tiny since I want to shoot "comblock irons" with my AK with stock irons.
  7. You'll probably break the plastic basepads eventually
  8. Previously they still had the on-deck shooter preloading the shotgun, so that shooter wasn't available to reset the stage. So instead of pre-loading the shotgun only, you'd preload the other guns as well. It was definitely a win-win situation. My squad only had 9 shooters on it and we still moved through stages very quickly. I never felt like we didn't have enough people available to reset - but everyone on my squad worked hard.
  9. I thought it really made the match flow smoothly - awesome match this year. Can't wait for next year.
  10. Also is the 5% off before or after the gift certificates are applied?
  11. I'd like to get a pretty basic JP GMR-15 - I know they have them in the "ready rifle" section but these don't come with the newer short stroke buffer system do they?
  12. I won some JP certs at a match recently - do they let you use the certificates + a discount code when ordering?
  13. I have one stock MBX mag with a non-locking follower and can only get 22 in it. I might be able to get 23 in but don't think it'd be "reloadable"
  14. The tuned mags I got from atlas are MBX with the locking followers and hold 22 rounds of 9mm - the stock MBX mags with locking followers hold 20 rounds. I was surprised that there was a difference as well.
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