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  1. NM, just read the last line again.
  2. They are not posted, never have been. They are in the match book you get at check-in. I think he is referring to Denise's post on the round counts per stage.
  3. moose76

    Stretch 16 barrel info please

    If you have a Cerakoted version a set screw version won't fit. Grind away or go with an SLR clamping block Sniper Gray Cerakote... Alas, I don't care to run an adjustable gas block on this gun, and SLR only seems to make pinned non-adjustable gas blocks. Grinding may be my best bet. Out of curiosity, why do you say a set screw block won't fitshouldn't it still fit any .750" barrel? The thickness of the cerakote can remove the clearance needed to slide on a set screw gas block. A clamp on gas block can be pried apart enough to slide it over.
  4. moose76

    Flared magwell for AR-15

    I like the one from JB Custom Design: https://www.strongsidetactical.com/brands/JB-Custom-Designs.html
  5. Carbon Arms M3Ktube. One piece, 8 round tube with a +4 extension for 12 total. Mine has run 100% I use the Nordic follower. http://www.carbonarms.us/Shotgun-Parts-mag-tubes-and-more/Carbon-Arms-M3KTube-8-to-12-rounds.html
  6. moose76

    Digital in ear hearing protection..?

    I have been using ESP Classics since the beginning of the year. I don't think I would have ever tried them had I not won a certificate for them off a prize table. But if this pair eventually goes belly up, I will spend my hard earned money for another pair. They are AWESOME. I doubt I will ever use anything else.
  7. moose76

    How low can I go? H335 & .223

    20gr shot nice and soft in my Stretch 16 with low mass carrier and buffer, but I had several short strokes. 22gr ran fine, going to see if 21gr will run next.
  8. moose76

    Stoeger M3000/M3K desired loads

    Same for the one we have. Weird, I have both too, but don't remember which I have shot in the Stoeger. Wonder why/how they are different.
  9. moose76

    Stoeger M3000/M3K desired loads

    1 or 7/8 ounce? The 7/8s run fine in mine, but so do the Rem 1 oz sluggers.
  10. moose76

    Stretch 16 barrel info please

    Back in stock! http://www.strongsidetactical.com/stretch-16-precision-ar15-barrel-assembly-sniper-grey-cerakote-16-223-wylde-intermediate-length-gas/?page_context=category&faceted_search=0
  11. moose76

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    So I have been playing around with different carriers and ordered a spare breach bolt latch and breach bolt latch pin so I wouldn't need to keep swapping the stock one back and forth. The new latch is a Benelli part for the M2. As you can see from the picture below, the scalloped cut is on the opposite side from the stock Stoeger part. Does anyone know if the cut serves a purpose, or is it just there to cut weight? Stock part is on the left, Benelli on the right: Edit: Hand cycling with dummy rounds produces the desired result.
  12. moose76

    Stoeger M3000/M3K desired loads

    Remington STS and Winchester AA 2 3/4 dram shells run for me. Federal Walmart bulk packs run too. B&P slugs will not cycle the action on my M3000. Going to try the Fiocchi 7/8oz next.
  13. Getting excited! Mike, sorry if I missed it, but is there a start time set for Saturday morning?