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  1. What we normally called "Big Boys Rules"...Worked great and kept things moving right along. The most time saving part if you didn't notice - This process prevented shooter comes up to the line, sight in/turn dot on, blah blah, and then slowly make ready, then look through sights again unless RO yells "Are you ready?"
  2. You nailed this one Kelly! I like shotgun but not the carnival-esque stages...However, I must say this year's SMM3G did not have much of that flavor, just bug hunt on the buckshot stage. I shot the 2-gun division and yep, it was fun to shoot plates & poppers with pistol (when I didn't blow by targets). However, I would go back to 3 gun next year, just for buckshots and slugs . Loved the rifle long range shots - 300 + 500 yds mixed in with short range 80-200 yds stages were really fun to shoot. Lastly, thank you SMM3G staff and sponsors! Without you guys, a great match would be impossible to conduct!
  3. What TACCOM just did with this 3-stage recoil system is to give the lightened mass/recoil system a little bit more operating window. My Ti carrier/adj gas/UL recoil works great but to have it run 100% throughout the entire 3 days match, I have to open up the gas setting a bit.
  4. These regulated carriers have very small operating window so a very very small adjustment can swing your rifle from operational to single shot.
  5. Meopta ZD's illumination is very bright. I've found the only other scopes that would beat Meopta's brightness are Trijicon TR24 and ACOG TA11, and both uses fiber optics.
  6. For those who are running the Scorpion carbine with PSA AK-V 35 rds magazines, they just released the +15 mag extension. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-akv-15rd-magazine-extension-black.html
  7. Not in PCC but mine has been in the 3 gun carbine for a bit over 2 years, no issues. It is the adjustable version, dialed it way down and got consistent 2.8#.
  8. Yep, not sure why people followed that stupid 'rule of thumb' chart/graph/pictogram. My Valmet slings brass at 1 o'clock and Mach 2 speed, almost took out someone's eyeball. In all seriousness, sounded like your gun is fine as is with or without the can, I would leave it alone.
  9. I've been checking out the recoil cushion from Taccom and it does work in the pistol. So far I've ran it without the travel limiter block (original) and zero issue. Will test it with the limiter block in place next.
  10. No JJ, I was being sarcastic about having BDC for iron sights. That Burris AR1X sux big time for the exact reason you'd mentioned, also that's not true or faithful to iron sight religion IMO.
  11. I shoot He Man class sometime because of the match itself and the atmosphere (Rocky Mt. He Man). Cost difference between He Man and Wee Man is relative by the time you add them all up, I'm sure if someone can come up with a BDC for iron sight, we would get a lot more young shooters in He Man/Heavy Metal ...
  12. 1) Should be handled in the same manner as any competitor, it is a DQ or removal from active duty. The act of clearing a firearm does not mean pulling the trigger regardless of who is doing it. 2) No, same for everyone. Again, firearm wouldn't discharge without the trigger pull, a no-no. 3) Fortunately NO.
  13. I was in total shock when learned of Cheryl's passing...Rest In Peace Cheryl!
  14. RTB LW with Adjustable gas key is GTG, this set up solved my issue with hand guard clearance, allowing me to use standard compact gas blocks. I'm also using 2A Ti BC with adj gas but it has a very small window of adjustment.
  15. Very nice Tim! I finally snagged one after playing keyboard commando for 2 days. I'd be interested to see what you will have in store for this tool. First thing would be hogue-ing out the mag well! Trigger isn't so bad in mine, but then again I've been shooting the Scorpion so am well conditioned to sux @$$ trigger. I do like the recoil impulse out of this pistol better than the CZ carbine and I can see why you are pushing ahead with making the AK-V from better to great. Don't cut off that front sight amigo, that's what makes it an AK visually but tell me more about the left side charging handle, I'm interested.
  16. The only game in town that I know of is CZ Custom, but don't have any experiences with it so can't say if it is worth the $. Not sure if such is even in production anymore from CZ Custom.
  17. There isn't any reason to believe an adj. trigger is any less durable than fixed weight. Keep in mind the weight change comes from heavier spring (red and yellow JP springs), not 'dialing'. The only true 'weight adjustable' trigger that I know of is the AR TriggerTech, from 2.5 - 5.0 without changing external springs. The JP is adjustable for engagement, not weight. Haven't had any 'doubling' of any JPs, Hiperfire, Timney, and TriggerTech in the last 20 years of 3 gunning and many thousands of rounds from .223 to .308. All of mine are at 3.0-3.5 lbs except the TriggerTech, it is at 2.8.
  18. Have you tried running it without illumination at 6x?
  19. I don't see why not. At 10" barrel length and xm193, the 55 gr would have a muzzle velocity of about 2600 fps. Assuming a 250 zero, the drop at 600 yds = 136" according to Federal Ballistic data, the hold over on a full size IPSC target would be 4 targets up from center. I've done it with 1x Prismatic on top of my 16" shooting match load going at 2800 fps, same 250 zero, calculated drop at 600 yds = 115", or about 3 targets up from center. My point is as long as you know the target size and corresponding ballistics of your rifle/cartridge, the hold over can be done on the fly. Regarding 'best barrel', I tempted to say JP but he doesn't make anything shorter than 14.5. Daniel Defense makes very good barrels and I believe DD has 10.3" CHF 556 barrels, might want to check them out.
  20. I'm with Chuck on this one. Can't compare the two...most of us know 'game' pistols are not the same as 'duty' pistols. There isn't really any need to design a 3-gun/2-gun stage with the probability of prone technique being used while the pistol is holstered hot. Condition 3 start is okay with me as the RO since I'd would always want to see an empty chamber before allowing the competitor to insert a mag, but sure makes walk up spectators nervous.
  21. PacMan

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    I did mine manually with cut up belts for belt sanders...not sure why I didn't even look into buying one. Anyway, save yourself the time, buy one - https://www.harborfreight.com/power-tools/sanders/1-in-x-30-in-belt-sander-61728.html
  22. I bought one and as what I normally do with my own guns, I ran the first 200 rds of full power factory ammo without any additional lubrication, right out of the box. Found out it did not like weak stuff even factory loads. This gun is for defensive purpose so it better run with hot loads, and exactly what it liked, defensive loads JHPs.
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