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  1. SteveU

    the election

    I think low voting turnout is a sign that: 1) there may be more members than active members 2) problems with USPSA may be overblown on the internet 3) for most people shooting local matches, things are going fine and the things that are really problematic to some people have less of an effect on day to day life of the average USPSA shooter So no problem. Organizations should always work to improve at all times. None is perfect and perfection is a worthy goal. It is also helpful to remember all the things the USPSA community (members who run/shoot matches every day and send in scores, etc) does RIGHT and keep it all in perspective.
  2. SteveU

    Advice for lefty

    I shoot a right handed AR left handed. Don't notice the gas. Ambi safety or disengage with the base of index finger.
  3. SteveU

    Dillon Ring Indexer on 650

    I broke a yellow and they sent me a grayish black a few months ago.
  4. SteveU

    Dropped gun - DQ?

    No First of all that makes no sense but if you want to do it by the book then 5.1.9 says the backup gun is not in use, therefore is not in a course of fire. The correct action is for a range official to retrieve the dropped gun and have the competitor clear it on the safe area. If it is in safe condition then re-bag and move on. I personally would have one RO tell the competitor to ULSC, holster current handgun, and start next shooter while another remediates the dropped gun. Then allow competitor to shoot once backup gun secure.
  5. I love Allegiant. Much cheaper direct to Florida locations from my airport, even with baggage check.
  6. All I can tell you, as a lefty, is it's a personal decision. Do what you feel most comfortable but by all means try everything and experiment. I started shooting with an XD and switched out the mag release (free with Internet instruction..). Everything was fine until I got a 2011. I toyed around with switching it around - which DOES require additional parts/cost but while I was testing it out I got used to using my index finger. I have switched even the XDs back to the original side so I hit it with my index finger on all firearms. (Edited to add: aftermarket extended mag release that is) Could easily have gone the other way but since my thumb is a little shorter, I have to shift the grip around a little more to hit the mag release on the right and I got used to the ease of using the index finger of the strong hand. Take the journey yourself and see what you feel most comfortable with. No wrong answer.
  7. Hard to beat the retention on a Guga Ribas. I don't see too many race holsters in 3 gun but always wondered why not.
  8. SteveU

    REF that doesn't affect your run. Reshoot?

    I get your point about it not mattering but once you make it an optional thing, it becomes subjective. Did it affect your run? Was it a distraction? These aren't measurable. Also how you did on that run gets played into the decision subtly - which then makes it an unequal experience for the other shooters. This is why all reshoot rules are mandatory - using the word MUST. No other way to equitably determine without introducing subjective factors. Reshoot.
  9. SteveU

    CCI small rifle primers

    I use CCI SRP for 9mm minor, 9mm major, 40 minor, 40 major, and .223.
  10. SteveU

    screwed up and registered as minor.

    Looks to me like the declaration took place during the registration process electronically where the competitor selected minor from the options presented, and confirmed it when he signed into the match. The logic is flawed. If he had not declared at that time there would be no "error" to correct.
  11. World famous. One of the best there is. Taught the one who taught me.
  12. SteveU

    LED lights on 650

    have you looked at the setup that inline fabrication sells? Not sure how they do it but I'm sure whatever it is it works. http://inlinefabrication.com/products/skylighttm-led-lighting-kit-for-the-dillon-650 Or is that what you are talking about? It wasn't clear to me