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  1. i mean it feels about the same in my hand. I think its just slightly thicker, but I have large hands.
  2. I like them, ergos are close to my shadow 2 and they feel similar to a 2011 that weighs about the same. I think its going to be a good choice for limited division.
  3. There are functional prototypes. I shot one in a match earlier this year. Here is a link to the video:
  4. They shoot good, I would say comparable to any 2011 I have shot around the same weight and in the same calibers.
  5. Prototypes that go bang have been around for a long time.. I first shot a prototype in 2018.
  6. They interchange. The shadow 2 plates have a small notch to match the extractor in the slide but it doesn't do anything. Mounting is the same. Also some plates for the P10 will have a hole over the extractor pin and that doesn't line up on the shadow 2 again it doesn't do anything and doesn't matter.
  7. 22 is with just an extension no spring kit. 23-24 is doable with a spring kit.
  8. I thing Bens podcast said BSPS is having like a 20% off sale for Black Friday on Lok grips.
  9. TSO/Czechamte Magwells fit
  10. My back up dot has around 20k on it, because its been on both of my guns a lot this year. The other 3 have been back for repair 5 times between them with ~20k rounds.
  11. Double check for IPSC not sure you can remove other weight inside the slide I think its just milling for mounting a red dot.
  12. I dont notice that much difference its 9mm in a pretty heavy gun. I can switch between my CO slides and my production slides and even my factory OR slides and its such a little difference it doesn't matter. I wouldnt worry about it grip the gun and pull the trigger straight back when the sight(s) are aligned. My practice gun got a used slide with unknown round count and it has ~23-5k on it now with no issues. They were cut by cajun.
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