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  1. I only have soundgear. Have been very happy with them and they took care of me quickly when I broke one and got me back up and running quickly. I don’t think I would do the Bluetooth, a friend has them and wishes he had went regular battery powered ones due to the charging case set up.
  2. Limited/CO/Prod GM Limited in 2018 so I would of been 27, CO in 2019 and Prod in 2021 I think?
  3. Foxj66

    CZ TS 2 Holster??

    The new DAA race holster should work if you want an open holster, otherwise I have had GX products made me some for both the standard TS2 and the orange so he has molds.
  4. With Well seated primers I get 100% on an 11.5 with Rami firing pin spring If I was shooting much factory ammo/not seating primers below flush I would use a 13 and rami firing pin spring
  5. The CZC plate system works well and is a good design. If buying a new gun and you want to use plates I would go with a factory Shadow 2 OR. If you have a current gun that you want to add a plate system CZC is the only option I know of. If you want to direct mill on your current gun or a new gun CGW does excellent work and I have had them mill a couple for me in the past. If you go with the factory Or it will end up Cheaper when you add in an iron sight plate should you choose to shoot any production. The CZC system is a great method for adding plates to an existing gun but it adds cost.
  6. Fire control parts are, the Safety is not.
  7. I read the post wrong, I thought he wanted plate to slide screw.
  8. Factory mainspring is 18 pounds.
  9. I just put a new one in all my guns every year. If it fails in a training I gun I will put them in all of my guns.
  10. Grips are all preference I liked the henning grips when I was using shadow 2s. As for what you need for springs do the following Rami firing pin spring 11-13 Main spring depending on your primers and loading 10-12 recoil spring depending on preference. You dont need an extended firing pin.
  11. Foxj66

    TS 2 Orange Safety

    Going to need to check overseas its not a part we have in the US yet.
  12. I am extremely impressed with how soft it shoots in 40. I havent had the chance to take a 9 out yet.
  13. Foxj66

    TS2 Orange

    They can order. Any of our direct dealers where allowed to order after the show. I would guess the info hasn't filtered out to the counter folks yet.
  14. If I was going back to limited I would currently pick the TS2 Orange based on having shot both a little bit.
  15. Thats the only aftermarket one I know of. I had Dawson make them for me last year. If they are doing custom options again you may be able to get a different size made.
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