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  1. You might try the slim slide release as well.
  2. With the newer shadow 2 TRS I wouldnt worry about replacing them that often. I see around 25k round out of them in my practice guns that get a lot of dry fire. Do it yearly in your match gun or every 15-20k rounds if you only have one gun. With the slide stop if you have 1 gun have a match and practice slide stop. If you have 2 guns run the practice one until it breaks and put the old match one in the practice gun and a new one in the match gun.
  3. The P10 Plates also work but wont have an extractor pin cut out if you are looking for a factory plate quickly.
  4. unlikely to be an issue all the OR slides offered in the US are complete uppers with a factory fit barrel.
  5. Same paddle. The screw has thread locker on it. Heat it up good with a soldering iron before removing or you will strip it out.
  6. Foxj66

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    Look at the henning Pro pads or the shockbottle ones.
  7. Foxj66

    CZ TS 2

    Yes, should be part 10911371
  8. No idea, I would consider it legal and have shot them in a few production matches
  9. This line on the list should cover the OR "Orange", "Black" and other variants of the CZ 75, Shadow, Shadow 2, and SP-01 are approved, provided they meet other Production criteria for action type.
  10. I know BSPS has some on order.
  11. The OR guns have a shorter extractor pin it is CZ part 0330025002 Did you order a standard extractor pin?
  12. This sounds pretty ok to me. make it 1. 170mm 2. 15 round 3. 140mm 4. 15 round
  13. https://czcustom.com/a01-magazine-base-pad.html
  14. Keep a spare extractor, TRS and slide stop on hand. Odds are good you wont need to replace anything for 25-50k rounds. Spare optics are a good idea they dont seem to last as long
  15. Foxj66

    CZ P01 basepads

    If it would work for you I can check if the henning bases for 17 rounds shadow mags will work on the 15 round round mags in a P-01 let me know
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