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  1. Thanks, I'm wondering if my eyes are messed up or something. My friends and the target test show it's on target but I cant seem to hit center. I'm going to do a bench test to see if this is true.
  2. Sorry I didn't explain it correctly. I didn't move my sights. I moved the sights over the target two inches to the left. I was hitting center when I held the sights two inches over to the left.
  3. I'm trying to figure out what the issue is. When I dry fire see minimum sight movement but when I go to the range i'm always off by two inches of my sights. I was shooting 7 yards and made a big hole but it was 2 inches off the center. Just for fun I decided to move my sights 2 inches to the left and I was hitting the center. I know my gun is sighted in correctly because I recently had new sights installed with a test target paper and a friend shoot it. I've tried different pads of my trigger finger and it only increases how far right it goes. I know where I press the trigger in right now is the sweet spot for me. I also press into the frame with my support thumb to mininize any kind of drift to the right my gun is shooting. I'm wondering if it's just my eye sight and I should adjust the sights or I should just work on figuring out the trigger press. The trigger press seems like a harder issue to fix as it would take a lot of practice to consistly memorize how to press the trigger correctly. What are your takes on this?
  4. I just bought them from GunBroker. Came from Oak hill guns also. I just don't understand their customer service, call them and ask them if I could save on shipping and all I get is "That's the price for shipping". I got what I wanted from them so /rant over
  5. 10k min. I ordered back a month ago. Shipping wasn't too bad but that's because I lived within 500 miles of their center. Shoot them an email.
  6. No it's $5 per mag. I went to the online shop and when I go to check out it's $25 for shipping. Check it out yourself on their site.
  7. I'm wondering if anybody knows a good source for some 8 rounders. I just want 3 of them. There doesn't seem to be much of a good deal on them. I found some at Oak Hill Gun for $32 but the shipping is $5 per magazine!
  8. Pistol loads. I know that once I set the dial to something I like I won't have to move it again till I use a new powder.
  9. I don't load 135gr...but the ramshot data said 3.0 grains is max for my 147 load. I had to go 3.6 grains for it to cycle and the primers still look great. i can probably go down to 3.4 or 3.5 and do 1.125 to make around 135PF. what is your COAL? and what is your barrel length? COAL is 1.10 i'm thinking of increasing it to 1.12. I've loaded some more test loads from 3.3 to 3.5. I make minimum PF at 3.3 but my numbers seem to be off since I chrono late in the day. So i'm going have to test again. This is shooting out an CZ SP01 Shadow
  10. So, i'm getting tired of turning the knob and adjusting and then adjusting it some more when i'm trying to develop a load for handguns. I'm trying to figure if it's worth it to get 2 Micrometer bars for the two calibers I have or just get an Auto Dispenser like the Hornady Auto Charger or the RCBS Chargemaster. Right now i'm leaning towards the auto dispensers because I like the fact that it will give me exactly how much I need each time. I only need to do 10 rounds or so i'm not really worried about doing huge volume on it. Also having a nicer digital scale is always a plus. I would like to know which one is worth the money? I might end up getting both later on but I want to know if I should get the bars first or the dispensers.
  11. So who has loads for 135gr? I went up to 3.1g and it still under minor PF by a lot. I won't be able to chrono for a few weeks, so I want a good starting point so I can just focus on reloading.
  12. Decided to go with switching of the right side. It just feels natural to me. No matter how much people say to use the trigger finger to release, it doesn't feel good when I have to flip it in my hand. I ordered the Mitchells right side mag release for my 1911, and decided to go with the right side release for the SVI i'm ordering.
  13. That's the thing. I don't really care about muscle memory. To me it's pretty obvious that's it's not my gun and I can understand how to do operate it with my trigger finger. This is more of a matter which one is faster and right now I'm leaning towards thumb. I have a cz sp01, 1911 and going to get an svi so I want to convert them all to right side.
  14. Hi, I know this topic was talked about before but I wanted to bring it up again in a more recent discussion. I'm trying to decide if I should just keep all my guns with the mag release on the left side, or switch them over to the right. I personally, cannot use my trigger finger to press on the mag release without adjusting my grip. So I can't really see how it's faster for me. The thing I've noticed is I have to flip the gun in my hand to get my finger to be able to press it. I don't think I have large hands or fingers. Some people that are lefties are saying their so much quicker, but I can't see how that's possible. I'm wondering if anybody else that's a lefty is having this issue. I switched my CZ SP01 Custom Shadow mag release to the right side and was able to drop the mag easy. I haven't timed myself but I think i'm a lot quicker when I can use my thumb. I just wanted to get people's input, should I just train with using my trigger finger or should I invest the money in the parts to move my mag releases to the right side? I still can't imagine that using your trigger finger to release the mag is quicker then using your thumb. Maybe I'm wrong and someone can tell me otherwise?
  15. So I have one book at the moment which is Ben Stoeger dry fire book. It's great, went over some of the drills to help me get started. I'm wondering if I should also get Steve Anderson dry fire book also. I heard it was good for beginners. I'm wondering if there's new stuff that I can learn from it or if it's just more of the same thing. Also I want to get Ben Stoegers Skills and Drills for live fire. At the moment, I just kind of shoot at a static target while at the range. I'm kind of limited on what I can do at the range which is pretty much just shooting at one target from a holster draw. It kind of sucks but unless I'm an RO for the club I won't be able to get practice in. So I'd like to know if there drills that I can practice with the limitations I have at the range.
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