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  1. Anyone use CCI small rifle primers for 9mm minor reloads? I have used Winchester SRP but want to standardize for 223 and 9mm and CCI SRP is first choice.
  2. KentG

    X5 for USPSA Open?

    I have owned all of the above. SVI STI and now a X5. The quality of the X5 is on par with all as far as I am concerned. 25 round mags for 9 mm are available.
  3. For what its worth my MKA runs about 100% With Estate 1200 1 1/8 loads. I wondered about the RIO and have seen the hulls but never seen them on the shelf.
  4. I would LOVE a new Vortex 1-6. I held one in my sweaty hands at the NRA meeting this weekend and yet my Meopta 1-4 will hit anything out to the max I shoot at of about 350. I was gold last season as long as I spent Friday at the range banging the flasher. at 350. I made up a lot of handgun lost points with HV targets at range. This season I am not prepared and it showed badly yesterday. Practice not money. But Id still buy the Vortex if I had the spare coin now.
  5. "set feed lips" ??? Have not had to do this. Please expand.
  6. I see toothandnail is offering a 23 round mag. Has anyone tried one yet and used it in a match? I'm probably going to try one unless I hear negative feedback.
  7. Another vote for the 650. I had a 550 for a few years and upgraded. Kicked myself for not going 650 out of the gate. The auto index is the biggie for me. Almost NO way to miss a charge or make a mistake. I have loaded thousands of rounds of several cals and NEVER had a squib. Buy once and cry once.
  8. KentG

    Today's Maku Mozo

    some posts are hard to find a reply to make sense. I expect if you had the dalai on your squad... the pasting for the entire squad would be done. (while you are shooting.... and the scoring would also be done just after you showed clear) the dalai has a lotta help :-D on a slightly more serious side, a zen master has duties and obligations. I understand they are often done in a state of meditation. some one failing to help in a group activity is being rude and using zen techniques to ace a stage is not the definition of a zen master... don't be shy. tell the blinking zen master he can practice his meditations while pasting. miranda My truthful reply in real words. OP is a dick. Anyone who has suffered squading with him agrees. This is a decade old fact. He has left a really lasting impression on those of us who were stuck with him. I remember 2 different IDPA matches. One I cant remember where, maybe in Kentucky for and one in the Devils Hole? Plus one near Pittsburgh and one we were "blessed" with him and his man servant (think bonds secretary) in the '04 Indiana State. A real class act. Plus a couple other odd matches. Never met a shooter more disliked by all EVER.
  9. KentG

    Today's Maku Mozo

    Im still waiting for a reply to "pasters". They seem to be an untouchable item for the OP in the ZEN STATE or just to lazy or self important to pick up. IF the Dalai Lama shot my squad and did nothing to help but feel important and refuse to paste Id take a new shooter willing to pitch in.
  10. So tell me how old you are? No way your over 40. Probably closer to 30. I was to about a million years ago. And I knew even more then than I do now!
  11. SO your saying if we just all eat the same we will be the same? Ever heard of genetics and that we are all a bit different? This isn't necessarily a "social issue". It may have escaped your attention that many of us on this also no longer need diabetic meds, loose weight which helps heart health which is the single biggest issue for men. IF doing this saves lives by being in an overall better state of health what does that do to your argument? Not to try and be insulting but your in the old school mentality that wont look at what the good side of this can do. I see it all the time with people I work around. Guys who have the attitude that god made us to get slow down, accept being old, line up for dinner at the golden corral at 5pm. I also work with a many men who do this and are hand on the bible grateful for what it has done for them. When you work someplace that has 3K folks in it you do get to hear a wide variety of opinions. I have had my eyes opened by this that men have been conditioned by society that when you hit a certain age or state of mind your supposed to accept it and start shopping for rocking chairs. Wake up. BTW I no where mentioned anything about needing ED meds. That was YOUR conclusion or need. Get out of the cocoon and be a little more open to the modern world. Heck,, there is this new drug called penicillin you may not have heard of.
  12. I will gladly reply to the previous 2 posts. I do eat well. I avoid junk and fast food but once every couple weeks may have a burger. Your "opinion" that we don't need the replacement theory is hogwash. Based on your logic we also don't need things like blood pressure meds, diabetic meds, and even silly things like inooculations from smallpox and chickenpox. I mean if dying young early from treatable conditions was good enough for mom a and dad by god it's good enough for us. Heck lets just shun all modern medicine and live on nuts and berries. Kind of like Euel Gibbons. Remember him? He dropped dead from a heart attack at a relatively young age. Let's not forget Steve Jobs. He turned his nose up at modern meds and went some kind of holistic healing crap. He figured out too late he was stupid because he admitted had he seeked out modern medicine earlier he would have survived. You guys do what works for you. I KNOWS what IS working for me and a lot of us.
  13. Im wanting to put on a longer AP Custom tube on my JP15. I have the 18" medium contour barrel and would like a setscrew mount like a Vltor instead of a clamp on. JP makes a clamp on and will go that way if I have to but Id like to find a less expensive one if I can. Anyone have some feedback on one they used?
  14. KentG

    XDs recall

    That tells me all I need to know about you.
  15. KentG

    XDs recall

    The way I look at it is your 100% vested in defending them. I don't care about your opinion of Springfield. I wont be buying any more guns from you or parts. Well, if you sell all your SA pistols I'm pretty sure there would be no reason to buy anything from Rich. I think if you had ever delt with SA customer service outside this recall your opinion would be as jaded. I've had XD's since SA first took over the imports and have put thousands of rounds through them all. I've had parts break and every time I called I got through to customer service within minutes. All they ever asked me for was a serial number and an address to send the part or parts too. Even on my 8 year old XD 9 I was able to get a new cocking indicator sent to me. As much as I love my CZ Shadow, I have to foot the bill on all the wear and tear on that pistol. The majority of manufacturers don't have that kind of service so I won't let a slow turn around in one massive recall taint my opinion. The way I look at it is you are 100% vested in prosecuting them. I don't care about your opinion of Springfield. I won't be buying your XD's when you finally decide to sell them. I am not 100% vested in prosecuting them. I have owned more Springfield guns than you most likely. I am however 100% vested in doing the right thing and not supporting a company that willfully LIES to its customers. I just want to clear the issue a bit. I have bought 2 XDTactical packages from Canyon Creek. They are great guns. I think Rich does good work and he should be proud of his reputation and quality of work. I think I have also bought a few parts from him as well but not sure. My issue is NOT with Rich or Springer Precision which sold me my XDm 5.25 9mm that I used for 3G for a years or so. I am very much happy with the XD platform and have been a fanboy and lobbied for them to people based on my satisfaction. The TRP was OK but not special. M1A, I don't really know what you can say except its the perfect example of 30 cal battle rifle for me. I have a shitload of XD odds and ends from the years in my house. I even still have a couple M1A mags I came across recently and I don't have a 308 platform anymore. Not to mention the XD mags NIB Im hanging on to due to bammy and co. In short I will probably be sad I cant/wont ever buy a Springfield product again but this is an issue that shows that they are more lawyer and profit driven that product and customer driven. Its similar to the reason I will not patronize AR15.com or anyone who knowingly and willing supports the scum at cheaper than dirt. There is another whole bag of worms and I wont expand on that. I think that was done a while ago. I support companies who seem to have a soul and support the freedoms we all take for granted. Its hard to do it lately but I pick and choose my battles and I pick this one.
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