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  1. shakazulu12

    Glock 34 vs M&P 2.0 5”

    I would be curious as to your thoughts as well. I know it's the indian, not the arrow. But both are on the menu and I'm over thinking it.
  2. shakazulu12

    Glock 19X and Gen 5 34 (MOS) Released

    I wonder if a non-MOS version of the 34 will be available eventually.
  3. shakazulu12

    CK or STI 2011?

    I've been eyeballing the IDPA legal CK's, however once concern I have is that a few members here have posted that the slide doesn't lock back reliably. It appears there are a few owners on this thread (I recognize that most probably have limited guns in .40 though). Curious what the experiences are with that.
  4. shakazulu12

    X FIVE in 40?

    I remember seeing the option for .40 during it's debut. Then some posts here or there that it was going to be a delayed release. With everything going going on with Sig right now, I suspect it will be a while before they can circle back to that one.
  5. shakazulu12

    WTB P320 X5

    I've been wondering the same. I had it in my head that all the panic would mean there might be more languishing on shelves. Didn't really play out that way though.
  6. shakazulu12

    P320 X5 Thread

    Alma, the nuggets of information you provide this forum are most appreciated.
  7. shakazulu12

    P320 X5 Thread

    Well look at that. I hadn't seen the latest update. It definitely wasn't legal before, the rule has been quoted on this forum in the other X5 thread numerous times. I'll shut up now and be even more anxious for this one to get released into the wild.
  8. shakazulu12

    P320 X5 Thread

    Not the full size as the rules are currently written. The carry version would be though. Bull barrel over 4.25 inches knocks it out of IDPA.
  9. shakazulu12

    P320 X5 Thread

    Same thing my dealer told me as well, pushed back to June. Hopefully Romeo 1's can be found in the wild by then as well.
  10. shakazulu12

    P320 X5 Thread

    Bull barrel over 4.25 inches would knock it out.
  11. shakazulu12

    Competition P320

    MAP is 850. Posted the price list on the previous page.
  12. shakazulu12

    Competition P320

  13. shakazulu12

    Competition P320

    Well, it at least it finally exists more formally on paper somewhere. Sig 2017 Price list