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  1. Need a little help from some of the old timers. In the early 80s (had to have been 82,82 or 85) the shoot-off at the Nationals was done completely on Pepper Poppers. Might have been the match where poppers were introduced. Set up was 6 poppers on each side, 2 red, 2 white and 2 blue and then a cross-over stop set. You were started by a set of "drag race" lights in the middle, but when the lights went on you could only shoot the poppers of the corresponding color and then the stop popper. Anyone remember this? We are putting on an even for the Navy SEAL Foundation th
  2. There is an easier way to get it exactly right but requires 3 people and 2 tapes to do quickly. Rule one tape down the center line, zero at the shooting box. First guy holds end of second tape on first tape at downrange distance for a target. Second guy grabs second tape at the horizontal distance. Third guy stand in shooting box holding second tape at the sum of the horizontal distance and the hypotenuse of the triangle (you have to calculate these ahead of time). Second guy pulls tape taught and has the exact point. Sounds complex but is simple once you do one. I have laid out mark
  3. Got this gun after all the good surplus dried up (though I have 7000 Turk that I am trying to get rid of) so I have been shooting the privi partizan. Didn't want to shoot crap in a transferable. I could stomach it at $0.60 a round but not at a dollar, but I have brass now
  4. Oh yes, I have a lot of brass. Machine guns are thirsty... I will give Dillon a call B
  5. Has anyone tried to load 8MM Mauser on a Super 1050? What is the part recipe? Any issues? Seems like it should be possible since 30-06 is one of the options. thanks Brad
  6. I have had several of these and they would ransom rest 1.5-1.75 with my technique. Unless you are shooting Bullseye or Bianchi I wouldn't bother
  7. Bought a new gun ( Akai) last year and new MBX mags. Wanted 38 super cause I had lots and lots of brass. Kept having the 1/100 feed malfunction. Rounds were flopping in the magazine and jamming on the feed ramp. Made an emergency call to Dillon 2.5 weeks before the Nationals for a 38 supercomp shellplate and 5K brass (overnight shipping cost was exciting) but essentially no malfunctions since. Older guns, and particularly older magazines were set up for 38 super and could get highly reliable. Today, unless you have lots of 38 super brass (>10k) and like to fiddle there is no reaso
  8. Had this issue. There is a "new" primer slide with a slightly different shaped hole (less chamfer), also has the brass roller. Solved the problem for me. Call Dillon
  9. I have CED one that will. Use it for Bianchi cup practice. I think it was the pro model, now out of manufacture but maybe findable on ebay
  10. I have about 10k rounds a plate on an MGM set; still like new. Good sound as well
  11. I was hoping to be lamenting my bad mover score in the bar about now... Hopefully the fall date holds.
  12. I did some extensive research on this a few months ago, ran down every internet lead and talked to the technical people at most of the reloading companies. I was interested in testing subguns for a squib. I could find no recorded instance of a light powder detonation that could be actually verified. (though I continue to be interested in finding one). Nearly every story turned out to be either one of the problems described above, someone racking a slide/bolt and firing after a squib, or someone repeating something they read elsewhere on the internet. The reloading companies mostly haven't
  13. Practiscore page confirms moved to September 1-4
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