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  1. Had this issue. There is a "new" primer slide with a slightly different shaped hole (less chamfer), also has the brass roller. Solved the problem for me. Call Dillon
  2. I have CED one that will. Use it for Bianchi cup practice. I think it was the pro model, now out of manufacture but maybe findable on ebay
  3. I have about 10k rounds a plate on an MGM set; still like new. Good sound as well
  4. I was hoping to be lamenting my bad mover score in the bar about now... Hopefully the fall date holds.
  5. I did some extensive research on this a few months ago, ran down every internet lead and talked to the technical people at most of the reloading companies. I was interested in testing subguns for a squib. I could find no recorded instance of a light powder detonation that could be actually verified. (though I continue to be interested in finding one). Nearly every story turned out to be either one of the problems described above, someone racking a slide/bolt and firing after a squib, or someone repeating something they read elsewhere on the internet. The reloading companies mostly haven't tested very light loads so they recommend against or are liability wary. Mind you this is for pistol loads, rifle can be and is different particularly with large volume Nitro Express cases and filler.
  6. Practiscore page confirms moved to September 1-4
  7. where does it say that?
  8. just saw Crawfish cup canceled. Anyone have any insight on the Cup?
  9. Saw the Revolution machines again at SHOT last week and am starting to get tempted to upgrade from my 1050/Forche. All mechanical and software systems go through a debugging phase. From those that have one, how well debugged are the new machines now coming off the line? Seems like the early buyers ended up being beta testers. Seperately, what does it take for caliber conversion 9mm / 38 supercomp? thanks Brad
  10. Thanks Superdude. That article is very interesting and gets to what I am trying to test. Whether a load can both stick a bullet in the barrel and cycle the action which will specific to a particular firearm.. It is less problematic in a pistol (as long as you don't rack the slide and fire again) but I am working with Thompsons and MP5s where you can't possibly get off the trigger fast enough. Trying to figure out if handloads are safe (again assuming someone is not stupid and racks the bolt and keeps firing after a potential squib). I am trying to find any data on the "secondary explosive effect" with pistol powders which gets a lot of internet speculation but there appears to be little data.
  11. In a subgun, a squib that cycles the action and fires the next round with a bullet in the barrel will at least ring the barrel and often worse. (often fills the barrel...) Painful and expensive on a 100 year old gun. That said there appear to be lots of stories on this but no data. I suspect that the real issue is that someone has a squib and then cycles the action by and and keeps going, but want to know.
  12. Question is what powders can be safely downloaded to zero. I want to test for action cycling and sticking a bullet in the barrel all the way from full squib (primer, no powder) all the way up to full loads in small increments. I seem to remember that very reduced loads are dangerous with some powders but don't have a source. I am working on this in 9mm and 45 ACP Thanks for any help
  13. Just went through this with a new Akai open gun and new MBX magazines. Plus I got a few where the round would flop from side to side and jam on the edge of the feed ramp. All this a few weeks before the Nationals. I took a big gulp, made the scary call to change something right before a big match, called dillon and ordered a supercomp plate and 4K brass. It is SO MUCH BETTER. Rounds stack properly in the magazine, don't nosedive and feed properly. I have not had a single malfunction since. I was trying to use up the the super brass I had (including thousands new), but giventhe time, trouble and expense to travel to matches it is a false economy. You will probably need a new extractor.
  14. Have they announced the dates / location for Hicap 2020? thanks
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