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  1. Getting back into open and need to upgrade mags (currently running old STI tubes and unknown (I have forgotten) innards) Limcat DragonCat in 38 super It seems like the MBX are the most popular. Thoughts? I am interested more in reliability than cramming in the last possible round. I am not worried about the price difference. Finally, it used to be that you bought 3-4 140s and a big stick and then you were set, but now there are 155s. What are people using those for? thanks Brad
  2. Couldn’t make it this year due to an unfixable conflict. How well was the match run? Have they set the dates for 2020 yet?
  3. Anyone know what the trick is to download the 2019 Steel Challenge matchbook. I can see it but not download https://uspsa.org/matchbooks/WSSC/#page=1
  4. Does anyone by chance have the scores for the 1981 and 1982 Nationals in their archives? I shot those two matches and am trying to figure out how I placed thanks Brad Henske
  5. I really like the action target cable mover. I put permanent posts up at my range and can set up and take down in about 10 minutes. I also rewired the control box to use a foot switch so I can practice by myself
  6. Thanks, but I need the complete scores. I am looking for mine
  7. Does anyone happen to have the full results from 1980 or 1981 in their archives. I shot 1982 and have the results from that but I also shot one other in that timeframe and don't have any records for Thanks
  8. Packing up for my first trip to the Cup in 34 years. A quick question: I understand the mats are provided on the match range but not on the practice range? Does anyone have a good suggestion for a travel mat? I am flying and the high power mats I use on my own range would be their own piece of luggage thanks Brad
  9. I made a steel plate 12x12x1 out of some scrap that I bolted to the bench and then bolted the 1050 to. Is now rock solid. The leverage on that small base against a wood bench is very difficult to get completely stable
  10. I went down this path. Had a 650 and a lot of caliber conversions that I used for years. Bought a 1050. It is a much better press. then a second one for the other primer size. Caliber conversion takes a little bit longer, but the only real downside is the conversion parts price. Then I got one with Forcht rotary conversion. This is really a slick arrangement and I basically don't load any other way for stuff that I am making in quantity. You can definitely "sit back" In fact I usually let it run while I am doing something else but listening to it carefully. I probably now have about 30k rounds on mine. The only issues you will have relate to the press itself rather than the conversion (For example the casefeeders are not perfectly reliable, but one that was would cost 3-5k) The 650 somehow never seems to get set back up and used
  11. Commercial presses use very fancy collators that feed the press directly with primers. I was told that the collator alone starts at $3000
  12. That was what was announced at the award ceremony at this years match. I think that is it good news; Art and team did a nice job running the match and the facility is excellent
  13. I have bought and tried them all. For me the Sordins seem to pick out the sound of the bullet impact from other noise better than others. Get the gel ear cups for sure
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