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  1. I ended up buying an X5, I like it so far. Thank you for your input!
  2. I started with Invictus, then tried Taccom and finally switched to Safariland. The Safariland's work best for me. They have excellent retention, even if you have to go prone on them, but they come out easily when you want them to. The spacing between the quads is better for me as well, the Invictus were a little too close together for me to quickly grab 4. I found the Taccom caddies would leave shells on the ground if I had to go prone. This is one of those Ford, Chevy or Dodge is better kind of things though....everybody thinks what they use is best.
  3. I've been running a V Seven Titanium BCG for 2 years and several thousand rounds. Works great with no issues.
  4. I've been using a baby stroller I bought used from craigslist, I added long gun holders I got from Cabela's. I started off using a collapsible wagon but the stroller is much nicer for going over gravel and uneven ground. Several guys I shoot with started using Voodoo Tactical 3 gun bags and love them, they carry everything they need for a match in them.
  5. I'm still hoping to hear from someone who has had practical experience with this particular product. Thanks!
  6. Sorry I guess I didn't fully explain. I want to switch to open for 3 gun but I don't need a full open pistol, I just want the optic for my old eyes. An optic on my pistol would put me in open
  7. I'm looking at switching to open and I'm looking at different pistol options. I already have a DVC 9mm, I saw this and was wondering if anybody has had any experience with one of these. http://www.egwguns.com/pistol-scope-mounts/vortex-razor-mount-for-bomar/
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