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  1. Thank you. I enjoy it.
  2. I wanted to weigh back in on this topic. When I originally started the thread, I had not yet received my SVI. I have since acquired the pistol and have had more time to get used to it, dryfire and shoot a couple of matches. The initial concern of the size of the investment has waned for me and the joy of owning such a nice pistol has taken the place of my reservations. SVI guns seem to live up to the hype, at least for me, a person who enjoys nice things. I have seen two camps form in this thread. On one side you have the guys who do not see the need for spending so much money on a gun when th
  3. Do you have a picture of the Rogue's installed? Thank you for these pics. This helps me visualize the difference between the 2.
  4. Thank you for these pics. This helps me visualize the difference between the 2.
  5. I currently have Wilson High Ride safeties on a couple of my 2011's. The safeties are nice but I am looking to swap them out for a wider safety to get my thumb away from the slide a bit. My grip currently has me getting bit when I ride the safety with my thumb. A couple of the options I have seen that look good to me are the Atlas wide safety and the SVI extra wide safety. What do you guys run? Anybody have pictures of some extra wide safeties on their gun?
  6. I am not sure. Perhaps just the way my hands are built? I have no issues with the safety on the right side currently.
  7. I have been putting a bandaid over my thumb to preemptively protect it. This has worked well for me. A fellow 2011 shooter showed me his gun with extra wide safeties installed. I think those will allow me to rest my thumb wider from the slide and help quite a bit. I am going to try those next.
  8. I may have to look into this option. I assume there would be some blending involved still.
  9. That is what I was thinking I might have to do. I just hate the idea of doing something like that to my gun because I don't believe I could get it blended back out correctly.
  10. The slide is hitting my first knuckle on the my right hand, right close to the web of my hand when the slide comes back. My thumb is not resting against the side of the slide as it reciprocates. I hope this clarifies further. That is why SVI didn't think shielded safeties would help.
  11. Have any of you guys had issues with your 2011 Slide biting your hand? If so, how did you fix the problem? Were you able to fix the problem? I have recently switched from a CZ/Tanfo platform where you can grip just about as high as you want and am having a tough time adapting. I was looking at possibly a shielded safety but after talking to Infinity, they aren't sure that will help. Maybe a different grip other than the svi signature grip might help? Let me know what you guys think.
  12. When I spoke to them they explained it like this. Yes, there is a 1 year warranty period but there is also a 5 year from build date period where they would modify the gun if you wanted to do so. I have shot with a thumbrest for the last several years and purchased this gun knowing it did not have one but I was gonna see how it treated me without one. My lonely left thumb is now telling me that I need to have one added. I want to add the slide racker because I am of the opinion that the Xlerator serrations don't give me the grip that I want.
  13. When I called Infinity they told me that if the gun was worked on by another gunsmith then that would void my warranty. I specifically asked that question and that was the response they gave me.
  14. I recently bought a similar SVI from another forum member on here and thanks to seeing this gun, now I have to send my gun in to Infinity to have them add the *thumb rest [generic]* and racker. Thanks mister.
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