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  1. I did the same thing. Every thread I read about the Everglades holster made them sound like God's gift to holsters. After searching for one new or used, I eventually tried calling Everglades as well to no avail. Once I came to the conclusion that I was too late to the game to own the unicorn holster, I "settled" on a Safariland 015. I wish I had gave up sooner. I love this thing.
  2. When the limited major gun comes around I might have to check it out
  3. Nice. I have never seen one in person, only the internet. So as far as USPSA classes, it is a Production gun, correct?
  4. Those seem to be a bit of a rarity. Cool guns though. How do you like yours?
  5. Yeah it had a ton of people hyped about it. I am not really sure why they didnt follow through but all we can do now pick which road to take, CZ to the left or 2011 to the right.
  6. Well that doesnt sound promising. I got a similar response about the DWX when I asked a CZ rep shooting a club match I went to recently. I am pretty sure that thing is dead in the water.
  7. I try to watch shooters that are above my skill level to see why they are better/faster than me. Very rarely will I watch somebody's run and modify my stage plan to run it the way another guy did. The time for that is during the walk through. I especially watch the better shooters during the walk through to see if they are doing something more efficient than I am. If they are, I borrow that part. I have found that switching up before my turn to shoot often ends in frustration when it all comes apart because I didnt spend the time to burn the plan into my memory before the beep.
  8. I have heard there are plans to introduce the gun in .40 in the future but I am unsure where I heard. My best guess as to where I heard it is most likely on a podcast. It would make too much sense for them to have a .40 version.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I wonder what class the TS2 fits in Uspsa competition? I believe they are supposed to realease the TS2 in .40 later which will make sense for limited. I guess it could be shot limited minor as it sits?
  10. I bet that thing has no problem with muzzle flip with that light on there. I really like the looks of that setup.
  11. Both those guns are very nice btw. I really want an Infinity Open gun but have restrained myself thus far due to the pricetag.
  12. How do you like your Tac Sport 2? What differences are there from a Tac Sport? I own a TSO which I really enjoy but once I bought the Infinity, the TSO never makes it to the range.
  13. Thank you. I enjoy it.
  14. I wanted to weigh back in on this topic. When I originally started the thread, I had not yet received my SVI. I have since acquired the pistol and have had more time to get used to it, dryfire and shoot a couple of matches. The initial concern of the size of the investment has waned for me and the joy of owning such a nice pistol has taken the place of my reservations. SVI guns seem to live up to the hype, at least for me, a person who enjoys nice things. I have seen two camps form in this thread. On one side you have the guys who do not see the need for spending so much money on a gun when there is success to be had with a more reasonably priced platform. On the other side of the aisle are the guys who have learned how to hide money from their wives. I think what it comes down to is that the former need to learn some new tricks.
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