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  1. extraction issues, stock open gun

    what size magazine is this happening with? 140? 155? 170? if just the longer ones then there is not enough extractor tension. The amount of force the mag. spring puts on the rounds as they go upward in a 170 mag is much different than a 140 and will showcase weak extractor tension. I want to say a 155 would be sim. to the 170 but I have not played around with any of those. The ejector is the better length when you can hand eject a dummy round with no recoil spring installed and the bullet never hits the barrel hood while getting extracted. plus a few swipes at the proper angle with a file like Eric mentions to get it out of there in a more consistent and flatter direction. Good luck, hope you get it straightened out before you have to leave.
  2. New style STI mags

    Design of the tubes
  3. New style STI mags

    There are good reasons why Beven does not want people using his spring/ follower in the new tubes. There are inherent design flaws in the "redesigned" STI tubes
  4. Original Caspian 10-round mags for 38 Super

    Caspian? Otherwise maybe Bill at highercapacity?
  5. 30 round 2011 magazine?

    I'll take my 29 round old STI tubes that are 100% too.
  6. Match book and stages should be out next week, per Bill's FB updates. Still, a few random slots on Fri, Sat, and Sun due to shooters withdrawing. Changes every day as new people register to fill them
  7. Unload d start

  8. Unload d start

  9. Unload d start

  10. Mag tuning

    Beven Grams, Grams Engineering