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  1. Shadow 2 safety on Tactical Sport

    For those of you still looking for the Shadow 2 safeties they are in stock at cz-usa.com, I've got 2 sets on the way they should be here the end of the week. http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/465423250012_Extended-Safety-Set-Shadow-2
  2. Shortest rifle length gas barrel?

    Criterion Barrels has a 16" with a rifle length gas, its listed as the AR-15 Hybrid Contour
  3. Any cheaper options for basepads

    When I had my G34 I had some magpul mags and they always dropped free as long as I didn't angle the grip to horizontal while changing mags, just need to keep it a bit more vertical than what you may be used to.
  4. Homemade shell caddies?

    That price is only for the back part of the 12q, its for converting a legacy 12q into the new version, the full price of a 12q is still $99.50
  5. Shadow 2 safety on Tactical Sport

    Very nice, how much fitting was required to get it to function properly?
  6. What scope you running in Tac Optics or Open?

    I run a Vortex Viper PST 1-4, most of the matches I attend are rifle bay matches so I don't need more than 4x zoom
  7. SP-01 magwell options that are available?

    Just an FYI the mecgar mags will not work with the CZ Custom magwells if you go that route. The magazine body is not long enough to clear the frame/magwell. You would need the factory mags or if you go with the mecgars you would need cajun magwell if you are going to run a magwell.
  8. AR Rifle - Cannot "clear it" manually

    This will sound weird but check the gas tube and gas key on the BCG. The end of the gas tube that inserts into the gas key on the BCG may be damaged and when it heats up it will expand and lock into the gas key and lock up the gun. This happened to me a while back and I replaced the gas tube and have had no more issues.
  9. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Look at the Taccom Load Assist, its a flat piece of carbon fiber that attaches to the lifter. It will assist greatly at loading the shotgun. I tried the factory lifter as well as the TTI lifter modified for the M3000 and the shells would occasionally hang up while quad loading. With the Taccom load assist I no longer have that problem and my fumble factor when quad loading has greatly diminished. Plus its only a $10 part. Also opening up the loading port is a must. I would highly recommend sending the gun up to MOA to have them open the port up, the work is top notch and will be what you need to load quads with ease.
  10. 3G BCG recommendation

    I have a Iron City Rifle Works Evo G2 BCG and really like it, I went for the Nickel Boron one. I run the Taccom spring and buffer kit. Have had 100% function with it and its very flat shooting. Also have a JP adjustable gas block which is a must have.
  11. New 650 on the way

    Congrats on the new purchase, I love my 650, glad I spent the money on one. I got the two primer upgrades from dillonupgrades.com and they are well worth it. I also use the dillon roller handle and its so much smoother when sitting for a long reloading session. Next upgrade with probably be the shell plate bearing kit.
  12. Missing bolt handle

    I'm not sure a bolt handle can work itself loose unless its defective. It would have to have a quite a bit of wear to just fallout. I hate to say it but it kinda sounds like someone stole your handle when you weren't looking.
  13. Case prep help

    My only issue with the Swage It, is the fact that it voids the warranty on the 650 if its used. I would much rather keep the warranty on the press and find another way to swage brass.
  14. Case prep help

    As the above posters have stated having 2 separate tool heads is the way to go. I have my case prep tool head set up and then my reloading tool head. I used to use a Giraud for trimming/chamfer/debur and when I purchased my 650 I sold that on got the Dillon case trimmer. It's much quicker, and having to handle the cases less is a big time saver. I swage on a single stage press and use the RCBS Primer Pocket Swager Combo 2. It's a bit time consuming but I know for sure my primers will seat every time, something that I had an issue with when I was cutting the primer pockets out.
  15. Competition Belt

    I have a Safariland belt set up with a Carbon Arms ratchet kit and really like it. The ability to adjust the tension on the belt between stages is great. I also like the ELS system a lot. Its nice being able to take the mag pouches and shotshell caddies off between stages without having to remove the belt like the tek-loks.