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    I would shoot troy an email before you spend 600 bucks, but I dont see a problem with it
  2. Advantages Limited vs Production?

    I would shoot whatever one has the better shooters in your area,assuming your gear makes senses. Production you needs more mags and pouches but limited you need mag extensions, so cost of start up isn't that different. If your can't beat a production shooter with twice as many bullets in the mag, magwell, and major scoring it's because they are better than you.

    http://www.zevtechnologies.com/Hexagon-w-RMR-Abs-Co-wit-in-Black-DLC-Glock-17-Gen-1-3- That's the one your talking about right? I would say it is legal for co, not production obviously. 21.3 You may replace the slide with an OFM or aftermarket slide which is of the same length, contour and caliber as the original slide for that model of gun. 21.2b Textured finishes, grip tape, milling or stippling on the slide to provide texture is also allowed. Cuts that are designed to specifically or significantly lighten the slide, such as holes, are ruled as competitive advantage and prohibited.
  4. Sig 320 TacOps legality

    https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p320-full-tacops.html Ah. I'll stop pretending I know anything about sigs now. Ha
  5. Sig 320 TacOps legality

    https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p226-tacops-full-size.html This is what I found when I searched for sig tacops. I didn't read the title, my fault. If this is the gun he has: https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p320-carry-tacops-tb.html Would he need a new barrel or does the 320 ship with a threaded barrel?
  6. Followers in Carry Optics

    As long as your magazines fit the gauge you can change any if the parts.
  7. Sig 320 TacOps legality

    https://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-NROI-production-gunlist.php Its not on the list, so thats a no on production division .
  8. Generally speaking or about this? This topic was pretty cut and dry no need to ask permission to read the rule book.
  9. Bullet impact on match video?

    I saw a video a couple years ago where a target was in the bottom right and the different scoring zones would light up as the person shot. It would be cool the first time but it would take a bunch of time. You would have to manually add it in
  10. I had an issue with bullets toppling off with my mark 7. The zip tie helped, maybe 1 per 1000 tumble off now...its happens so infrequently that I wouldn't have concerned buying something like this. It seems like it works for you though. What are you loading? It looks really short in the video
  11. Doesn't this do the same thing as putting a zip tie in the same place? And I already had the zip ties. I guess if that didn't work for you spend the money on the spill stop, but I can buy a lifetime supply for $15 plus shipping.
  12. It would work. You wouldn't be able to use the fail safe rod on the 1050 though.
  13. Legal Safeties?

    Pretty much all of them. I use the flat safety from Eric, Tangfolio said they would ship it a stock 3 from the factory with it. But would not ship to the US. "Any other components which are externally visible may ONLY be replaced with OFM parts which are offered on the specific model of gun or another approved gun from the same manufacturer except as specifically clarified below." That's the rule we have to work with. What were you looking to use?
  14. Production Holster Ilegal (bladetech DOH)

    Im not surprised to hear it was to far. Its pretty common. Rule book pg 20 rule pg 92 is appendix e2 https://www.uspsa.org/document_library/rules/2014/Feb 2014 Handgun Rules.pdf
  15. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    I though it was where ever you were standing when you were told to make ready. 8.3.1 doesn't give the competitor a lot of freedom