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  1. try Ready Tactical. i have found them very good for IDPA using my Tango Lim Pro
  2. I got a quick reply from the guys at Spinta and they are sending out 2 new pins and springs. They were very accommodating.
  3. Just broke my Spinta FP after 1200 rounds or so. Are AR9 pins interchangeable ? Should a JP pin fit other generic BCGs?
  4. I should note that I didn't go to a 165 searching for softer recoil in the PCC gun, the 147s were fine. I had switched to 165s in my pistol and did not want to have to load two different rounds for routine shooting
  5. I have put around 1000 rounds of 165gr xtreme's down range in my 16 inch gun. They are the softest rounds I have used (I have also used 147s with 3.3 grains WST or N320). I used 2.8 gr of N320 and 3gr of WST with the 165s, giving me about 130 PF. One note is that my 147gr bullet is a .357 and the 165s are .356. I have always found the .357 bullets to shoot more accurately in my pistols. I do think that the 147s are more accurate, at least in this load, out of my PCC, however, both group very well at 25yds. I need to test out to 50 and 100 soon. I suspect the 165s will drop a good bit at 100. I
  6. Ok, put the comp on the gun and got significant improvement in dot movement, almost no upward movement, still some side jump. Then I tried some 165gr xtreme fmj bullets with 2.9 gr WST and got more improvement still. My son was able to do some .11 splits using this combo, I could not duplicate that.
  7. Using 147 gr xtreme at 135PF( 3.2 gr wst) I have found that the JP 308 spring and the blitzkreig hydraulic buffer is the best combo so far for me with a Spinta Bcg . I tried it with an AR15 spring; 308 spring and standard buffer; and AR 15 spring and standard buffer and none were as flat as the hydraulic buffer and 308 spring. i plan to try 165 Xtreme with 2.8 gr wst tomorrow with above combos. I now also have a comp on the gun, which might change things some.
  8. i have a new limited 9mm upper i might consider trading. i assume his is a cone barrel also?
  9. Does anyone have a factory large frame magwell to sell? I need it for an IDPA ESP gun I am putting together.
  10. Is it difficult to find a 6 inch 40 cal barrel to convert a hunter 10mm to 40? Looking to build a 6 inch limited gun.
  11. I think the srs1 and srs2 are for non shadows , aren't they?
  12. Are you guys talking about the one CZC sells that is for a pre b gun? Has anyone tried the one Cajun gun works sells?
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