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  1. USPSA charges $40 per student and covers the RMI travel expenses to and from the location. The club has to cover the cost of the seminar room, and the hotel, rental car (if they don't drive the RMI around), and meals for the RMI once he/she arrives. It is all outlined on the USPSA website: https://uspsa.org/pages/nroi/seminar Some clubs have nice classrooms at their range which are free of charge, other don't. Renting a space for one day can sometimes be very expensive and usually is why some classes cost more than others.
  2. The "or from inside the waistband" was added for Steel Challenge in the March 2020 rules update. The reason was that "In some locales, IWB is legally considered to be concealed."
  3. There is a post on the NROI Blog that explains this and has pictures to show what is legal and not. And no, magwells don't count.
  4. Power Factor is not recognized in Time Plus since you only have to neutralize the cardboard targets (1 alpha or 2 anywhere on target). Since the PCC rules are the same in both divisions, the only difference is iron sights versus optic on the pistol. If you look at the rest of the Multigun divisions, the differences are in the shotgun and rifle equipment, which do not come into play in PCC and Pistol match.
  5. The USPSA 2 Gun PCC/Pistol Nationals will be run under the USPSA Multigun Rules (https://uspsa.org/rules). We will be using Time Plus scoring (see section 9.3). Only Open and Limited Divisions will be offered.
  6. ^^ This is the way to go. When a shooter has a squib and I am the RO, after I confirm it is a squib, I finish the range commands and send them off to remove the squib on their own. I do ask them to show me the bullet after they get it out of the gun, and before they go to the next stage. I do that to ensure they actually got it out of the barrel versus getting side-tracked, talking with their buddies, and forgetting to remove it before the next stage.
  7. A smart RO doesn't use a squib rod to check the barrel for a squib. The best tool to check for a squib is a zip tie that can be inserted from the chamber end of the barrel. Then no one gets swept.
  8. The "suggested edit" language accidentally got left in the present draft of the rulebook. If you look at the accompanying change log, it says "Left 9.1.3 unchanged."
  9. I don't think there has been a ruling on Serpa holsters. There is nothing on the NROI rulings page. Best way to get an answer is to email Troy directly at dnroi@uspsa.org.
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