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  1. The "suggested edit" language accidentally got left in the present draft of the rulebook. If you look at the accompanying change log, it says "Left 9.1.3 unchanged."
  2. Page 5 of the classifier diagram book has the activity fee costs for special classifier matches. You can have up to 6 in one match. I know this book is old, but that is the only place the info can be found as far as I know. If I remember correctly, somewhere in the BOD minutes they removed the requirement of the need to get pre-permisssion to hold classifier specials.
  3. It's not an illegal stage. The WSB can specify that certain targets require a different number of required hits (9.5.1). I personally don't like having targets with different numbers of required hits, but it is legal.
  4. If your model is not listed under the Smith & Wesson or Springfield sections of the production gun list, the only way to know for sure is to contact the DNROI and ask.
  5. Thanks for the great review. Part of the reason we did the match in August versus May this year was to allow the Practical Edge Junior Shooting team to be ready to shoot the match and give them the opportunity to help as staff. A good number of them took the RO class last November, and the newer team members were great assistants to the stage staff. All the staff did a great job, as well as our new MD, Pam! We are trying to decide when we are hosting the match next year, more than likely it will be the third Sunday of August again since A1 will be the third weekend of May.
  6. They can still register on Practiscore and the MD will approve them. They won't get a t-shirt though since they are already ordered. There are about 20 spots open, but registering sooner rather than later is better for the MD.
  7. See the below rule from the PCC addendum to the handgun rules: PCC If a competitor fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements for PCC division during the course of fire, he will shoot for no score.
  8. The reason that double jeopardy ruling isn't visible on the rulings page is because it isn't active. Effective date is 0/00/00. I think it would just be one procedural for stacking.
  9. Are you saying you want to require this or prohibit clever shooters from doing this? A very well written WSB is what would control this in either case.
  10. If those arrays are in separate strings (where whole string is SHO/WHO) on a standards then you would be fine. If a single string, with freestyle too, SHO/WHO always has to be after a point (usually reload) until the last shots of the string (
  11. My point for quoting that rule was to help clear up the confusion about whether the shooter can choose to do strong/weak hand before the reload and freestyle after. There is a specific rule about when strong/weak hand can be shot during a standard exercise, making the order not up to the shooter. It's not like some of the classifiers where the shooter gets to choose which array of targets is shot before and after a reload.
  12. Weak hand can only be used after the reload because of below rule: Standard Exercises and Classifiers may specify shooting with the strong hand or weak hand unsupported. The specified hand must be used exclusively from the point stipulated for the remainder of the string or stage.
  13. JodiH

    Serpa Holsters

    I don't think there has been a ruling on Serpa holsters. There is nothing on the NROI rulings page. Best way to get an answer is to email Troy directly at dnroi@uspsa.org.
  14. The article by Kevin still applies. Think about it this way: for a 32 rd stage to be legal, there needs to be at least 4 positions or views on the stage. There are at least 8 shots available from each view. But there can be some targets that can be seen from more than one position or view. So the shooter has the option of taking more than 8 shots from a view or less than 8 shots from another view. With only 2 views on the hypothetical 32 rd stage, there is at minimum 16 shots required from each view. If the stage had 4 positions/views and the shooter made the choice to take 16 shots from 2 views it would be legal because the shooter chose to shoot the stage that way, because of freestyle and all. That is why people are asking if there are other views available versus only having 2 views total.
  15. 16 targets, 2 rds each = 32 rds. 2 views isn't enough. Will require way more than 8 shots from each view. Need to have at least 4 positions/views to be legal.
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