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  1. I was thinking of a component problem. My thought was trigger bar? I tried a disco swap and did pencil test only, will try live fire. Pencil test doesn't count.
  2. Boss with a Blade Tech
  3. .008-.010" They're crushed and checked with LEE hand primer.
  4. UPDATE; I did all the things in my reply to johnbu. I also shortened the OAL .015". Good plunk and spin. I'm still getting unreliable ignition with Win primers on double action. Since I only have around 1000 rounds through the gun, I'm going to run the 15.5 PD hammer spring for a while and re-evaluate. I'm getting around 6lb 3oz DA so it's only a few ounces more than the 14 PD spring. I'll see what happens. Thank you for the help everyone.
  5. What is the correct start position for production and carry optics? Hammer down or hammer back safety on?
  6. The longitudinal (front-to-back) dimension of the opening may be more than 1/4” greater than the corresponding dimension of a magazine. It says "may be more" not, no more than.
  7. My first attempt
  8. I don't see any difference in the pencil test. I ran a bunch of primer only cases and they all went bang in DA. I will report back when I have time to run a bunch DA only. Thank you so much for the help.
  9. How about fixing the tumbling problem?
  10. How much do they weigh?
  11. What are you guys coating the bare metal with after grinding?
  12. Putting the stock trigger bar spring in made no difference is the pencil test. I also have an extra power extractor spring
  13. Yes I am. Late edit. Thanks
  14. Yes, I went to a 22 LB. I will go back to stock.