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  1. These grips fill my hand in just the right places. I had to file down the left side to get to the catch. It feels like my small frame witness now. I love them. Going to take them to Mid-Atlantic this weekend. Hope I make weight.....
  2. I took the same 1911 mount and ground down the high spots so the mount made more contact to the slide. Then I filled the gap with structural epoxy, added release agent to the slide. Works great.
  3. My retaining plate is higher than that slide piece.
  4. My hammer was showing marks from the slide. I beveled the edge of the slide and rounded the hammer a bit at the contact point.
  5. John, is that because of the longer sight radius or is it a balance issue?
  6. https://www.doublealpha.biz/ced-brass-mat
  7. Yea, you want that. I can't reach the slide release. It's faster to slam the mag.
  8. I love mine, nice texture and very light.
  9. Here are mine on the drying rack.
  10. ANYTHING!. there is not that much side force. It's just a keeper.
  11. Stock ll
  12. Old Delta point
  13. Try rotating the bullet inside your caliper opening. As stated above, very difficult to measure.
  14. Stop whining, learn to reload and plan. I started shooting USPSA in a ban state. I don't know anything but Open 10. It's still fun. Doesn't look like it'll change any time soon.
  15. Started running the 9 pound this week. I guess it needed a little more breaking point in. smooth