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  1. Great, mine just arrived!!!
  2. Just finished fitting and polishing all my parts today. Now waiting for the barrel.
  3. Italian piece of art.
  4. Sweet! Thanks
  5. I signed up for the barrel reaming. One of my bullets barely has any bearing surface showing. This round is 1.050" long where I normally shoot this around 1.140". I know I can send in a round with the barrel. What can I expect after the reaming? Thanks.
  6. Great. See you Wednesday!
  7. This slide has a fixed front sight. I would like a dove tail machined into it so I can install a fiber optic. Does anyone know who can do this?
  8. soldering iron on the screw will add some heat.
  9. I just bought one of those cheap Harbor Freight blasters. I put a piece of Duct tape over the muzzle. It works very well.
  10. Yea, I'm broke. Because I now have an Open gun with all the accessories and outfitting this for Carry Optics. Get both.
  11. I've been following your other posts. I ordered the guide rod, removed the right side safety. I'm using the Delta Point and PD dovetail mount.
  12. It is, with a 45 oz weight limit. Limited Pro is two ounces lighter than Sll. Makes weight easier.
  13. Carry Optics
  14. I gave up looking. I bought a Stock ll. Now to put it on a diet.