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  1. I used a file to press down on the nut to hold it in place.. It took way longer than it should have but once they started spinning it was easy
  2. I bought mine off here for 900 a couple years ago. There is a used one sitting in the classifieds for 825. That's not a bad price for a new gun with the transfer included
  3. That's the way it goes at most matches above locals. Shooters leave the brass to keep the squads moving and ros get to pick it up for volunteering their time
  4. You can use a pocket to store mags as long as the pocket is behind your hip bone.
  5. 5.2.4 During the course of fire, after the start signal, unless stipulated otherwise in the stage procedure, spare ammunition, magazines and/or speed loading devices shall be carried in retention devices attached to the competitor's belt and specifically designed for that purpose. Unless specifically prohibited in the Written Stage Briefing, a competitor may also carry additional magazines or speed loading devices in apparel pocket(s) and retrieve and use them, providing that the location of the apparel pocket does not violate the requirements of Appendix D, Item 12 (subject to the provisions of Rule In production and single stack you can have mags in your pockets, but if that pocket is in front of your hip bone and you use the mag your in open. Back pocket is good to go
  6. I work 2 or 3 major matches a year so I don't have to worry about picking up brass at locals. Unless we are 2 or 3 squads deep on a stage then I'll pick it up. I would rather the match run smooth and get out 20 minutes earlier than worry about brass I got for free anyways. I've went to matches where no one picked it up until the stages were tore down. I've went to matches where 2 people would pick up brass and give it back to the shooter. Most places are somewhere in between. I can't imagine buying 9 brass at this point though
  7. If you have the whole video throw up the link. This is a perfect example of why video isn't allowed to make calls. Your telling me that the ros working the stage didn't feel a reshoot for interference was necessary, the shooter didn't think it was necessary (if he did why did he ask for calibration), but we can look a choppy video and without a doubt know what the shooter was thinking?
  8. Read it over once or twice and you'll be fine. The class is basically going over the commonly used parts of the rule book. And going over how to run shooters, score targets, basic equipment rules. There is no pre test or anything. Even if you never run a stage it will help you have a better understanding of the rules so you don't get burned. I think everyone should take the class.
  9. It's also in the production Appendix. If it's legal in production it's legal in the other divisions. -Disabling of any external safety or externally operated safety "For purposes of this clause, a magazine disconnect is NOT considered a safety mechanism, and may be removed"
  10. If he wanted a reshoot for ro interference why did he go back and look at the steel? Why would you challenge the steel being in calibration when the best outcome is it fails is a reshoot? And then he arbed a dq that he didn't receive? I feel like something is missing. That order of events sounds wrong. Lots of people called for calibration on edge hits at area 5 and I only heard of one person getting lucky and having the steel stand.
  11. Yeah. Since you can change the base pads your free to alter the base pads as long as you still fit the box and make weight.
  12. I would think you'd lose that every time. It's the shooters job to make sure their equipment is legal. If you can't do that shoot a division where you can put it where ever you want. I give everyone a look on the first stage of the day, but I'm not lining shooters up and feeling for everyone hip bones.
  13. The match book shows the shooter meeting at 1145 and shooting at 1215
  14. Based on the way you said it, it sounds fine. He engaged the activator before shooting the star. 9.9.4 is the rule your referring to and the wsb really isn't wrote correctly to have that apply. Write better wsb, or build better stages? 9.9.4 Level I matches only - If the written stage briefing prohibits the engagement of certain targets prior to activation, the competitor will incur one procedural penalty per shot fired at such targets prior to operating the activating mechanism, up to the maximum number of avail-able hits (see Rule