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  1. 4.5.1 The competitor must not interfere with the range surface, natural foliage, constructions, props or other range equipment (including targets, target stands and target activators) at any time. Violations may incur one procedural penalty per occurrence at the discretion of the Range Officer. Exception - a competitor is allowed to move stone, sand or other loose material at the starting position for the purposes of achieving level and stable footing That doesn't sound like running into a barrel and knocking it over because no one bothered to secure it to me. I've slid in gravel and almost went through mesh walls before.. That's not a procedural
  2. I think it depends on what your trying to do. If you want to have fun by all means change it up, but if your trying to get better at one division you should stick with that one. I shot open for a year and switched to production where I've been for the last two.
  3. In production and Carry Optics you have to start hammer down. It's legal to start hammer back safety on in the other divisions.
  4. it wasn't always like that right? "Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the trigger guard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding stippling, grip tape, or checkering are specifically allowed, without reference to Appendix E4" "But not limited to" makes me think you can do whatever you want? And "without reference to E4" would mean you could stipple all over the place?
  5. Carry optics has the same rules for the grip as production. I'm not sure what was done to it, but if it isn't production legal it's probably not carry optics legal.
  6. From the glossary : "Should ........Optional but highly recommended." 2.4 Safety Areas The host organization is responsible for the construction and placement of a sufficient number of Safety Areas for the match. They should be conveniently placed and easily identified with signs. At level II or higher matches, Safety Areas must include a table with the safe direction and boundaries clearly shown.
  7. 5.2.2 Competitors carrying their handgun in a holster must have an empty magazine well, and the hammer or striker must be de-cocked. Anyone found in violation of this rule will be immediately escorted by a Range Officer to a suitable range or safety area where appropriate corrective action shall be made. That's the uspsa rule. You said SO, I'm not sure if the same thing applies to idpa
  8. Open and limited guys tend to have it over lap in the back, because they have mags up front. Production guys have it over lap in the front, because they have mag pouches going around towards the back. Either way is fine
  9. Your allowed to shoot until the "if clear, hammer down, holster" command. If they was unable to show clear the command shouldn't have been given so no issues
  10. I carry my rule book but I only ever use it when older guys don't want to read it off my phone. It's was faster to search the pdf than to flip through pages anyways. I got one at my ro class, and the another copy at the cro class
  11. No. It's just makes it look pretty and adds a bunch of work. Dry tumbling is fine
  12. Do you shoot production?
  13. A big part of the game is bringing stuff that works. The shooter is responsible for the rounds that leave the gun even if your finger is out of the trigger guard. Dq
  14. Agreed. Welcome to open