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Cart to carry bag/small cooler/lunch


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I am looking for a push along type cart that will hold my shooters connection bag, a small cooler and maybe a jacket and such. I tried making one out of a pull along golf bag cart and it wobbles to much for my quality control.

I would like the bag to lay flat if possible for easy entry. A wagon might be to big for my car.

Any ideas and pictures would be appreciated.


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What Noah said.

Two ways to aquire. One, go to Baby's R Us and buy an Expedition Jogger for about $150 or so, or cruise the yard sales. You can likel get an old one that will work for $20 or so. A couple cautions. Make sure that the frame is wide enough. I had one left over from my little girl, but the frame was way to narrow to fit my bag so I wound up buying a second jogger. Also, you may consider removal of the canvas and making a couple trays taht will hold more gear. In particular, you will find that your friends will load your cart, so you may as well build on a porch early.

Also, the porch adds to stability. The standard load positoin as you stack bags higher can lead to a back-flip, adding a porch out over the front tire will keep the jogger from tipping.

For long guns, go to Cabelas and get two sets of ATV gun racks. they fit on the jogger frame and will carry your rifle and shot gun very nicely. I have seen people actual double up these to carry 4 long guns.


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here's what I use:


1200lb capacity should hold your range bag and lunch. :)

BIG wheels means it's easy to pull over sand, rock, loose gravel etc. You'll hate anything w/ skinny wheels.

A little big, but has dual duty working around the house. I put a big beach umbrella on mine and built a rifle rack for it. Easily carries mine and my shooting buddy's gear (cooler, range bags, folding chairs, etc for two people). Need a pickup or SUV for match day though (sides fold down and it fits under the cover on my truck bed). Fellow shooters made fun of its size at first.... until they want to stand under my shade, get out of the rain, or need a place to stand and load mags...


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Jerry: I use a cooler on wheels. It is a red Igloo brand that I strap my bag to the top of it. They sell them at HEB or Academy. The cooler also has pockets on the outside that hold all kinds of stuff. We use this for the kids soccer games. It has a telecopeing handle so it will fit in the trunk. If I don't use that I hitch a ride on a friends golf cart ;-). You can also use a small cooler that holds a 6 pack. Thanks, Eric

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i picked up a hose reel cart from Sam's Club and modified it with a bench. everyone that sees it asks me where I got it. I will post some pictures later tonight. i have a total of about 100 dollars into it. it has a basket underneath the bench which will hold my large range bag, and a cooler. i made the top to act as a seat plus i cut holes into it to hold my magazines, drink, etc. there is also a place for an umbrella. check the sams club website and you will see the cart, just remove the hose reel and you have a great cart.

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Craigslist is pretty good as well. We found the folding jogger we started with and then the bicycle trailer that we currently use on there. Prices were very nice as well.

$25 for the bicycle trailer fits 2 bags, cooler and chairs. We put some extra money into ours and put the atv clamping style rifle holders on it and can use them for 3 gun or chairs. Folds up easily, and while its wide (30"), you can take the wheels off and make it less than 5 inches thick. Or you can put it on the roof of your vehicle.

The downside is that it wants to sit back if you dont load it properly.

Will post pictures tonight if you want.

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