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  1. One of our local matches has talked about a Production, Single Stack, Revolver ONLY match. If a number of clubs did this once a year it would certainly add some variety.
  2. more from Guns and Ammo (Aug.): Internationally, primers are manufactured by several firms in different parts of the world. Armscor in the Philippines, for example, Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic, Fiocchi in Italy and JSC in Russia are some of the more prominent companies. An industry insider told G&A that several million primers are currently en route from Europe to the U.S. by way of ship, which may help meet at least some of the demand for loaded ammunition. Still, those primers need to arrive, be offloaded, clear customs and then be distributed to the various ma
  3. From Guns and Ammo: Though there are dozens of major and minor ammunition manufacturers in the U.S., only four domestic manufacturers produce primers: Federal, CCI, Remington and Winchester. Those four firms feed the entire primer supply including ammunition sold to the military and law enforcement. Millions upon millions of primers are produced every year by these companies.
  4. First, prayers for all involved. Second, Beretta m9A1 drop test:
  5. The Taran Tactical CZ +4 on a Mec-Gar 15-rd 96 magazine will hold 16 (of course don't use the Mec-Gar base plate).
  6. Wilson's extra strength extractor spring clears up most of the extraction issues.
  7. Check this out: http://www.tonisystem.it/EN/beretta-92x-open.html
  8. M9A3 Comp: http://www.tonisystem.it/EN/beretta-m9a3.html
  9. From LTT back in March: Patent-pending as of about two weeks ago. The mounting plate will be right above the extractor, which is as low as you can go on the 92 without a new slide altogether. Most of the parts in the back of the slide will be replaced to make room for the plate. I am pretty proud of this design, it's been a long time coming and lots of hours in Solidworks figuring this one out.That's all the info I am going to hand out right now. It should make a lot of people happy, and maybe a few people mad
  10. At one time, Rudy Project discount codes could be found. I don't know of any currently. Perhaps some members on the Forum can help?
  11. The Rudy Exception style sit further away from your eyes and your lashes won't rub. The lenses choice isn't as great as it once was. https://www.rudyprojectna.com/products/exception-spare-lenses?variant=31523916349505
  12. The 92X Performance was designed by the Italians primarily for IPSC in Europe and the rest of the world. Beretta USA, as I understand it, was not involved in the project. (The ideal US gun would be the steel frame, no safety levers, with a vertec G slide!)
  13. This should work $$$: https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/safety-parts/safeties/safety-lever-steel-prod28438.aspx Even BETTER $: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/c56931 I don't know about "new" style and "old" style.
  14. Small levers available in Europe. https://estore.beretta.com/en-eu/safety-assembly-92x-performance-small/
  15. I've had one failure to extract. One, you could install the Wilson Combat extra power extractor spring. I will, if it happens again. Two, the extended take down lever "thumb rest" might be more likely to cause slide ride. (I've been working on always using downward pressure on the outside edge of the lever and staying off the slide.)
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