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  1. Please note the April Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver USPSA match is cancelled due to overlap with the Easter holiday. We'll see you in May! -rvb
  2. Sorry Folks, October USPSA match at Fort Wayne has to be cancelled. Thanks to everyone who came out this year and supported our matches. The crew works very hard to design and build fun stages, and we hope you enjoyed them. Comments and feedback is always welcome. We struggled a little this year with a wet spring, so I hate to pull the plug, but that's how it goes some times. Special thanks to the guys who help design and setup stages, do registration, etc. And thanks to everyone who showed up early to finish setup and help tear down after. We will return in March. Special Classifier in April. I hope everyone has a safe winter. Thanks, God Bless. -rvb
  3. thanks to everyone who came out to the match yesterday Scores are posted at: https://practiscore.com/results/new/64085 See you in September!
  4. Match Announcement bump for this Sunday's match at FWRR in Fort Wayne! Hope to see you there! -rvb
  5. Thanks to everyone who came out and shot with us today.and thanks especially to the guys who came out days in advance to set up.and another big thanks to all the guys who showed up early to help setup this am and with tear down after. Having all those hands during setup really took a load off!scores are up on PS.https://practiscore.com/results/new/57260let me know of you see any issues. I’ll get them up on uspsa tomorrow.thanks!-rvb
  6. thanks for the kind words! hope to see you there. wish we had bigger crowds 1 for the competition and 2 so we could fund some more props, but we aren't really close to anything other than Fort Wayne. We're doing better than 10 yrs ago when a big day would break double digit attendance! haha -rvb
  7. Bump for the Fort Wayne May 20th match! Note we are going to do two classifiers in May and June since our April classifier got rained on. Hope to see you there! -rvb
  8. What a great start to 2018! Thanks to everyone who came out today, helped tear down, and all the guys who helped out on stage construction and registration. Scores are up on PractiScore and I’ll get them on USPSA once I have a chance to sit at a computer. Let me know if there are any scoring issues. https://practiscore.com/results/new/53034 -rvb
  9. Fort Wayne's next USPSA match is this Sunday, March 18th. Registration Begins: 9:00 A.M. *New-shooters meeting: 9:30 A.M. Shooters Meeting: 9:45 A.M. Match Begins: 10:00 A.M. *New-shooters meeting prior to the match: If you are new to uspsa, we'll give you a quick introduction into the basics of the game (safety, range commands, scoring). Registration Fee: $20 (General entry) $15 (FWRR member) $0 (setup crew) Juniors shoot free with paid adult The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver (FWRR) gun club is located north of Harlan, IN, just off 37. 15715 Rupert Rd Grabill, IN 46741 41.234010/-84.888246 Maps and directions can be found at Fort Wayne Rifle & Revolver Gun Club... http://fwrrclub.org/index.php/how-to-find-us/ "Like" us on facebook, at www.facebook.com/fwuspsa Questions? Email me at ftw_uspsa@yahoo.com or PM me here. Hope to see you there! -rvb
  10. rvb


    Shot PCC today. Won the division, but I think only cause Heath had some gun issues. Learned a few things... - on the walk through, need to visualize/practice the lean needed when going weak side. Failed to do this, and didn't set up well on a couple of position, not anticipating the lean required. - need to be a little more aggressive with the shooting on the move - I tend to hold the rifle at a ~30 degree angle when shooting fast/standing, which is ok until squeaking past a wall, and the bullets hit the wall instead of the target.... Need to plan when to be sure to get the gun vertical. - put the batteries in the scope the right way, or the scope won't turn on. - need to get/make an actual mag pouch... Big 9mm AR mags will bounce out your pocket... fortunately I didn't need the reload after all, it was "just in case" - I like not lugging around a holster/mags/etc on my belt all day -rvb
  11. rvb


    Bill , this match with this gun was the first time I ever had a problem with the grip safety. I usually set them so it doesn't take much to disengage them so I need to just take a little material off. Actually, your stage was the first time it happened! Took me forever to get shooting, then I couldn't get the mag in.... I appreciate you rigging that plate to not fall so I could re-shoot it! Good seeing you again! -rvb
  12. rvb


    Shot the IN 400 Yesterday. I shot SS-Minor. I was a LOT of fun... I thinking mainly because it was the first major I've shot in a long time I didn't work. It was so much more enjoyable, I was able to do better walkthroughs and a better job getting my plans in my head, able to take a few seconds break while the other shooters are shooting... My shooting was nothing great. I cost myself a LOT of time over the match not getting mags seated. I'd guess about 8 times I had to re-load the gun when the mag fell out after a reload. My WH is sore and slightly bruised today from trying to beat those bastards into the gun. I figure that was at least 20 seconds over the match, if not more. Point were poor, about 88%. Some of that was staying away from the edge on partials, some was distance, and some was sloppiness. 3 mikes, all just an inch or two low into partial hardcover. I was "choppy" all day. I didn't do a good/smooth job of setting up in positions. Could have done more shooting on the move. A couple times I still fought my tendency to get too high on this gun, and had to adjust to dis-engage either the thumb or grip safety. The Ford 9mm 1911 ran perfectly. I'm just going to try some tripp mags to see if they seat easier than these Wilsons.... but that's a problem for another day.... This weekend I think I'll shoot some PCC at our club match, and then get out the open gun for the rest of the season. -rvb
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