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  1. Anyone here use the Whidden CNC or Uniquetek floating toolhead for a 650? Does it have any noticeable effect on consistency/quality? Worth it? I’ve had great luck with the Uniquetek toolhead clamp for my 550. Just got a 650 and was thinking about going with CNC toolhead.
  2. how about the conversion kit for the 550 for the 40/10...are selling it?

  3. thanks for the info. guess I'll have to wait for the enhancement.
  4. I respect the concern re formatting. However, if EZW can export a file to be uploaded to the USPSA self squadding site and then take the output from USPSA and upload back into EZW once squadding is done, couldn't one simply upload a file into EZW in the same format that the USPSA self squadding site provides? I don't have access to the self squadding system so I don't know if it returns a csv file or some sort. Reason I ask is that we setup a match registration form that outputs a csv file. it would be great if we could just add the squad and upload into EZW. thanks, Al
  5. Is there a procedure on how to upload a competitor registration csv file into EZWS?
  6. I had one and ended up selling it. Installation was smooth and I had it working right for the most part except for the occasional hangup. I thought the improvement in output was marginal. However, if there was any type of hangup with a case, any time gain you had was lost. One thing I really like about the 550 is how easy it is to manipulate when working up a load. YMMV.
  7. IMO, PACT products are junk. I've had nothing but problems with the scales/timers/chronographs that I've bought from them over the years. The Pocket Pro II is great. Would also recommend the CED timers as well.
  8. Radar Paths fit perfectly under my ear muffs with gel surrounds. Other than full sun days, I find that VR28 works best for most conditions and had good contrast with the brown targets we shoot. G26 works well for clay sports.
  9. Just wanted to say Thanks to the Area 8 Match Team. Thanks for working so hard assembling the stages in miserable weather. Stages were great. Look forward to next year.
  10. Thanks folks, this is really helpful. One follow-up question I had. Is the 7" to 10" depth okay with the casefeeder installed? Only reason I ask is that on my 550B with casefeeder, you need more clearance in the rear with it installed.
  11. Hi Folks, Need helping prepping for future 1050 purchase. Can someone provide the following: - Ideal distance from front edge of workbench that 1050 should be installed? - Total height of 1050 including all attachements, ie casefeeder etc? - Total height of KISS bulet feeder? - How deep of a workbench do you need? - Total workbench width required for 1050 install? - Total workbench width required for 1050 w/KISS bullet feeder installed? Thanks!!!
  12. This is very sad news. Bill was a real nice guy. My deepest condolences to the Rosenthal family. Rest in Peace Bill.
  13. Would recommend the MSA Sordin Supreme Pros for regular use. I think they have the best electronics. This matters as they can make wearing the headset less noticeable. I sometimes shoot an open gun and they have been sufficient. The only time where I feel the need to double plug is shooting indoors within a booth where the walls amplify the blast somewhat. It's not a problem when I shoot indoor matches and don't have the side walls to deal with. The gel seals they sell make a better seal. You can buy them at http://www.csuk.us/
  14. This has been my experience as well. I have Hardy tuned STIs with his spacers. I have Limcat SVs that run perfect without them.
  15. craigslist is a good place to start for this. picked mine up for $40.
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