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  1. Group leader here of USPSA/IPSC on 8-ball pool. I play on PC at miniclip.com and also log into my account on my phone on occasion. Please join us!
  2. Try 180 grain bullets with the Universal. The HS-6 may be to slow for that setup. Based on what I have, I'd be testing it with Power Pistol. It is an adventure testing all the bullet weights with various burn rate powders. Once you come up with a good combo, it will be sweet. What about the previous owner? Any idea what was used before?
  3. I actually started with a 2011, now shooting a Glock 23 as my Carry Optics gun and my "Shorty Forty" open gun.
  4. Sounds like a good option!
  5. Jumprun13k, my situation was similar. As you see from my photo above, the top end used to be a sight tracker type limited gun. GANS came up with a good solution for attaching the comp. He turned the whole barrel down to classic diameter, threaded it, and attached the comp. Might not have been the best looking open gun, but functioned as well as a limited gun and shot flat!
  6. My images from page 1 of this thread have a broken link. Here is the gun GANS did for me.
  7. Does Gary Natale (GANS) still do work? He converted my old limited top end to 40 open and he's done a good number of 40's.
  8. 140's are close enough, but if they are moly coated (I know Bear Creek makes 140's) I would avoid them. The coating will gunk things up fast. With a hybrid barrel, you are going to want the lightest bullet you can find with a slower powder. Longshot may be good. Silhouette may be good too. I tried a Glock 24 with a hybrid barrel once. 8 holes and no comp. My 135's with 8.2 gr CFE Pistol tamed the muzzle flip well and it was LOUD. With no comp it didn't reduce recoil into the hand, but muzzle rise was held to a minimum.
  9. Are you shooting an STI? There are so many variables between bullet weight, powder type, charge weight, and recoil spring weight. WIth an STI, I feel like 135 is the way to go, but 155 may be a good option too. I tried every bullet weight. 135, 140, 155, 165 and 180. Never tried 200's but I knew that was the wrong end of the spectrum.
  10. WestTex, I think it's documented in this thread over the past few pages. But the short story is this: With my STI, I settled on 135gr Rainiers with Power Pistol. Sold the gun and several years later built up a G23 that pulls double duty as CO and Open. I started with 135's for Open Major, but it was very snappy in the light weight gun. Tried 155's and it feels much better.
  11. WestTex, Have you tried CFE Pistol? I've developed a load for my Shorty Forty G23 Open gun. 4.5" Barrel. 7.2 grains with a 155gr Rainier. I can't seem to find chrono data, so maybe I haven't chronoed it yet. "Feels like Major" LOL. According to the load data it should be major. 8.2 grains should get you there with a 135gr bullet.
  12. tag, I initially tried Silhouette and found it to be too slow. By the time I got to major, there was too much gas going out the end of the comp which contributed to more recoil and muzzle flip. Longshot was another slower powder, so I never tried it. I landed on Power Pistol for my STI 40 Open and currently using CFE Pistol for my current Glock open gun which has a carver 4 chamber comp. YMMV. It will depend on the length of comp, how many chambers and if you have any poppel holes in the barrel. It could be a viable powder for you.
  13. @tag129, I have experience with the Glock and STI platforms in 40 Open. I would suggest trying Hodgdon CFE Pistol. With your longer barrel, the 135 grain bullet might get to major PF comfortably. It might take 8.2gr or so of powder. My experience with my shorter 4.5" barrel is that 155 grain bullets made major without being as harsh as the 135's. I use all book loads from Hodgdon's website. My bullet mfr of choice is Rainier Ballistics. I find them to be consistent and accurate. You will probably want to lighten the slide of that G35 a bit, but start with what you have and see how it g
  14. No, not at all. I am using book loads for .40 S&W cartridges from Hodgdon. We just use lighter bullets. I found 135gr Rainier Ballistics worked best for my STI, but I'm liking the 155's better in my lighter weight Glock. Plus, the reason many of us shoot 40 open is to avoid the extra expense of new equipment if we're already shooting Limited. I certainly don't want to start stocking large pistol primers and getting a new gun with a new set of mags and mag pouches.
  15. Well, I'm finally back in the 40 Open game. I shot a local match last weekend and somehow wound up 3rd out of 14 in Open and 4th of 78 overall. I think it was beginner's luck. This was with my G23 "Shorty Forty" with RMR on the slide.
  16. Nice! You convinced JPL to build a 40 Open gun? I'm sure my name came up more than a few times.
  17. Experiences so far with my G23 Open gun: First shots were over chrono with five loads that I was testing for power factor. Gun short stroked ~40% of the time causing Failure to Extract/Eject malfunctions. I later figured out that the recoil spring was heavier than stock. Recoil was stout with all five loads as described in my previous posts. Replaced recoil spring with 13 lb ISMI spring for a compact gun. Second time out, I shot an indoor outlaw match with three stages. First observation - the dual illuminated RMR was not very bright at the indoor range where lighting is angled and almos
  18. Shot the G23 shorty forty today over the chrono. Had a couple loads make major, but results are mixed and more testing is definitely needed. The comp is not matched to the load all that well. By that, I mean that there was too much muzzle flip and too much gas going out the end of the comp. It was quite a thumper too! The entire gun only weighs 28oz. Launching Rainier 135's at major power hits you in the hand pretty good!
  19. Have not shot it yet. Planning to chrono some loads this Sunday if the weather is decent and film it for power factor show. I've got three different charge weights made up with CFE Pistol and two more charge weights with Power Pistol. All using Rainier Ballistics 135gr FP and loaded to 1.135" COL. Hoping for major.
  20. Initially I planned to go with slide mounted because I just wanted to use my standard kydex holster. (Now I have a Safariland 014 that I got a good deal on.) Then Carry Optics provisional came along and I already had the optic, so I had it installed into the gun I typically use for production, the G23 shown above. Ultimately, I do plan to switch back and forth between Open and CO. I've shot open guns with both frame and slide mounted optics. As long as the gun shoots flat, I don't think there's a difference for me at my skill level. I can find the dot faster with it mounted low, so I lik
  21. Yes, this gun is still a CO legal pistol. No illegal mods were made to the slide or frame. I will shoot this for a while and get it tuned up first. Someday I'll build a dedicated Open top end with a G22 slide with all sorts of cuts and put it on my current Limited frame.
  22. Just got it put together. Need to take a few thousandths off the back of the comp because it touches the slide. Then I'll start testing loads and playing with springs. I probably won't have it dialed in until Summer.
  23. Rare, but not the first... Shorty Forty Open Gun! I'm back into the 40 Open club! This is a G23 with a LW threaded barrel and Carver magwell, reduced power recoil assembly and 4 port comp. The 170mm mag is a 22-round factory mag with a Taylor Freelance +3 base pad. I have not fired it yet because the comp touches the slide. I need to have someone take a few thousanths off the back of the comp. Then I get to start testing some loads that I have made up using Rainier Ballistics 135gr FP's. I will be testing Hodgdon CFE Pistol and Alliant Power Pistol. I'd really like to add a thumbr
  24. Rare, but not the first... Shorty Forty Open Gun! Just for fun, not planning to win any titles. This is my G23 CO gun with a Carver magwell and 4 port comp. No permanent mods that are illegal for CO, so I can go back and forth as I please.
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