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Does this look like the right amount of crimp for a revolver, to you guys?


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It looks a little "light" to me for a revolver load, but....


The final end all/be all answer will be this:  Measure your cartridge's OAL.  (To be more-exact, measure the actual cartridge that will be in the last charge hole, just for consistency.)  Load up a cylinder full.  Shoot all but one.  Re-measure the OAL of that remaining cartridge.  Did it move? 

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ooooo boy.


hi YSRracer,

setback is your only worry in that picture.


with lead bullets I measure the case mouth diameter.

you want the crimp to be .379 inches or less

If I get that measure with my dial caliper I am pretty sure all it as it should be.


should you find you have a problem with leading or accuracy,

you may come to decide you need fatter bullets.


then we will have an entertaining sessions for solutions.


In this forum, the dimensions I have read are that

9mm revolvers are better described as 38s that

have chambers to hold 9mm cases.

the barrels slug at .357 and that is the starting point of a

difficult problem.


to repeat, looks good!

check the bullet will not setback.

I'd run 'em after that.


an example I think. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/263043-bullet-creep-with-9mm-charter-arms-pitbull-snubbie





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7 minutes ago, ysrracer said:

Sorry, it's a .38 short colt, 160gr Bayou Bullet




ETA: most 38 ammo is roll crimped....

so you may want more.  and I've not made 38 ammo.




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Ho YSRracer,


my apologies for assuming 9mm. 

'tis my world running 9mm lead.

I just know everyone does it and needs my expirtease.


well, if you ever get a 9mm revolver,

you may want FC cases. let me know...




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I run .358 160gr / 9mm in my 929 with just a little more crimp than that.  With your straight wall case your going to want a bit more I think.  If those are Bayou’s I will tell you after having to bust apart 250 rounds (long story) for being a slick coating they stick in the case extremely well!!

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When I was loading for my 9 mm I would use the same bullets as you and simply remove the bell.  It took no crimp to hold the .358 rounds in the case and I had no slippage of the last round do to recoil.


What you have should be perfect.

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