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  1. Doesn't Hamilton Bowen work on Rugers ?
  2. When my buddy's gun was jamming it was the ejector rod unscrewing.
  3. Next year's 10 stage event is already planned for October 15, 2022 with registration opening in August, 2022. Don't miss it.
  4. Stage 1, Willie Revenge aka "I hate steel". Three rows of plates at 13 yards. You have to knock down the first row to reveal the second row, and knock down the second row to reveal the third. It's a 24 second Par Time (time limit). The round ones count as minus 1 second, same with the square ones. The triangle ones count as minus 2. The object is to get all 18 down in 24 seconds. I got 9 61 out of 80, surprisingly not my worst stage
  5. Stage 8, Drop Down. A relatively straightforward stage with two droppers... ...that I somehow managed to shoot in slow motion. 59 out of 80
  6. Stage 7, Fly Over (X Count) Turns out the glowy thingy at the end of my barrel is useful after all. 34 out of 80, my best stage.
  7. Stage 6, Clam Up aka Alpha, Mike, No Shoot. Yep, it cost me 10 seconds. My worst stage, 63 out of 80.
  8. Stage 5, Swing Away. Named because they're two swingers down there. My 627 has this glowy thingy near the front of the barrel. Who knew? I came in 36 out of 80. Yay, better than 50%
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