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  1. ^^ As a side note I’ve also noticed more 22’s showing up online and some for less than what they’ve been going for, so maybe things are looking up.
  2. I’ve even wondered about the 230g Hornady FMJ FP for the 45 acp. Loadings for that are pretty anemic compared to others. Always thought that maybe their jacket material was more “draggy” and raised psi. I have some but never pushed them to see what they would do. Using their loadings they never shot very good.
  3. Looks like 3.5G of E3 would equal your load of 4.0g of WST. Like your data shows and what I’ve seen, E3 can have low SD’s. Was your accuracy as good or did you check?
  4. I do pretty much the same. If the brass isn’t too dirty I’ll size and de-prime in the APP, and then wash-n-dry, sort, then either store it or load. Makes it like loading new brass. Depending on time and how dirty it is I may give it a quick run with corncob before processing through the APP. I just like trying to keep ahead so when it’s time to load everything is clean and sorted. Sometimes it doesn’t happen.
  5. Shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve used them in my 327 FM and they worked fine. Actually I think they are possibly a bit softer than a standard srp. I got a little more flattening with them VS a std CCI SRP, but then again it mashes everything.
  6. Mine arrived this morning as was on the tracking. Very nice looking bullets and very consistent on the handful I checked. Will be a while until I can try them out though harvest comes first.
  7. Check different places, some won’t take spent primers but will take spent brass. Some don’t care either way.
  8. Anyone else have something available? Even a cheaper model that would fit just to get by? If this weather stays the way it’s been things aren’t going to cool down and you’ll be able to shoot until December. sorry for the double quote I hit the wrong one and couldn’t get rid of it.
  9. When I posted earlier that was when I got my first notification from FedEx. Now they show them already in Spokane and delivery for Monday the 12th instead of Wednesday 14th. That’s faster than Amazon prime has been lately.
  10. Yesterday ordered some PD 124’s to try, shipped today and should be here Wednesday the 14th.
  11. I was told to use Clays data and it seems like a good place to start. I tried E3 in my geezer load, (4.5G Clays w/185 Berrys) and it was very similar. Felt “different” but shot well, I just need to play with it some more. It works really good in 9mm light loads and is clean in both.
  12. Probably a reaction from the container, moisture and spent powder residue. Wouldn’t have been a coffee can by chance? Like the others said, SS pin it and reload even if it all doesn’t come off.
  13. That’s a nice looking unit, might have to check them out. Our warehouses use the tri-beam HD large platen ones and I just cringe when I see the high school kids bang them around. One winter I went to use one at their office and they were all piled in a cardboard box, So I guess the kids have good teachers.
  14. Total beginner here but when I stand relaxed with my arms/hands at my sides my thumbs are forward and palms in. Bullets out at this point is more comfortable and natural. I’ve seen some guys where their thumbs are pointing in and palms are facing back when they stand relaxed. I would think bullets forward would be easier for them. Just a guess.
  15. So you got 10 pounds for the price of 8, what’s the problem??
  16. Do you have access to a drill press or lathe that you could chuck an offending round in and spin it? Or someone that has a bullet concentricity gauge you could use? That will show it real quick.
  17. No disrespect but that doesn’t explain some not gauging in his EGW. Throating would allow them to chamber but it’s not the source of the problem. I think he’s trying to figure out where this all stems from.
  18. Have you tried the lighter spring with your factory ball? That phenolic ball probably has quite a bit more drag to it.
  19. My guess would be uneven coating on the bullets. Should be able to verify by turning one in your caliper jaws. I would think you should also see a bit more of a bulge on one side of the brass too.
  20. New brass, old brass? Possibly more coating on one side of bullet? On the brass I’ve seen some that are thicker on one side than the other seating the bullet crooked. Usually only on much loaded brass.
  21. Yes. And I certainly hope that after 2 years Chillywig has his load figured out.
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