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  1. bowenbuilt


    Winchester SPP is the next softest.
  2. bowenbuilt

    Need a Magwell for Gen2 G17

    Magpul makes one, while not as large as some of the more expensive models it beats not having one at all and you won't knock it off.
  3. bowenbuilt

    9MM 115gr Berry's PCC load needed

    I noticed you are using Federal SPP for hand loads but shooting Remington factory loads. Are you judging "pressure signs" off of the primers? If so Federal primers are butter soft and it will appear to be high pressure when none exists. Try your load with a CCI primer to see if you still see a high pressure sign.
  4. bowenbuilt

    Warren adjustable rear sight

    For a .350 tall rear you would need at least a .330 tall front. The .350 is with the sight all the way down. This may take a bit of experimenting depending on your load and how you view your sights. .330 will get you very close.
  5. bowenbuilt

    Glock 34 Double Diamond Barrel OAL issue?

    This is good to know. Thanks!
  6. bowenbuilt

    Glock 34 Double Diamond Barrel OAL issue?

    Laserman, Your barrel is done. I received it today and will have back out to you on Monday. No problem reaming the Double Diamond at all.
  7. bowenbuilt

    Glock 34 Double Diamond Barrel OAL issue?

    That is correct. Manson does not make a reamer for the OEM Glock barrels. They are way too hard for the standard reamer. Most of the aftermarket barrels will work but not the super hard OEM Glock barrels. That is also true for the Springfield XD/XDM or the new CZ Shadow 2 barrels or any Nitride/Melonite coated barrels. You will need either a carbide or a diamond coated reamer for these.
  8. bowenbuilt

    Glock 34 Double Diamond Barrel OAL issue?

    I use a Dave Manson reamer. You can purchase one from Dave for about what one rental costs. I belive i paid $40.00 for the last one I purchased from him last year. He will also resharpen them for you.
  9. bowenbuilt

    Glock 34 Double Diamond Barrel OAL issue?

    Send me the barrel with a few dummy rounds and i can adjust the leade so you don't have to do anything. I don't charge forum members for this service. PM me and i will supply an address and will do a one day turn around for you.
  10. bowenbuilt

    Switching from 1911 need advice

    I agree on the Johnny Glock trigger work. He can get it as close to a 1911 as anyone I know.
  11. bowenbuilt

    Getting rid of the trigger “Twang!”?

    Look at your TTI gun and see if it has the bump on the shark fin or firing pin safety lifter. It may be that the TTI gun is using a Gen 3 trigger bar.
  12. bowenbuilt

    Getting rid of the trigger “Twang!”?

    The striker spring is what causes the super hard whack when the trigger releases. Which striker spring are you using? A TTI or the OEM?
  13. bowenbuilt

    Alliant Sport Pistol Load Data

  14. bowenbuilt

    Is vvn320 worth the extra cost

    If you are looking for a softer round then N320 is worth the difference. It is cleaner burning, cooler and gives enough percieved recoil reduction that there is a definate measurable difference. That said, Sport Pistol is N320's twin brother. It gives the soft recoil, is cooler burning, cleaner burning and has the versitilty to be used with coated bullets for a fairly good sized reduction in smoke. It costs the same or less than TG and is spot on lot to lot I have found in the 14 guns i have tried SP in to be more accurate than N320 at lower power factors. At Major only a slight edge to SP. Buy a bottle of N320 and SP and compare, then let us know what you think. I believe you will find either a step up.
  15. bowenbuilt


    I measured my SJC weight and the Toni. The SJC weighed 5.4 Oz's and the Toni weight 5.0 Oz's. TheToni is much more compact and easier to install to stay put. I have both and I like the less blocky and more compact Toni weight better. But that's just me, your tastes may be different.