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  1. It sort of works like this, you should not have any problem with commercial cases, the military cases with the WCC stamp pictured will most likely be crimped. Hornady, Speer, CCI, Federal, Winchester ect, ect, should not be crimped and should run fine. The crimped in primers are NOT going to run fine and will be either difficult or impossible to prime without swaging or reaming out the crimp. The primer tube explosions happen most often with Federal primers, least often with CCI primers. If you are not using Federal primers you should be OK. It happened to me once but i still prefer Federal or Winchester to most anything else so i continue to use them and try to be more cautious and always wear safety glasses when reloading.
  2. So i decided to do an experiment to find out which of the 2 powders was the cleanest and gave the least amount of smoke using jacketed and coated bullets. I must admit i was surprised with the results. After 4000 rounds of range practice using N320 vs Sport Pistol the difference is apparent. Going into the experiment i was sure that N320 would win the clean part and pretty sure it would be at the top on smoke with coated bullets. I was totally wrong on both. Using ACME 124 grain coated and RMR 124 Match Winners Sport pistol proved without a doubt it is cleaner and way less smokey than N320. SP producted the best groups, gave the least amount of smoke with both jacketed and coated bullets. I would have bet and lost on this one but the difference after 4000 rounds of shooting shows Sport Pistol the clear winner in both cleanliness, accuracy and smoke. The only department i could give N320 an edge and only a very slight advantage at best would be in the perceived recoil area. Otherwise SP is a clear winner tit for tat including the much lower price. The smoke test was done indoors over a period of 5 weeks with 2 observers other than the shooter. The accuracy test was done using 3 different pistols outdoors at 25 yards. N320 produced average groups of 2.5", SP produced average groups of 1.5". I would be interseted in someone else's findings after an extended period of shooting. These are mine. Loads consisted of 4.2 grains for the jacketed bullets and 3.8 for the coated bullets for each powder. PF average was 133 for each.
  3. I have shot thousands of them. Extended firing pins are a must but i never had any issues. They all went pop. Stock parts are 100%, lightening the springs needs an EX FP for 100%. They are cheap and as hard as the CCI's i have used. They need a little extra seating pressure to make them as sensitive as possible. Knowing all of this to start with, i never had one not go off.
  4. For older eyes like yours and mine it is hard to beat a set of Dawson Match sights. Plain black rear and fiber optic front. Fixed or adjustable you cannot go wrong. I prefer the .110 wide front if you would be shooting anything out to 25 yards. For price and quality Dawson is tough to beat and they are 100 times better than any night sight indoors.
  5. RMR jacketed HP's are some of the most accurate bullets i have used and their pricing is outstanding.
  6. Others will comment but the .100 wide is just too narrow for the longer shots. Too much light on either side of the front post to suit me. The .110 wide front still allows plenty of light on either side but fills in a little of the overly abundant light gap using the .100 wide front. Yes, the .300 tall works fine on all of mine except for the 17L which uses a .330 tall front.
  7. What brand is the rear sight and yes it makes a huge difference. If you have the Dawson adjustable rear you will need a .300 tall front sight. Their standard width is .100 wide but i find the .300 tall X .110 wide front works much better for me if using the .125 rear sight notch.
  8. Cowboy 1629, I agree with your assesment of SP. It is not any better than N320 and it is not supposed to be. It is a half price replacement for N320. I find it does exactly what it is supposed to although in 25 yard testing it has proven to give better groups, at least in all of my guns, than the equivilent load with N320. N320 by its nature works well with coated bullets and so does SP. I would give perceived recoil to N320 but there is only a slight difference and SP is better in this department than most other powders in this catagory. SP gives higher velocity in my guns so I can't judge the recoil using the same charge, I have to back off a few tenths from the new N320 to get the same results. The only edge i give SP is in the accuracy, availability and price per pound department, the rest is a coin flip. I don't think there has ever been a powder for what we do better than N320 but SP is as close to the top as you can get for the money.
  9. Most likely the tumbling bullets were undersized. It doesn't take but a few thousands and they will destabilize and tumble.
  10. bowenbuilt

    Light strikes

    I would try replacing the striker spring. A 4.5LB spring should be 100% with most any type of factory ammo. A Wolff 4.5 LB spring should be the cure. Your spring could be a little weak and that is all it takes for light strikes.
  11. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  12. Since you already have it, My Wife who is ultra recoil sensitive chooses RS Comp. over anything else, i cant really tell the difference. The old Clays was really hard to beat but it is unobtainable now. 3.9 of RS Comp behind a 230 grn RN coated/plated bullet or 4.2 behind a jacketed bullet is about as clean and soft as you will find.
  13. Can you measure the bullet before and after loading it? Blue Bullets tend to run a little undersized for coated lead, i am not sure about your other brand. Anything below .400 is going to lead your bore. I would do some measuring as i believe this is where you will find the issue. It could be your barrel is a bit on the larger diameter size also. Measure before, after and the groove diameter of your barrel, bet you find the problem fairly quickly. (looked over the caliber, Sorry about that) Fixed it.
  14. There is a simple fix for your issue. Your seating die is trying to crimp the case as you are seating the bullet. Turn the body of the seating die up a few turns and turn the seating stem back down to the OAL you want. As long as the seating die body is turned down too deep it won't matter how much you bell the case, the built in taper crimp in the seating die will still turn the edge of the case mouth into the bullet as you try to seat it.
  15. I have used/installed many PRP trigger kits and they have all been superb. You cannot go wrong.
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