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Out Of Curiosity What's Your Fastest Revolver Time for Steel Challenge?


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Topic says it all.  What's your fastest Steel Challenge time with your revolver?


Long time ago before I became handicapped my fastest time was 119 seconds OSR.  I averaged in the 120s.


I no longer shoot centerfire and am not even close with my RFPO shooting my 617 but I'm having lots of fun. So far my best time is 150.  I'm getting better every month but have a long was to come back.

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MWP just won the OSR WSSC with a 94.11 & ISR of 103.13.

For me at the last A3 SC Champs OSR was 140.23 and ISR 137.87, yep faster with irons!  I just don't put much time into it instead I focus on USPSA/ICORE.

But the 2022 A3 SC Champs is the weekend after the USPSA Nationals, so 21st and 28th will be busy.  

At past Free State SC Champs with other platforms SS 141.57 & Limited 135.52 & CO 144.35 & Prod 142.95 & RFPI 132.44. The SS/Limited used the same gear & 1911, the CO/Prod used Glock 34's, a MOS G4 vs a G3.  

Common pattern Irons are faster for me & I really suck at RF!

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I managed to make B Class, but I was shooting my six-shot ICORE Classic gun. I don't remember the times, just the classification. A six-shot is a handicap. You get one miss before for have to get 'real slow & accurate'... or eat a 3 second reload. I found that sometimes is better to just leave the last plate, eat the penalty, and go to the Stop plate. If I was serious about revo in steel I'd get a 8-shot gun.

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2 hours ago, blackss06 said:

Man, seems like this was from forever ago.
I change my answer ; 98.xx OSR and 108.xx ISR 

i was digging for revolver reload threads, 


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