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  1. so is this one on Gunbroker, https://www.gunbroker.com/item/885418179
  2. I don't think that you could go wrong with a switchbolt, if given a choice in chamber style/size, go with the sport chamber and not the "benz" chamber. The rifle is still accurate and it will not be as picky on which ammo that will work in it. Mine with the axium stock and a cmore railway comes in at 3.12 pounds and runs quite well.
  3. I would like to report that RUGER has just signed up as a major sponsor for this match, joining our growing list of GREAT SPONSORS that support our matches. THANK YOU ALL for your help.
  4. Can't figure out how to delete this, it's the wrong flyer, I needed to add Allchin Gun Parts to it
  5. Here is our most current flyer with our sponsors that we have to date supporting our match.
  6. No, I believe that it is; RO==make ready Shooter== makes ready but forgets to chamber a round RO== Standby 1 to 4 secs later beep. The take no action is telling you that the RO can NOT tell the shooter to chamber a round. 8.1 shooters responsibility takes over.
  7. I was using different colors of bullets for different games but have since changed to one bullet and PF for Icore and USPSA, 150 grain in Short Colt at 128-133 and then I use my 38 special with light loads to use in steel challenge. Powder coating your own bullets does let you load to different values and try to keep them straight as to which one is this. But I am getting [got] older and have come down with that sickness called CRS.lol
  8. The best guess that I can come up with is that the grid must be to scale, that each square is 2ft. x 2ft. So the complete square on the left side of the poppers would be 2ft in from the line that you project straight back from the far left wall.
  9. 10.5.13 says having loaded gun other than under RO control is DQ.
  10. I use Trident, it cost $10 a year. A free one is Gunracer. Sketchup is nicer but also takes a lot more time to figure it out to use. If you are not tech inclined like me you may want to look one of the two I suggested.
  11. Right now I do not have any Blue Dot, so I was looking to try to come up with a load with some other powders that I may have. BE-86, Power Pistol, HP-38/231, Bullseye, Longshot, HS-6, 2400, Auto-Comp.
  12. This is a print of the bullet that I am wanting to use. SC360-232-RF_PB_U5_Sketch.webp
  13. I am using a 627 with a 6 1/2 inch barrel. The reason for 38 is because the length of the 240 grain bullet, it will have to extend quite a bit from the brass. The loaded OAL of these side by side with 357 is the same length.
  14. Yes we talked about it a lot. But looking to try and find a load I can use with some of the powders that I have on hand.
  15. None of my load manuals list anything for a 240 grain or even a 200 grain and nothing I can see online for hodgen or alliant. What are some of the starting loads that you are familiar with those powders?
  16. Do any of you guys have much experiance loading a 240 grain bullet in a 38 special cartridge? What powder and load have you used. A friend has used Blue Dot and 5 grains, and then some 2400 about the same charge. I am looking to make up some pin loads with about 200 to 220 power factor. Any other suggestions?
  17. Not sure here is the link and the group code is 1MMR21 https://secure.mesquitegaming.com/CGI-BIN/lansaweb?procfun+rn+resnet+CBL+funcparms+UP(A2560):;1MMR21;;;;?/
  18. Jason, if you have one or can order one, try a 14lb return spring, then go to the hardware store and pick up a 8-32 by 3/8 long allen screw. Use the allen screw to replace your strain screw and you will be able to adjust the main spring gradually till you get reliable ignition, then blue lock tite it
  19. Just a reminder that this will open up for registration in a couple of days on Practiscore. Here are the links https://practiscore.com/mesquite-mayhem-revolver-classic-2021/register https://practiscore.com/mesquite-mayhem-steel-challenge-match-3-12-2021/register
  20. Ty Hambly does this. I have done it also, I took about 200 sc cases and loaded them up and shot them in my 929, I sized them back with a 9mm dies first then I resized them with my 38 short colt dies and reloaded them and went and shot them in my 627 with no issues. It did take a bit more pressure on the reloader handle, but no big thing.
  21. 3 hrs · Revolver competition!!!!! It’s almost time for the very first World Revolver Championship in Fallon, Nevada. It promises to be full of fun and challenging stages designed by the Match Director, Nathan Carmichael. Come and join us October 3-4, 2020 (staff/RO’s shooting Oct. 1-2). Award Ceremony (and prizes) on Sunday after match concludes. We are looking forward to seeing many friends there and finally getting outdoors to participate in a great sporting event. Consider getting out of the house and taking a few days away to join us at this ma
  22. I have some of both and I think that just because I am used to using my wheelguns, my times are actually better with a 617 with dot, than my carbonfiber victory 22 dot gun, but that's not saying I am burning down any barns either.LOL
  23. One of my 627s with a 5 inch is slow also, I have a 4 inch 627 and it is way faster than the 5. As ffar as power factor the same load comes in at 119pf in the 5 in. and 128pf in the 4 in go figure.
  24. I 100% agree with this^^^ it seems like every thing is always someone, or something else's fault, it would never be MY loads, I always make chrono, said while removing a squib at the safe table. LOL granted the RO's need to pay attention and keep things adjusted, but it's not always the RO. Give them a break, and step up and take some responsibility.
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