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  1. Along with what MWP just said it can also be used in USPSA Revo MAJOR, I know not 8 shot friendly but major PF helps.
  2. Now you know 2, I run mixed hs 9mm brass in my 929, and I can use Win sp primers with my trigger at 6 1/2 lbs, What I have found in the 9 mm brass is there is no bulge in the brass it's usually fine. Now some have looser extraction grooves than others and still be in sammi specs and I don't use them. If the brass fits my moonclips, and will shoot and extract with no issues, I keep all of this "approved" revolver brass separate from the rest and use it only in my wheelguns and it's mixed hs. From all of the issues that I have seen with extraction seems to be from brass that has been fired in unsupported chambers that most refer to as having a "glock" bulge.
  3. MESQUITE MAYHEM REVOLVER CLASSIC Registration | PractiScore
  4. Yeh I think you did miss it, try looking at the the very 1st post, you know the post that started this mini-series. Dave was asked by the powers that be/ad/bod, that he talked to about putting together some numbers and proposals to warrant or justify adding these divisions. A simple yes or no would have been sufficient, but much too easy for some I guess.
  5. For those wondering what type and style of stages to expect, here is the post on this forum from last year with last years stages, so you can get an idea of what you'll be getting into. MESQUITE MAYHEM REVOLVER CLASSIC 2021 - Revolver Match Announcements and Discussions - Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!
  6. Remington/Peters. I think that Tom makes some of his moonclips specific sizes for different H/S brass.
  7. First off we are an ICORE club. 2nd, This match is run under the ICORE rules, mostly. Where we differ is that we use one target sometimes that the headshead does not like or approve,aka the infamous spinner. Also under special catagories we have senior, super senior, and super dooper senior, Law enforcement has been changed to 1st Responders, 3rd, We use the 4 main divisions, Classic, Limited, Limited 6, and Open only and these are all shot heads up in each division, no a,b,c,d,m, or gm so no sandbag or grandbags, LOL This is usually 8-10 stages with 250 to 300 min round count. Lunch is served after the match with awards. All stages shot in one day. The steel match the day before is used as a warm up for the match and we feed you after that match also. Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all divisions along with the special cats Limited random draw prize table, but there is usually some cash with the division awards. In the past EVERY shooter has been able to walk the prize table. We have water at every stage, and we have snacks available all during the match ,such as nuts, granola bars, fresh fruit and fruit cups
  8. Just putting this out there for you to put on your calendar for next spring.
  9. Not "new" ones, it has always been kind of a tradition to run four classifiers on Thursday or Friday before the IRC for a couple of reasons, if you were an unclassified shooter to get classified and most used it for practice or a warmup for the IRC.
  10. Bruce, forgive me if I'm wrong or I read or misunderstood how the schedules were laid out , or perhaps this is the way all of the L2 and L3 matches are run, but for myself, I did not care for the shoot half the match one day and the 2nd half the next. I would have preferred to shoot two guns and complete the match all on the same day and come back the next day with two more and do the same thing, but that's just me.
  11. They are just like what you were complaining about with the midwest regional stand in this box and shoot then stand in this box and shoot, looked like about 3/4 of the stages were going to be like that.
  12. You are making an assumption that they do not have enough other bays, which may not be the case, the other bays may just to small for OL and SO. That was my problem, I have 16 competition bays and 5 practice bays to use but we had to enlarge two of the bays to fit OL and SO .
  13. The rebound springs you have will work ok in the 617. The main spring I am using is just the standard wolf reduced spring. I believe that the rebound, and main springs will work across the board for k,l and n frames.
  14. For what it's worth, I tried the mass driver and could not get it to work for me.Along with stoning and polishing, I am using the stock hammer, an .500 long firing pin, a 13 lb rebound spring, and a wolf reduced main spring. I also use an 8 by 32 by 1/2 inch long set screw with blue loctite, in place of the factory strain screw. My trigger pull weight is 7 1/2 to 7 3/4 pounds, and I can live with that. AZ Shooter is using the mass driver with good success in his 617 I believe. I would expect Steve to answer here shortly about his set up.
  15. At the World Shoot in 2014 at St. George this was a demo stage that SCSA was trying or looking at, I don't know what or why their decision was but must have decided against it.
  16. It looks like half the match is for trying out new classifiers.
  17. When the cylinder is open and you are loading it, too much pressure on the cylinder and it wants to come out. The yoke screw is what is holding it in place and is being hammered back and forth causing that dimple. It also will happen if the yoke screw is a bit loose. This is one reason that I like to reload strong hand and not weak hand. The newer yoke screws are spring loaded on the tip to save $ on fitting and assembly back at the mother ship. The older ones were solid and fit better with no movement and you didn't see this happening as much back then.
  18. I would use MOJO, Joe's work is awsome and the prices are pretty damn good.
  19. I have all 8 stages at my range and they are all set with a laser, so it really isn't a problem for me, I would like to see a few new stages added just for variation.
  20. I am curious as to why you couldn't use the existing plates? The plates used are the same size and dimensions as what is used in the other stages of steel challenge, to scale down the plates would just be at different distances, closer to the shooter, than in the full sized versions. Just make sure that everything is still at safe shooting distances away for the shooter.
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