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PPQ Q5 SF Quick Ship Holsters?


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I just got my Q5SF and want to shoot my local USPSA march next Sunday....but don’t have a holster yet.  The clock is ticking on a short week...


Do you know who has anything in stock that can ship tomorrow?


I think the only options are:


- Veil Solutions/Walther site - unclear if in stock and Walther is very slow to ship 

- Comp Tac - 9 day mfg lead time

- Red Hill - 30 day mfg lead time

- Dara - least favorite option but maybe 3 days lead time


Doesnt look like there’s web shops have any Q5SF stuff in stock (no surprise there).  


Thanks for the advice or tips!


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43 minutes ago, Chrome308 said:

Dara shipped to my doorstep 4 days from my order, and it came already cut for an optic.  Also I really like their paddle option.


It sits in a drawer now since my Red Hill competition holster finally arrived.


Thanks!  Does the dara come with a drop offset option?


24 minutes ago, PokerNGuns said:

Call Bill @MasterTac .thats a pretty crunch time limit but good option for SF holster may be worth a shot 


Will try - I think I may end up missing this months shoot...

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On 7/15/2019 at 1:27 PM, BartCarter said:

From my Comp-Tac on-line order to my house, 4 days.  Guess they are now fully stocked.

Same for me. Ordered the gun from Bud's and Comp-Tac holster last Wed. Holster arrived Monday, super quality with 3 attachment options. Gun still hasn't shipped. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

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