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  1. With a dot, I don’t look for holes. I look for dot movement indicating recoil and commit the last dot position as the presumed hit location and keep going. Watching for impacts is slow. Try to use sight picture and shot execution to call your shots as much as possible. If you catch some visual sign of impact, thats a bonus, but don’t reply on it and don’t wait for it.
  2. Tried the glass bead blaster on a very caked up brake mount for a suppressor on my DMR and it worked like a charm. +1 to glass bead blasting.
  3. Can anybody weigh an aluminum plate on a scale for me? (preferably not the RMR one)
  4. Well then Walther gave me the wrong plates, because my SF’s adapeter plates are heavy steel. On the plus side, much harder to strip out than soft aluminum. I’m curious where you read the SF got aluminum plates?
  5. I believe its a tiny torx. If the one I have says the size, its a font too small for my eyes to read. Make sure you apply a lot of downward pressure to avoid stripping it. I think there is some thread locker on those screws.
  6. Polarization cuts some glare that bounces off flat surfaces at a ~45 degree angle. Its an interesting effect how light gets polarized in that situation, worth some offline reading sometime. Its nice to have for driving, and foliage can look differently with polarization, but I don’t think its a factor at all for irons.
  7. LOKs are split in two, and milled on the inside. Definitely harder to fill, but not impossible. The Walther grip flat on the inside and hollow at the back.
  8. LOK Grips just arrived and I hit them with a dremmel to better fit my fingers on the left side. They're thin (hollow) on the backside, so you'd want to fill them with some epoxy or Acraglas before doing more taking much material out of them. They're also entirely hollow under the backstrap, but split in two and they would be more tricky if you wanted to use them as a base to make a smaller backstrap grip versus the stock grips.
  9. Put some electrical tap on that spot (or just bite the bullet and hit it with a dremmel). Trust me your skin will toughen up if you practice with it regularly and for a long time.
  10. Auto bright normally for indoors or dryfire at home, but in bright sunlight at matches I usually run manually 1 click up from the auto bright setting.
  11. LOK Grips is making grips now. I should have some in a week or so, which I’ll be modifying for fit instead of destroying the stock grips.
  12. You’ll get a callus or scar there if you shoot enough. I don’t notice it after the first week. Walther should have beveled the edge.
  13. Ahh good, something I can cut up and modify instead of messing up the factory grips!
  14. Stock springs seem to work in my gun down to about 130pf, below that you need a reduced power spring. After some testing I settled on ~125pf 147gr FN loads with titegroup, which seemed to have the least subjective recoil of the various bullets and powers I tested. Model Gun: Q5 SF Bullet Weight: Precision Delta 147 FN Power Factor: 125 (tested) Encountering Issues: None Recoil Spring: SpringCo White (~13 lbs)
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