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  1. Check out "SureShotNW" on facebook. great quality, great price and lots of options.
  2. I've seen many different variations on changing the spring. what setup did you go with?
  3. Search for SureshotNW on facebook. They make the best Q5SF holsters.
  4. Try increasing the trigger pull weight to 3.5lbs
  5. Anyone have pictures looking into the magwell of the Q5 SF pro model? Im wondering how smooth the transition from magwell to frame is.
  6. I've been seeing the same thing. I currently have close to 5k+ rounds with an Elftman AR9 trigger and my firing pin looks great.
  7. What Primers are you guys using who are breaking firing pins under 2000 rounds?
  8. As much as it sucks, DQ. The rules are there to prevent injuries. hopefully she never does it again
  9. using a red dot to shoot pcc for the past few months has helped me shot pistol with both eyes open. not sure why, but it works.
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