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  1. I think two factors as to the life of firing pins may be choice of trigger and lower. Really hard to believe any one firing pin will last in any combination. Of course certain engineering principles need to be in place, like no sharp corners, etc.
  2. I saw PCC times listed on the IDPA website in the 5 X 5 classifier. Am I right that PCC can classify in the 5 X 5? We are having a classifier this weekend and they are talking about putting on a different, longer range PCC classifier.
  3. This is typical of the thumb against the slide release when shooting. At the range, you probably do not have the same movement you have at a match. The slide release needs very little pressure to keep the slide from locking back. Ask me how I know.
  4. Does anyone have the Walther part numbers for the "updated" extractors and springs? Walther factory claims there are no such things.
  5. Just talked to Walther, they claim there is no "new" extractor spring. Can you possibly provide the Walther new spring part number?
  6. Why the need for the 6# Glock striker spring?
  7. Why the need for the 6# Glock striker spring?
  8. So, what is not acceptable? Failure in 150 rounds? Failure in 100 rounds? 2 or 3 failures in a match? I have had 3 in one match. So, no mention of the "new walther extractor spring"? This is not acceptable. There is probably some sort of tolerance stacking, but it seems that some of us are on the the wrong end of it. Walther can easily see the problem by shooting AL cased ammo, but will not do it. Why would any pistol not shoot AL or steel cased ammo, if needed?
  9. Ran 2 matches this weekend. Normal cleaning on the first match, one failure to extract. Deeper cleaning on the second match, including firing pin channel, extractor, etc., two failure to extract. I had Keith White's extractor spring. I am going to put the factory extractor spring back in, shoot enough rounds (all I use is factory ammo) to get a feel of when FTEs occur and call Walther service.
  10. Keep us informed. If you can get some results from Walther, there is hope for the rest of us. I have many PPQs, none of which have ever had a problem. The fact that non-factory modifications are needed to make some of the SFs run is not right, especially at their price point. I don't use anything but factory approved ammo and I still have the problems. I shoot with some SF owners that have had to do nothing to theirs and they run fine.
  11. Exactly the same with my SF. I have tried the stronger ejector spring, cleaning religiously, different ammo and different recoil springs. Once or twice a match (about 200 rounds) failure to eject. At this point I feel there may be a stacking of tolerances on some pistols that can't be fixed and should be replaced. But good luck to us.
  12. Keith, Thanks for the write-up. I have been thinking quite a while about getting one of these, and now, because of this write-up, I'm going to do it.
  13. And where are you getting small pistol primers lately?
  14. Would this not be under warranty? Walther would just probably send you one.
  15. The trouble with specs on a rifle is that they are usually built to specific ammo.
  16. The Endo mag is not a Glock type of mag. It is an AR 5.56 mag with an insert that allows it to be used in a AR lower with 9mm uppers. There is a version for the CMMG RDB that doesn't have the ejector on the mag. The CMMG Glock lowers do not use Endo mags. The CMMG RDB uppers use AR 5.56 lowers when paired with the Endo mags.
  17. I don't believer he uses wave springs any longer.
  18. Lock the slide back Make sure the gun is empty Rotate the take-down lever Release the slide lock Press the trigger Slide the slide forward
  19. I have built 2 AR9s using the Spikes lower. Highly recommend.
  20. Blazer Brass and Speer Lawman both have total metal jacket bullets. Does anyone know if these are both good to go as far as their copper coverage?
  21. Already saved as a favorite. So much easier. Thanks
  22. Interesting that the flat wire recoil spring won't run. Wonder why. Standard buffer? So hydraulic buffers are out?
  23. I have an extra hour or two. Be glad to help.
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