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  1. One that works well for Steel Challenge and IDPA CO. Only legal for OPEN in USPSA. Next post is the Wife's. Can only upload 1.95 meg to a post.
  2. Let's see, PM-9, Valor-9, RO-9 and Silverback -9. They all run my 147gr. 1.148" DG FLATPOINTS 100%, and have for some years. The KEY, is Tripp Cobra 10 rd. mags with good springs! 100 % means USPSA and IDPA, not just standing on a square range.
  3. Weight shouldn't be an issue. My Wife's comes in at 42.9oz with LOK grips, Tripp 10 rd mag, and a Fusion STEEL magwell. The Dawson is aluminum so you save some weight there.
  4. So...you used a normal round wire 13# 1911 spring but had to cut it down and you gained how many total oz. over the ZR and flatwire spring? I wonder when someone is going to make a guiderod from depleted uranium for the 320 now. We should gain a couple more oz. over tungsten that way also. lol
  5. Yes. if you're shooting a 1911 single stack, you're in ESP, CCP, CDP or CO anyway and they all follow ESP rules.
  6. your Warthog is GTG in BUG if it makes weight and fit's the box.
  7. since the round dumping rule went bye bye, so did the 9+1 loadout advantage. And there's always a chance of steel..that may require that 11th round anyway.
  8. I'll raise ya. 9mm DW Valor frame and internals. Remsport forged slide. DW ECO slide stop. Wilson short trigger and Dawson magwell. My IDPA CO for 2020.
  9. Did you try it yet? My SF ran perfect at last Sundays match with the 13# 1911 spring shooting 130 PF 147gr coated lead. It's now got 2000 malfunction free rounds using that setup.
  10. or go for the Specialist which comes with a rail, AND a magwell. I've shot mine in SS and CDP. Makes weight, just. Use a 14lb. recoil spring. OEM is 17.5lb.
  11. Which, combined with 25 shipping, is nuts! Does anyone think it's ESP legal? I've been told that without the blue button it measures .223 from the frame.
  12. I'm glad your solution has worked for you. It hasn't for others.
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