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  1. I bought my SF for USPSA CO but have used it with the 15 round mags and a TF magwell in IDPA. The magwell lessens the "short grip" sensation that some get. I have rather small male hands so running the SF with no magwell and the TF +6 extensions doesn't bother me. I've mounted a FTP Alpha 3 RDS 8moa on it which I like a lot coming from Burris and Vortex. The SF needs some spring tuning of the trigger and recoil springs to be really "competition ready" and that does add some time and cost to what is an already expensive striker pistol, but the build quality is there to make it worthwhile. Mines almost new and has only about 1500 malfunction free rounds thru it.
  2. I have either a Caspian steel framed RO Compact or a DW ECO to use in CCP. The steel frame RO is nicer to shoot but it took some creativity to make the 38oz. weight limit with a magwell. For BUG, I shoot my EDC which is a Sig 938. A similar MOA to the others. FOR ESP and CO, it's a 5" 1911. CDP is a 45 5"1911. The HOT 1911 CCP setup would be a DW PM-C. If you can find one. I don't like my plastic guns anymore either and I DID just get a Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame for USPSA CO so I can be done getting forced into OPEN with my 10 round optic 1911!
  3. Thanks. That helps explain why the "shortest" in you list are my "go to" for loading 147gr coated. I had the same issue as the OP at one time with CBC. Loaded, crimped bullets simply fell out when they hit the catch box. S&B, WCC, Win NT Fed NT and WMA go into the circular file when I sort by headstamp.
  4. I used a ZR guiderod that I drilled a 1/8" hole into the center. I'm using a 13# Wilson flatwire 5" 1911 spring. it runs my 130 PF handloads perfect with no issues whatsoever over 1K rounds. I know you asked about the OEM guiderod, but I thought I'd mention, just in case.
  5. ZF guiderod with a 1/8" hole drilled in the rear center will accept a 13# Wilson Flatwire recoil spring from a 5" 1911. Runs my 130 PF handloads perfect. No malfunctions in 1000 rounds in my SF.
  6. For the $$, I'll second the Comp Tac International. Comes with an assortment of belt attatchments at no extra charge.
  7. You'll need a RTS 2 C-more plate I think. At least you will with the Sig MAX. Shooters Connection, Alpha Dynamics. But with the Sig Max or FTP Alpha 3, you'll need to mill a smidge from the slide in front of the plate.
  8. IDPA is 10 rounds yes. But with the TF magwell you need the TF or some other? thick basepads to make even the OEM 15 round mag long enough to easily seat.
  9. It's getting closer to September.....waiting....
  10. turns out I don't need the reduced power striker spring. Stock works fine with my 130PF handloads and the ZR hole modified guiderod with a Wilson 13# flatwire spring.
  11. "Drill a 1/8" hole in a ZR guiderod and use a Wilson 13# flatwire spring from their 5" 1911 kit. My SF runs 130PF ammo perfectly with this. Credit goes to "imaoldfart on the Walther forum. Edit to add that you maybe don't need the hole in the polymer gun.
  12. My Q5SF is barely a month old. Before I even went to the range the first time I had: installed both Sprinco springs, installed a " keithwhite100" extractor spring, and installed a ZR guiderod with a 1/8" X 1/8" hole drilled into the center. On top is a non captured Wilson 5" 1911 flatwire 13# spring. The gun runs superbly. The mags wobble but do not hit the slide anywhere. I have now about 450 total rounds thru it including one local USPSA CO match. I'm using Taylor Freelance +6 extensions which give me 21 without a barney. Mine was NOT the "Match" version. I got the TF magwell and some TF slam pads in case I want to run it in IDPA CO. It' fits the IDPA box in this configuration and weighs in at exactly 44oz. with a Viper. I have not had ONE malfunction of any kind in the rounds I've shot as configured. I DO need to do something about the funky plastic trigger safety. As mentioned, anything less than a textbook perfect pull can result in no bang. That's the only thing, in my opinion, left to mod. And to decide if I'm going SRO or DPP to replace the Viper that came off my S&W Victory. I need to get behind one of each of those first, but I'm up in the sticks of Vt. and don't know anyone with either one. Oh yeah. My rounds are 147gr. DG FP's over 3.2gr of VV N-320 @ 1.148". They run about 880-900 thru the SF perfectly.
  13. I've been really disappointed in the QC control coming from Sig lately and the frequency of the "latest" model obsolescence.
  14. I'm interested in this technique even tho my SF has yet to arrive. I'm used to std. thickness grips on a 1911 and I have smaller male hands. Could you provide a bit more detail on your process?
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