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  1. Contact Walther. They’ll probably send you a new one.
  2. thx1138jt

    Q5 SF Lok grips

    I have thin bogies. Don’t miss the hump. Have small hands as well.
  3. What trigger bar modifications are needed ?
  4. @shred wouldn’t creating a new category be easier than changing an existing one then having to move threads around? Create a new one category, leave the current Walther threads where they are and use links where needed.
  5. While I am willing to pay $20 a year, hell I would pay $50 a year for this site, it is not a good solution. What got me to the site at first place is the wealth of information available and accessible. It would be difficult to get new users/members to join if payment is required before hand. Banner ads could work, or why not have a yearly donation drive ala Wikipedia? $5, $10, $20 from decent number of member should cover cost.
  6. True. This would make big mag release legal for IDPA. Good.
  7. This. Quite a bit of activities compared to some of the other brands.
  8. What PF loads are your shooting? @highhope
  9. I think “elite” in qianrcx1231991 post just mean they are successful in their profession. Not necessarily elites in economic or social status. I know Chinese shooters, no different than any other guys that love shooting sports.
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