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  1. Walther did release the Expert version of SF. It is not available in the US due to liability reasons, no trigger safety. But the extended mag release was not on on it.
  2. Walther did release “Expert” version of the SF. https://www.carl-walther.com/products/defense-guns/pistols/2840766.html But the extended mag release is not used for some reason. Hope they change.
  3. Walther just came out with an extended mag release, part #2841541. https://www.carl-walther.com/products/defense-guns/accessories/2841541.html Is this SSP legal? Far as I know it has not been released on a factory gun.
  4. Why not just get a generic fit anything holster and shoot the match? As long as it covers the trigger and meet the other rules.
  5. Walther Q5 Match SF if you stay with striker gun Tanfo Limited Pro if you want DA/SA STI Marauder if you go 2011
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to your update.
  7. @Xav91 Wondering how your new plastic guides worked out. Did it solve the issue?
  8. If you plan to shoot IDPA too then LimPro. S II overweight.
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