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  1. I had same issues. From my experience to get the gun to run better, 1. Keith’s extra power spring 2. Frequent cleaning. SF does not like to run dirty. Unlike the G34 I used to run which I can go a few range trips and matches without cleaning, SF needs a good cleaning just about every trip 3. Picky for ammo. I’ve had good luck with Federal black box 115’s and Syntech 150’s. Syntech have issue once a while not locking slide open after last round but otherwise runs ok
  2. Contact Walther. They’ll probably send you a new one.
  3. I have thin bogies. Don’t miss the hump. Have small hands as well.
  4. What trigger bar modifications are needed ?
  5. @shred wouldn’t creating a new category be easier than changing an existing one then having to move threads around? Create a new one category, leave the current Walther threads where they are and use links where needed.
  6. While I am willing to pay $20 a year, hell I would pay $50 a year for this site, it is not a good solution. What got me to the site at first place is the wealth of information available and accessible. It would be difficult to get new users/members to join if payment is required before hand. Banner ads could work, or why not have a yearly donation drive ala Wikipedia? $5, $10, $20 from decent number of member should cover cost.
  7. True. This would make big mag release legal for IDPA. Good.
  8. This. Quite a bit of activities compared to some of the other brands.
  9. What PF loads are your shooting? @highhope
  10. I think “elite” in qianrcx1231991 post just mean they are successful in their profession. Not necessarily elites in economic or social status. I know Chinese shooters, no different than any other guys that love shooting sports.
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