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  1. BartCarter

    Removing the bolt weight

    Curious, what buffer are you using?
  2. BartCarter

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Well, my thought has always been that a spring should handle the buffer movement and have enough recoil to reliably chamber the next round. The carbine springs have always done that for me.
  3. BartCarter

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    As of Monday, the 15th, Bryan told me the upgraded spring he is sending me is the carbine spring, not the .308 spring.
  4. BartCarter

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Kynshot hydraulic buffers come in different offerings, light to heavy. Bryan at NoKick works directly with Kynshot. He recommended the 5005 (for a 308) for my Guard, but does not have hands-on experience with the Guard. He said that a 9mm needs a more robust buffer, even the Guard. I had a light, (5000L) which I sent back (hydraulic leak) and still have a .556 (5000). I'll probably test the 5005 when it arrives and the 5000 to see the differences. If I like the 5005 most, I'll put the 5000 in one of my .556's. I have been using carbine buffer springs and they seem to be fine, but was told that I might need to go to a 308 buffer spring. CMMG now uses a carbine spring in their 9mm Guards. I will probably test all combinations to see which one has less muzzle movement and go with that combination. After all, I don't find any 9mm recoil a problem. The last couple of matches I have been using the CMMG buffer and it seems to be just fine. I know the Blitzkrieg was designed specifically for 9mm blowback ARs, but no LRBHO with a Guard unless you go with an A5 buffer tube. That's why I am going with the normal Kynshot carbine lengths.
  5. BartCarter

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Well, shame on me. My bolt really needed a thorough cleaning. Ran a match last night and it was flawless. So, more bolt cleaning for me. Also, I did call CMMG to see if they had advice on this. They are sending me their updated ejector and buffer springs. I asked and the new buffer spring for 9mm Guard is now a .556 carbine spring.
  6. BartCarter

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    I milled the top front half 0.038" and the entire length of the bottom 0.110".
  7. BartCarter

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Did you get to test this out yet? I had my first failure to eject in a match this weekend. I have at least 6,000 rounds through my Guard. I am going to disassemble my bolt and give it a good cleaning. I admit that I have not disassembled the extractor or ejector for cleaning before, hope that is all it is.
  8. BartCarter

    Best PCC trigger?

    It works for me too. In fact, in every PCC trigger thread I have ever seen (a bunch) I have never seen one POF problem.
  9. Just talked with KynSHOT and Nokick. I was using the 5000L, which is lighter than the regular .556, but now going in the opposite direction with the .308 carbine hydraulic, 5005. Will report back after I install.
  10. So, what hydro buffer are you using with the Guard? The Blitzkrieg is 4" and the Guard buffer is 3.25". Or do you use a rifle length stock plus something else? I have been using a 3.25 KynSHOT buffer. And there are different choices there too.
  11. BartCarter

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    The new Competition Ready MPX is supposed to come with a longer, thinner, lighter handguard, true 16" barrel, recoil reducing comp, improved piston system, new stock, improved charging handle, different grip angle and a 4.5 lbTimney trigger specifically designed for the MPX. This was announced in the May NRA show, but still isn't for sale that I can find. Would this be the Gen 3?
  12. BartCarter

    Multiple sights on PCC

    Can't wait to try this on a close start from the hip. ?
  13. BartCarter

    PCC technique

    At about 31 seconds on the 1st video, Max was completely outside the course line with one foot and lifted up that foot and fired. Never seen that before. Looks like something I might want to try for a hard lean. ?
  14. BartCarter

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    Would a match director in IDPA be able to make you shoot one handed in a match? I know there is strong hand and week hand defined, but could the say to shoot with one hand only?
  15. BartCarter

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    Just posted in the IDPA forum about this. So, can you start with your laser and then transition to your optic on the same stage? Or do you have to shoot what you start with? I couldn't find anything in the rules that would not permit it.