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  1. Yeah, the guys with the $5,000 open guns hate it when a $600 PCC betters their scores.
  2. BartCarter

    Colt Mag seating

    On the 32's, if you download 1 or 3 rounds, they should seat on a closed bolt. (gives you an odd number of rounds and less spring tension.) If not, there is probably a different problem that needs to be taken care of.
  3. BartCarter

    Colt Mag seating

    I was talking about standard capacity 32 round magazines.
  4. BartCarter

    Colt Mag seating

    From a post I made back in April:
  5. BartCarter

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    This is Blitzkrieg's HD setup (RB5015HD)
  6. BartCarter

    Best PCC trigger?

    Christmas special from POF: POF Trigger Sale I have used these in many guns. (I prefer the curved trigger, also on sale.)
  7. BartCarter

    holo 510C or MRO

    How is this measured? Center of glass above Picatinny rail?
  8. BartCarter

    9mm barrels

    Works for Max Leograndis.
  9. Anything that is pinned/welded to a barrel that makes the barrel 16 inches is legal. I weld up solid rounds to tubes to make linear comps in order to be legal.
  10. BartCarter

    New Sig MPX ?

    Next shipment? Quantity?
  11. BartCarter

    New Sig MPX ?

    Looks like the typical "we don't have it yet, but will sometime in the future, so sign up so we can sell it as soon as they are shipping to dealers" ploy. Anyone know what these will weigh?
  12. BartCarter

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials for PCC's?

    Can you share the diameter of your suppressor and what handguard did you use?
  13. BartCarter

    Debating a new PCC

    My Vortex Venom battery has been in since May, weekend matches, classes and practice. I turn it on during my safety check and off at the end of the match. Supposed to last at least 150 hours on highest setting.
  14. BartCarter

    How common are broken AR9mm firing pins

    Do these have some kind of warranty?
  15. BartCarter

    How common are broken AR9mm firing pins

    So, it seems that firing pins will break and the only consideration is how long your personal setup will last. Maybe looking through these posts will help people decide. Personally, my CMMG Guard seems to be immune from this. Have any other Guard users had a firing pin problem? On my CMMG Colt, my original firing pin looked like it was taking some hits after about 4,000 rounds and I replaced it. Have not shot it much after getting the Guard.