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  1. Federal has a current rebate for Blazer: $1.00 for every 50 rounds, up to $400.00. Now is the time to buy.
  2. Holdover, weak side lean w/ transfer, rare use of laser works for me too. Your holdover should be parallel to the sight/barrel, so look for the angle that you would be holding the PCC to judge that.
  3. Found it. They call it Blazer Clean Fire. AL case and TMJ bullet. 124 gr is about 1090 ft/sec. Found it at about 23 cents a round.
  4. Blazer lists its 9mm as FMJ, which is full metal jacket. They also refer to TMJ (encased-core full jacket) but I can't find that in 9mm. I would certainly like to find TMJ at a reasonable price. Blazer gives a velocity of 1145 ft/sec out of a 4 inch barrel.
  5. How about Kynshot? They make the Blitzkrieg. They also make the standard size AR buffer that you can just add a 3/4 spacer behind the spring. Many use the Kynshot instead of the Blitzkrieg.
  6. The design of the Guard lower seats the Glock mags is the correct position for the barrel and bolt. After building many PCCs, I feel this is one of the Guard's best features. I would never build another Guard without using the Guard lower. My Guard runs 100%. Maybe 12,000 rounds now. I did have to replace my ejector spring and extractor recently, so I am planning on some preventative maintenance in the future. The Guard buffer and spring run fine, but I prefer the Kynshot buffer.
  7. I run 32 rounds in my Colt or Glock mags. 20 rounders as backups or for "special" conditions. I'm not good enough to worry about running out, I just drop and insert.
  8. The MFT Minimalist is perfect for me. The shape fits well into my shoulder/chest and it does not slide around. I was always taught to bring a rifle slightly out and back into position so nothing rubs or catches. I don't want it sliding at all.
  9. How many rounds until you see a change?
  10. I have used both CMMG and Spikes Tactical lowers. Both work well. The Spikes is more complete.
  11. If you load an odd number of rounds in a Colt mag, the magazine catch doesn't hit on a round, making it harder to catch. I usually load a full 32 rounds for my initial mag and release the bolt to chamber the 1st round. My reloads are all odd number of rounds.
  12. There is a large school of thought that you see the target, obtain your natural point of aim, confirm your sights and press. You do not follow your front sight out to the target. This is what I am now working on and I really like it. How many times have you drawn and during the end of your press out you have a little too much "slack out" and you fire? Then are amazed how accurate the shot is.
  13. I know my holds and when I do a walk through, I plan on where to place my dot. Place the dot, press the trigger. Simple.
  14. I have well over 10K rounds through a POF curved. Great feel and I like the 4.5 lb pull. Some like a lighter trigger.
  15. Yeah, the guys with the $5,000 open guns hate it when a $600 PCC betters their scores.
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