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  1. Glad to see you now know where your offsets are. Good shooting.
  2. Your calculations seem to be way off. No way you are going to be 6 inches off at 1 meter. Closer to 2 inches. 5 meters should be close to 1.7 and 10 meters close to .8 inches.
  3. Same experience with all my PCC and 556 builds. Maybe 10 built using the POF trigger. Crisp break and reset. Short reset. I think my choice of the 4.5 lb version is good for a PCC or rifle, even in competition.
  4. Finally tried the 40 rounders. $18 at Botach. Arrived 2 days after order sent. 124s and 147s ran without any problems loaded to 40 rounds. I was surprised that you could load 40 rounds on a closed bolt. The only problem was that with 6 magazines, only one would drop free. Has anyone found a solution to this?
  5. I went to a pre-Shot Show event yesterday at Pro-Gun Club in Boulder, NV. Headed right to the Walther booth, and there they were, the new Q4 in optic plate and iron sight configurations.I have shot Walthers for a number of years, being attracted to their paddle magazine releases and their triggers. I was fine with poly until someone talked me into trying the Q5 steel frame. I have been shooting it for a few months now and am really spoiled.When I picked up the Q4 SF, it had all the ergonomics and balance of the Q5 SF. They somehow have the weight distribution well thought out like the Q5 because it seemed as though I was shooting the 5". Maybe eliminating those lightening cuts did it. The recoil and muzzle flip seemed minimal, the dot staying in the Vortex Venom window and coming right back on target. Thank you TPC!Same grip as the 5". The grip is really nice, but just a little to big for me. On my 5" I went with LOK thin grips and clearanced them for my thumb to hit the mag release without having to change my grip. I will do the same for the 4".The 4" has what they call a "duty-optimized" beaver tail. It gives a higher purchase for better recoil control over a poly. And because it is shorter, I think it will carry better in a holster or for CCW than the 5". It is more rounded than a poly, so it fits the web of my hand better.So, the Q4 SF in not available yet, but I'll be buying one as soon as they are available. I'm going with the skinny adaptor plate with the Shield RMSc instead of milling my own, like I usually do. I'm thinking of using the Q4 for competition and carry. Looks like it would be fine for both.Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Walther and have never received anything of value from Walther. They just work for me.
  6. Me too. Have shot poly for years, but first time I shot a SF, I as hooked.
  7. As promised, here are a couple of pics. I put pressure right above the pivot pin. Line everything up 1st and then a light press and the pin slips right in. I am using Knipex parallel pliers with no teeth, just a flat, straight surface. There are other pliers out there, but I like the range of adjustment with the Knipex. You can probably rig something up with other pliers and something to protect the surfaces.
  8. No insert or o-ring is the installed preference for certain extra power extractor spring providers like Tubbs. But the instructions for BCM does not state that, only that the o-ring is optional.
  9. I am just leaving to test my changes. Will post a picture when I clean tonight.
  10. I have a set of parallel, flat faced pliers. They have proven to be invaluable working with guns. I no longer drive pins in with a hammer and punch. I press them in with the pliers. The pliers made installing my BCM extractor spring very easy. (Thanks MM for the info on that.) I imagine that you could use tape to protect parts with regular pliers.
  11. MM, what current buffer/spring setup have you found works best for you? Is this adjusted for your reloads?
  12. Pistols and PCC are defined differently. If you have an AR pistol and it conforms to all pistol rules, you probably can. Is there a rule that braces cannot be used with pistols or a specific barrel length? What defines a pistol and what modifications can be done?
  13. Did you just use the black extractor insert and not the O ring?
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