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  1. I like my Comp-Tac International holster, good price, fast shipping, quality holster
  2. Isn't IDPS only 10 rounds anyway? Basepads not needed.
  3. I put my flag in my pocket and take it out of the pocket. I can't really see anything easier.
  4. So I am assuming the bolt weight is about 3.5 oz. (CMMG is 3.46 oz for the weight plus the pin) that you removed. That would make the overall weight change of 2 oz less. So, three questions: 1. Would a buffer of 4.5 oz accomplish the same thing? 2. Isn't it the total weight of bolt plus buffer that should be measured? 3. For final tuning, would it be better to get a tuneable buffer with different weights (AL, steel and tungsten) to finalize what is best for a shooter?
  5. From my Comp-Tac on-line order to my house, 4 days. Guess they are now fully stocked.
  6. I think with red dots, that is no longer an advantage. The only advantage I can think of is the stability in holding the gun steady.
  7. I use Eezox. A dry lube. On my pistols, rifles, magazines.
  8. My friend couldn't use a normal red dot with his glasses. The Vortex Spitfire fixed that for him.
  9. FYI, I shoot PCC and CO. I load all my magazines the night before, not reloading during the match. I only do 1 walk through. I shoot back-to-back, so I am the shooter and on-deck at the same time. I believe I take less time than two shooters and do more than my share of pasting, timing or scoring. Anyone that doesn't help with pasting should be called out. The foolish part is not getting after the slackers, not letting a guy shoot two guns.
  10. Does Colt sell select fire SMGs? Now that would be cool.
  11. You need to download the Colt mags to an odd number of rounds. That will allow the mag catch to engage the mag window. Learned this from an experienced SMG shooter.
  12. One thing I like about my 9mm guard is the ridge that is manufactured in the lower. The magazines are inserted at the exact needed height for proper functioning in the guard. I would not do another guard without their lower.
  13. If that works every time for you, good. I discovered that loading an odd number of rounds positions the rounds better at the mag catch for easier loading.
  14. Yes! Someone please delete all the information about what shoots better with the different combinations and followup advice. Just give a yes or no to "Are shooters having trouble with the Blitz. or not?".
  15. This has been on my mind. I bought some 500 round packs a few months ago listed as Blazer Brass FMJ. I took out the bullet and guess what - the bullet is actually TMJ, not FMJ. So now I have 2500 rounds of TMJ I didn't know about!
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