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  1. BartCarter

    which Scabbard for PCC ?

    Well said. I have seen competitors do this and I have cautioned them about it. Should not happen if you are muzzle aware.
  2. BartCarter

    which Scabbard for PCC ?

    Here is the one I use. I have two, one for Glock, one for Colt, different colors. Several of my friends have bought them after seeing mine and like them. Can't go wrong for the price. My scabbard choice One thing about carrying, there is a weight imbalance due to the weight distribution and length of our PCCs. You either have to use the snap strap that is designed to go around the PCC grip or carry muzzle down. When I use the shoulder strap, I manage the PCC with my hand, as I would any shouldered rifle. Good habit to have. One of my friends moved the shoulder strap, but I would never count on this as an absolute to prevent shifting.
  3. BartCarter

    How to Determine Best LOP for an AR9 PCC?

    I like my nose close to the charging handle, but not touching it. I just adjust a stock for what clothing I am wearing. This gives me a consistent LOP with whatever I am using.
  4. BartCarter

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    You mean like a genuine Colt spacer to be used with a carbine buffer tube and a 5.56 size (3.25") buffer? Here you go: Colt 9mm receiver extension spacer
  5. BartCarter

    Firing pin compatibility

    Are not the firing pin retainers just standard AR parts?
  6. BartCarter

    What laser for your PCC

    If you ever offer your internal for a Walther PPQ, I know where you can sell 5 of them.
  7. BartCarter

    Colt mag tuning?

    No, the feeding block. The barrel should have a chamfer to help, but it is not like the feeding ramp (block).
  8. BartCarter

    Colt mag tuning?

    Yes, followed and loved your thread. One of the best things I got out of it was the differences you found and how you overcame them. It added to my knowledge of PCCs and what you can do with them.
  9. BartCarter

    Colt mag tuning?

    I agree, but have found it is easier to contour the feed ramp than to work over a bunch of mags. Now I can use any Colt mag and not worry.
  10. BartCarter

    Colt mag tuning?

    I have run across this problem with more than one Colt PCC. The solution for me has always been to contour the feed ramp. Now I do this as part of a PCC build. Some of the rounds will hit the bottom of the feed ramp that is not ramped and kick up. Look at the bottom of the ramp and see if you can tell it is being struck by the bullet. It should be easy to see where it is being hit. I have found rounds in Colt mags mayh nose up or down depending how many rounds are loaded. You can file or Dremel the ramp down at the flat part. Then polish it. I also use Eezox as a dry lube in my PCCs and it works great. Easier to keep clean and is a great lube. If you use it, be sure to use it on the feed ramp also, which would ordinarily be tough to oil. Hope this helps.
  11. BartCarter

    Have you seen the MEAN Arms Endomag yet?

    I wonder if it will eliminate complaints about using stick Glock and Colt mags. Not always, but feeding, LRBHO, etc.
  12. BartCarter

    Have you seen the MEAN Arms Endomag yet?

    World of difference, you will never load by hand again after using this.
  13. BartCarter

    Have you seen the MEAN Arms Endomag yet?

    So, looking at this, it really seems slick. It replaces a dedicated Colt type lower or insert. The ejector and feed ramp is in the magazine insert. I guess making it work with a CMMG Guard would depend where the ammo sits when loaded.
  14. BartCarter

    Best Offset Optics Mount

    I just switch to left handed.
  15. BartCarter

    Sight in distance for PCC

    I agree. You should know hold overs anyway. They certainly aren't difficult.