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Landing in L.A. with regular rifle and Hi Cap mags (rifle + pistol)

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Hi all !


Need your help here.

I'm a foreigner, going to shoot a match in Nevada.

Flights to Los Angeles are 1/3rd the price than to Vegas.

Travelling with a regular PCC rifle (with pistol grip, threaded barrel, etc...), hi cap magazines + 2011-type pistols with 19 & 21 rounds magazines.

Already got the ATF Form 6 NIA to enter the USA with my gear.


Plan is to land in L.A., rent a car at the airport, drive directly to Nevada. Same thing when returning. No stop in California.


Is this allowed ? If yes, is there any advanced paperwork, special requirements, etc ... ?

Who would be the final authority to ask ?

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Unfortunately, not allowed.  California has a complete ban on the importation, purchase, sale, etc. (even temporary) of magazines with a >10 round capacity.  There is no exemption for competition or travelling through the state.


Your PCC rifle is illegal in California, but if it is disassembled (lower detached from upper) then it should be fine, as there is no constructive possession under the law.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... 

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Thanks Matir.

How do you make your mags 10-rounds legal ? Would a wood dowel inserted inside the spring be enough ? Or must they be "permanently" limited to 10 rounds ?

I never heard about the no constructive possession thing. Do you know what would be the official legal authority to get an official quote on this ?


Jack, about the same as flight to Vegas.

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I live here, so all of my magazines are factory 10-round magazines.  I do believe the modifications must be permanent, as everyone that I know of modified their magazines involved pinning & welding, epoxy, or other significant modifications.


I suggest contacting the California DOJ to find out the best options: https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/contact  They are responsible for the regulations on enforcement of the laws in California.

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Just a thought

Send mags to the Match , similar as if you would send your match ammo (here in the states) so you don't have to fly with it.

Then the firearms should be able to go with you through to the match.

Again check that all that is ok with the MD at the match and with bringing the firearms through Calf, etc

good fortune!

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3 hours ago, BoyGlock said:

And the 2011 in LA?


I'm not sure what you're alluding to, but there's no problem with bringing a 2011-type pistol into California.  The magazines would be the issue, but that's been discussed above.

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On ‎1‎/‎31‎/‎2019 at 8:05 AM, Furrly said:

spend the extra money and fly into Nevada, avoid the s#!t storm!!!

Bear in mind that you have to clear customs at the first point of landing in the US therefore avoid New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as transit points.. That's why I suggested Orlando or Dallas

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Be very cautious about landing at LAX with your rifle.  You would go through US Customs there and be in possession of a rifle that could get you jail time.


Even if it's is beyond your control, an airplane diversion to a "ban" state can still get you arrested.

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