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  1. Is that general shooting experience or competition shooting experience?
  2. What attachment mechanism do you use for your BOSS hangar? The included aluminum plate? Does anyone run Tek-Lok on it? I like the idea of running Tek-Lok so I can switch between different belts (double belt for USPSA, regular belt for defensive shooting courses) more easily. Am I overthinking? I already have the Tek-Lok bracket off the BladeTech holster I'm using on it, so there's no cost difference to me.
  3. So, I recently realized I'm not the only shooter who has CZ 75 magazines. Or an UpLULA. Or Howard Leight Impact Sport muffs. In order to keep mine mine and avoid confusion on the range, I'd like to mark them. For the non-magazine items, I figure a label maker will work wonderfully. For the magazines, I'm thinking of a paint-based marker so I can write on the side and not risk it catching during reloads. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of all this -- what do you do?
  4. I'm a heavier shooter, just getting into USPSA, trying to figure out which belt I should get. For classes and so forth I've been wearing one of my regular belts, but wondering if I should upgrade to a 2-piece setup. I'll be shooting production with a CZ 75 SP-01 in a Blade-tech Holster. I see Blade-tech has a double belt, as does CR Speed, Double Alpha, and Shooter's Connection. Would anyone say one is better than another for a heavier shooter? Is there a substantial difference between the options? Also, does anyone use the Blade-Tech drop/offset instead of something like the BOSS? I like the TekLok system, and, well, it's cheaper.
  5. I just took a "Safe Handgun Competitor" course at Richmond Rod & Gun club and I'm hooked. Unfortunately I can't shoot a match until April because of my work schedule (unless I find another club...) but I'm so excited to go for it.
  6. Where does your eye focus with a 1x optic? At the distance of the reticle? I've always loved that red dots (even if they're a little off-round due to my astigmatism) focus at infinity so I can reasonably shoot with both eyes open.
  7. I don't mean a variable (1-6x or so) optic, but a pure 1x like this prism optic from primary arms: https://www.primaryarms.com/pa-1x-compact-prism-scope-with-acss-cyclops-reticle-black What's the advantage/disadvantage compared to a red dot?
  8. Flexes too much in what way? I've never made targets, but it seems like it's going to stay where you put it.
  9. Sorry I started this thread, it was clearly unwise in hindsight.
  10. I understand your point, and had not considered that before hand, but like @RJH, I doubt it makes any differences to the antis. They're uneducated about firearms and I don't think they'll try to educate themselves anyway. I'd rather avoid new incidents by learning from the mistakes of others in the past. (New mistakes would obviously also be fuel for antis...)
  11. At the RO's temple, or his own? I mean, either is insane behavior. Quite frankly, should've resulted in criminal charges, but I understand why not drawing attention might've been desirable.
  12. Curious so that we can all learn what not to do. (And because there are some good stories.) I'm a very new shooter, and I want to learn what to avoid. (Obviously, muzzle control and trigger finger control are critical.) I'd love to hear how it got to the situation as well.
  13. Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the quick answer!
  14. Never even seen a 2011-style gun in person, so this is probably a stupid question. Are all of them SAO?
  15. Google drive is not part of Google+. Google+ was the social networking service provided by Google, Drive is part of the suite of productivity applications and is not affected by the G+ shutdown. See "Will I still have access to other Google services after my Google+ content is deleted?" on the Google+ Shutdown FAQ. There's a few other sources confirming that Drive (and GMail, etc.) will not be affected: https://plus.google.com/110453952124930912632/posts/SF24mYycDZo https://plus.google.com/101414769040698122263/posts/3qY46dopL2F https://plus.google.com/103296153795242348114/posts/c9Sm7y9u4av Apparently you're not the only person who found the message unclear.
  16. Are you certain you are not thinking of Google+? I'm not aware of any plans to shutter Drive. There's this announcement: https://support.google.com/plus/answer/9195133?hl=en
  17. IIRC, that only applies in production/carry optics?
  18. Is mixing types of mag pouches a terrible idea? I have 2 double mag pouches from bladetech, but I'm told I should really be carrying ~6 mags for my SP-01 in production. I'd like to get something more appropriate like DAA racers or Ghost 360 pouches, but I'm not sure I want to buy all 6 right now (especially until I try them). How screwed up will it be (as a newbie, keep in mind) to mix like this? Or should I just buy another double pouch from bladetech to keep it all the same?
  19. @Rez805 can you share where in CA you're able to train and do drills? I'm in the Bay Area and all the ranges I've been to have been fairly serious about the rate of fire issues. (And no holster draw, etc.)
  20. I'd like to put a spot of grip tape on the side of my frame to index my trigger finger when drawing/transitioning/etc. Is there a particular brand of grip tape/skateboard tape that is favored?
  21. Both of those should work just fine, I know people who have removed the lifter and used the spacer with no problems. If this is a competition pistol, note that you can't remove the FPB and compete in USPSA production per Rule 22 in Appendix D4.
  22. I'm not sure what you're alluding to, but there's no problem with bringing a 2011-type pistol into California. The magazines would be the issue, but that's been discussed above.
  23. I live here, so all of my magazines are factory 10-round magazines. I do believe the modifications must be permanent, as everyone that I know of modified their magazines involved pinning & welding, epoxy, or other significant modifications. I suggest contacting the California DOJ to find out the best options: https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/contact They are responsible for the regulations on enforcement of the laws in California.
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