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  1. Most people I know shoot IDPA or just plain and simple plink at a range. I haven't run into anyone in person at a local range with one that was an IPSC or 3-gun shooter. The few people that have them seem to "brag" about them more than actually shoot them, sort of a status symbol thing like a fine watch or high-end car (or ricer) mainly. This applies similarly to the deer hunters from the "big city" that think they need a multi-thousand dollar 'magnum' rifle to shoot deer but, can't deal with the recoil or muzzle blast. Or those that own a Wison Combat but, are afraid to take it shooting because it might get a faint mark of some sort; they can leave it in their safe or under a banker's light and brag about it if they want to I guess ...
  2. Also, if one of the IPSC/USPSA compliant production models was legal for IDPA SSP/ESP it would have probably followed me home on Sunday.
  3. Well, if I could see one in person things would be much easier. Comparing the factory models to the CZC was a real eye opener. It was more than a simple trigger job. Too bad I'm not going through Mesa, AZ anytime to see one in person.
  4. https://www.czub.cz/en/cz-75-sp-01-shadow-904.html The factory seems to disagree with you. The CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW ORANGE pistol differs in new procedures and operations added as a part of the serial production process (e.g. the manual fitting of the barrel, the lateral definition of the free movement of the bolt and the sophisticated trigger mechanism). The gun has a burnished barrel and its "orange 2012" name is based principally on its long thin and aluminium grips of that colour. The weapon is presented in an identical case to that of the CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE.
  5. Thanks for the confirmation! The CZC Shadow Orange seems to be the pistol I'm looking for with its superior slide to frame fit, weight class meeting requirements and, overall superior build and 'hand tuning' compared to other similar good pistol options. The SIG P320 X-Five seems like a nice pistol but, I question its 'practical' nature. The X-CARRY was slightly better but, both were blocky and overly large IMHO. The trigger action was good and I think I could get used to the flat trigger pretty fast. I guess I'm a steel at heart sort of guy though, one of these or a 2011 variant might show up at some point in the very distant future.
  6. Most people think of this "Orange" pistol: CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange which while nice, isn't really competition legal for what most people really want to use it for. It is, however, a really nice pistol. I think it is a European IPSC style pistol in 9mm "Major" (or 9x21). And, for those wanting a S/A 40S&W, it fits that role as well. Then there is this one to further confuse things and people like myself: CZ Shadow 2 Black & Blue Then, CZC makes this one which seems to be targeted to wards IDPA: CZ SP01 Shadow Orange
  7. I believe the Shadow Orange pistols from CZC are built in the factory "custom shop" and are just 'imported' into the USA.
  8. I'm a Glock'aholic and as green to competition as they come. As I understand IDPA, the Shadow Orange in 9mm would be legal and I would start with the Hammer Down D/A. The Shadow 2 would get me out of the basic 'production' classes. The Shadow 2 is more of an IPSC / USPSA pistol in 40S&W for major and a bit overweight for basic IDPA. With all the different CZ "Shadow" pistols, I have been wrapped around the axle more than once. I thought I read in IPSC that I would start at the half cock position since the pistol wasn't S/A with a manual safety but, hey I could be totally wrong and off base & out in the weeds. My main focus is an SSP/ESP IDPA pistol in 9mm. If it crosses over into 3 gun or anything else, great but that is not driving my purchase. Whether I keep the orange grip panels or magazine baseplates is a different subject and not really driving a buy or not decision point. So for IDPA SSP/ESP, is the Target Orange in 9mm not the better "factory custom" option with its preferential side to frame fit? Sure Cajun Gun Works might have a touch better trigger but, they start with a basic factory production spec pistol and rework it so, that leads to my main discriminator between them and CZC. For IPSC / USPSA I would need a different pistol or I would be shooting minor, hence the 40S&W options come into play at this point. Right now, recreational shooting, concealed carry and IDPA are the main goals. If I have an ammo and travel budget for IPSC, I could come up with another ~$1500 for a different pistol if I need to.
  9. Today I held a CZC Target Shadow 2 in my hands along with a plain jane SP-01 variant and a couple of others. I really like the SA/DA trigger pulls. Even fully down, versus half-cock notch, it was super smooth and light. The fit and balance were a good match for my hands and prior pistol learning curves. I'm seriously thinking about the CZC Shadow Orange now. The main negative I saw in this brief exposure was the short slide serrations and the general lack of much slide real-estate to grab in failure drills. Sid
  10. Be very cautious about landing at LAX with your rifle. You would go through US Customs there and be in possession of a rifle that could get you jail time. Even if it's is beyond your control, an airplane diversion to a "ban" state can still get you arrested.
  11. After doing ~2K rounds a week in a G17 when I first started shooting semi-auto's, I understand what commitment is. I shot under good instruction and learned so well with that pistol, I could tear the X out of a 50" target without sights, muscle memory only. Today, I am a bit rusty ... I'm looking to move on to something else now that I am ~3 decades older while I still have the health to try other things. Before I seriously consider an Atlas Nemesis, I need to run a more reasonable cost choice and ensure it is something I REALLY want to follow through with. IDPA dominates in my local area. I'm not into 'space guns' today either. When I retire, I may travel around using IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, etc. meets to see the USA. A good 2011 style pistol is probably in my future (along with a nice single stack) but, today I want a good DA/SA 9mm "SSP/ESP" pistol.
  12. CZ Custom Shadow Orange Cajun Gun Works Shadow How are these two pistols different from each other beyond the cosmetics? Is one 'better' than the other? Or, are they two peas from the same pod? Is one better suited to more shooting disciplines than the other? Initially, I'm looking at IDPA but, I wonder about the other competitions out there like IPSC, Steel Challenge, etc.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm Sid from East Texas. I've been a Glock'aholic all my life post-college but, now I'm thinking about a CZ TSO or STI 2011. I have a bit of a soft shoulder, bad back, and have had some carpal tunnel issues so, my health isn't the best for shooting these days. However, I still enjoy going to the range all the same. I'm thinking about getting back into the swing of things with a Production or Limited style pistol and possibly running some local matches. Best Regards, Sid
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