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  1. Tech well if you want something durable and slippery. bmiller if you want metal or 3D printed. i chose techwell after having both just because I’m ocd about things looking beat up.
  2. Sorry for the poor picture. I used kydex and bent it around the handguard and then used some camo scope wrap I had to keep it in place and give me more of a grippy surface. Unsure as to the longevity of this but I think the kydex will help the wrap withstand the heat.
  3. Extended Dawson on a PT EVO Grip
  4. Always go with the largest you can afford, you’ll find more uses for it than just cleaning gun parts
  5. “Can” and “will” are 2 very different things.
  6. I did a Steoeger class with my Titan and put maybe 1500+ of blazer 180gr without issue.
  7. Most TTI pads come with longer springs. But no, they won’t work with 10rd mags unless you’re talking PMAG?
  8. The amount of times I’ve paid $30 for a $10 item in the firearms industry is astounding. For something that large I’d gladly pay the $30.
  9. No need to take pictures. I get what you’re saying. I’m trying to talk my friend into ditching that 10-8 one he has but he is reluctant so I’m trying to give him options. Thank you.
  10. I honestly think this place should put a fee to access classifieds. Nothing big, maybe $20 or so. Could even be a one time fee. I would more than cover the fundraising they need and keep scams down less than 50 posts.
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