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  1. Where do you ahoot at?
  2. Most TTI pads come with longer springs. But no, they won’t work with 10rd mags unless you’re talking PMAG?
  3. The amount of times I’ve paid $30 for a $10 item in the firearms industry is astounding. For something that large I’d gladly pay the $30.
  4. No need to take pictures. I get what you’re saying. I’m trying to talk my friend into ditching that 10-8 one he has but he is reluctant so I’m trying to give him options. Thank you.
  5. I honestly think this place should put a fee to access classifieds. Nothing big, maybe $20 or so. Could even be a one time fee. I would more than cover the fundraising they need and keep scams down less than 50 posts.
  6. Any you most likely have to go to a hub and not the little individual ups store.
  7. Get yourself a quality set of plugs and never have to worry about the arms being dug into the sides of your head again!
  8. Yup! When STI had their buy 2 get 1 free I snagged a bunch exactly for this purpose.
  9. Are they coated silver or raw?
  10. Yeah, edited my previous just before your post Ahhhhh that’s what I get for being slow! Asians have wide faces too so I feel your pain.
  11. I use molded plugs when I'm only shooting. But when I RO I prefer electronic ear muffs so I can hear everything and have better protection since I'm not always directly behind the shooter Have you looked into the electronic buds? The TEP 100s suck but I hear there are others that aren’t too pricey that do a pretty good job.
  12. For handguns I have the CE one due to ease of use. For my rifles I either use that for a Magnetospeed. Both are still cheaper than the labradar.
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