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2019 Rocky Mountain Regional

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Eaton Colorado it is at a range about 10 miles north of Greeley Colorado. The range is called  Weld County Gun Range I think. I have been there a number of times and I can’t remember. The match has been held there for the last 20 years maybe even a couple of more. There was a couple of years it was held in Garden City KS. 

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Our ammo is on it's way.


I'm not going through that BS again flying with it out of Toronto.  And besides I managed to get a UPS account allowing US-US 3rd party Canadian billing. I had to pay retail rates for the IRC, ouch!!!


Going to shoot with the Rochester ICORE gang has its benefits.  Their UPS depot is in a much much much nicer area than the Buffalo one.😮

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Anyone know of a range in the Denver area we can get some practice in?  We are flying down Monday (that sneaked up quick!!!)


Holster would be nice but from the bench is better than nothing.  We  are shooting an IPSC L3 Friday at out home range, but that's it.  It's going to be a gong show there on the weekend-so no practice.

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Awesome, you're smack in the middle of everything! Down this way there are a few options (though I don't think any will let you do holster work):

  • 5280 Armory: Nice range, but the retail side is mindblowing. Literally a bunker full of fun stuff.
  • Bristlecone Shooting: One of my two home ranges. Great people, great facility, and the tactical range has programmable returners (show/hide drills, etc). I don't know what the procedure is any more but you can get "holster qualified" to work from a draw. 
  • Shoot Indoors: A little more north (Broomfield) but again, a really nice, clean facility.
  • Liberty Firearms Institute: Full disclaimer - I've never shot here. But it's new, shiny, and supposedly very cool, AAAAAND it sits in the same parking lot as the massive Scheel's store they opened a year or two ago (it's worth visiting). This is an hour north of Denver in Loveland/Johnstown but it's on the way to the Weld range.
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On 6/4/2019 at 3:49 PM, MikeyScuba said:

Bristlecone was a very nice range!  Going to check out Liberty/Scheel’s on Friday.


Denver is a Beautiful city..... but the driving here is scary!


I blame all the Texans that moved here...


Bristlecone is one of my favorites. I'll be there tomorrow night shooting a USPSA match (with my 6-shot ICORE L6 gun, lol).

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I had a great time at the match Saturday shooting on the"Canadian" squad. Got to watch Kurt Ulrich all day on his way to a limited win, and Lance Foster on his way to a 4th place open and high super senior win. Don't mess with Lance.

Thanks to all that came out to Colorado to shoot and thanks to John and Pam Burkholder for putting on the work required to make this match happen.

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