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    New Carry Optics Rules

    Are the flashlights-turned-frame-weights allowed in CO now? I don't see anything addressing frame weights in the rules either way so I'm guessing they would be prohibited under the "A modification is only allowed in Carry Optics Division if there is a rules clause or interpretation, which specifically declares that it is allowed in the Division" clause.
  2. matteekay

    2019 Rocky Mountain Regional

    Yay, Weld! That's my home range for ICORE. The range goes by "High Plains Shooting Range" or "Weld County Fish and Wildlife". Details here: http://www.wcfw.org/ Putting it on the calendar now. The Burkholders run a great match.
  3. matteekay

    Reloading Benches

    That there is quite the bench.
  4. Hey all, Long-time PractiScore user but I'm investigating match management for the first time. The match I'm looking at scoring is pretty informal - we don't pre-register and pay in cash the morning of. Is it possible for me to just use PractiScore for recording scores and then share out a link to the results? Or do I need to set up a club ID and all that jazz? I know I'm doing this in the total hillbilly way but such is the club, lol. Sorry about the n00b question.
  5. matteekay

    PractiScore - posting results without a club

    Awesome! Digging a little deeper into the app, it looks like the Club ID (and most other things) are optional. Obviously it would be cooler if all of the matches linked up and referenced people's actual profiles, but most of this club are not PractiScore members. Emailing a link with results should suffice.
  6. matteekay

    Mecgar and Metalform 9mm magazines

    I’ve used my MecGar occasionally without issue, but I also did all Metalforms for my competition mags. The gun has literally never had a hiccup with those (which is saying something for a 1911). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. matteekay

    Pictures from the 2018 IRC

    I dunno if anyone saw my friend (a large English gent) wandering around the IRC but he was taking pictures of the match. He's got those posted in two galleries now if anyone is interested: https://www.mikegeldard.com/icore-sat/ https://www.mikegeldard.com/icore-sun/ He has a nice photo printer if you see anything you can't possibly live without - just drop him an email. I'm a big fan of "Happy Dave Lucero".
  8. matteekay

    Freedom Ordnance FX-9

    Can't help you there, sorry. I have to imagine that a PCC is more forgiving than, say, a Glock, though...? Update on the mag situation: I found what works best for me is a Glock brand 33-rounder with stock guts and a Henning basepad. This lets me load up 35 without too much swelling so everything feeds fine (though I do have to pull the mag out as it doesn't always drop free). I'm carrying two MagPul 21-rounders for reloads, and I start with one of those in the gun if I know that I'll need to reload around the middle of the stage as they do drop free. I also have a pair of Glock 17-rounders with generic aluminum G42 basepads (they're huge) just for Classifier use. One other question: are the barrels on these proprietary? I assume other brands of 9mm AR barrel would work since they take other handguards but figured I'd ask...
  9. matteekay

    Sport Pistol powder

    Not in my experience. I saw about a 1 power factor change shooting it in cool weather at 5600+ feet vs 95+ degrees at 1,100 ft. That was with a 3.1gr charge.
  10. Howdy, IDPA folk! I'm starting to eye the local indoor match now that revolver season is coming to a close and winter is soon to arrive. I was just re-reading the rules before dusting off my vest and flashlight and it looks like a few things have changed since I last shot IDPA (which would have been sometime in 2016). - As far as I can tell, slide lightening cuts are now legal? 8.1.7.E makes a provision for factory machined slides. I don't see anything in 8.1.8 that forbids them, and (ESP) and (CDP) both allow for "Slide checkering, serrating, engraving, and other machining". I assume this covers slide windows and the like? - I remember full-length and railed dustcovers not being legal. I can't find a rule on that in the 2017 book - did it change? - Lastly, and mostly as a joke... I don't see anything forbidding thumbrests other than having too much clearance between the handgun and your body when holstered. Am I just slow? (very possible) Thanks!
  11. I could use some barrel nut help from the AR gurus. This is technically a PCC (Freedom Ordnance FX-9) but supposedly it can use standard AR handguards. I was taking the factory one off and found this setup: Left-to-right, it's the M-Lok handguard, an inner sleeve that the guard mounts to, and I guess that slotted section is the barrel nut? The handguard screws go through the nut's slots and into the inner sleeve, which locks the guard in place (it's also keyed to the receiver). Has anyone seen a nut like that? I can't get it to budge. I can't use the barrel nut end of my armorer's tool as it doesn't have the recesses for the tool's pegs.
  12. Oh man, that's a HUGE help. Thanks! That particular wrench looks like it's tough to come by, but their bigger armorer's tool has those slots built in so I might just grab one.
  13. I did try that. It might be proprietary - I'm going to try dropping them a line. Sucker will NOT move.
  14. matteekay

    Freedom Ordnance FX-9

    Sorry for the necro. I used my FX9 for the first time in USPSA tonight and really enjoyed it. However, both of my SGM mags started failing as soon as I dropped them during reloads (the feed lips opened up so much that rounds didn't strip off clean and jammed the gun). Not a huge shock, I guess. My "classifier" mag (a factory G17 mag with Henning extension) ran perfectly. Has anyone figured out a 30+ round mag configuration that feeds reliably? Maybe the Glock 33 rounder with an extension but not loaded to capacity? Also, has anyone tried the Magpul PMAG 21? I like to keep shorter mags on hand for fast reload stages and classifiers and they're about a third of the cost of a G17 mag with an extension.
  15. Hello to the vest and jacket crowd! I'm getting set up to do some IDPA matches over winter and I'm bringing my wheelgun with me. I've pored over the rulebook and think I have a decent handle on things (even if they don't always make sense... but whatever, I'll shoot .357's in order to use moons...?) but I'd like to get a read on my moonclip holders. These are the ones I'm planning on using: I essentially took the Safariland holders and added the mandated center posts per 8.6.3.C. RIP my drill bit. In your expert opinions, do I have enough coverage on the cartridges per the remainder of 8.6.3.C? The rims drop below the front of the holder, and I think that's more than 45%, but I figured I'd ask. Per the rulebook: "Moon clip carriers must either be of open top configuration that covers at least 45% of the diameter and 100% of the cartridge height when viewed from the front, and must retain the moon clip by tension and a stud that protrudes through the center of the clip, or..."
  16. matteekay

    Revolver Gear Question - coverage for moonclip holders?

    Acetal rods. I've built my own moonclip holders in a few different varieties (I'm cheap) so I had them lying around. I can build a kydex "shield" for the front if anyone thinks it's warranted but I don't want to waste the effort if not.
  17. matteekay

    Autocomp ignition issues

    .357 brass. No intentional barrel-tipping. However, I was shooting major loads (165 - 173.5 PF) out of a 4" gun so it probably did a fair amount of tipping on its own...
  18. matteekay

    Autocomp ignition issues

    It's pretty strange that there seems to be a wide swing of experiences with this powder. I just did a test batch of .357 using 5.5 to 5.9 grains of Autocomp out of a 4" barrel revolver and my standard deviations were between 8 and 13 on all loads. I have to imagine that even a hint of position sensitivity would have yielded much higher SD's... Extreme spreads were all between 33 and 47, which is pretty typical-to-good for revolvers in my experience (since the "chambers" aren't perfectly uniform). I've also been using it in my bowling pin loads in .38 Special cases for quite a while (5.2 - 5.4gr) and have never seen the slightest issue. I do generally use magnum primers.
  19. matteekay

    Autocomp ignition issues

    Ah... revolvers... because autoloaders simplify things too much. OP, I run WAC in a few different revo loads and have never seen the issues you're describing. You might be a little light, but it doesn't look excessive... I use: - 5.4gr WAC under a 158gr coated SWC in a .38 Special for bowling pins (my data's not great on this one, but it's around 940 FPS / 148 PF) - 5.5gr WAC under a 180gr coated RNFP in a .357 with a magnum primer for IDPA (914 FPS / 164.7 PF out of a 4" barrel) I see a few unburnt granules with the latter load but nothing anywhere close to what you're describing.
  20. matteekay

    Pictures from the 2018 IRC

    Of course! Not pictured are the three ham steaks I ate at the Casablanca. Best $8.99 I’ve ever spent! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. matteekay

    .38 Special... major?

    Howdy! I did search, but couldn't get the right terms to find what I'm looking for. Has anyone shot .38 Special loaded up to major PF out of a .357 revolver? It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to make it - a 180gr bullet only needs to go about 925 fps - but I couldn't find any published data. There's plenty for .357 but I'd rather not try to eject/reload those cases on the clock. Or would this be too much case pressure for .38 Special?
  22. matteekay

    .38 Special... major?

    You're not wrong. Ideally I could stick close to a .38 COL - with good 160gr round nose bullets, they tend to find the holes. That being said, even at .357 COL, having the ejector clear the brass completely out of the cylinder is a big deal on the clock.
  23. I'm thinking of changing to 38 Long Colt so my K-frames can fully eject on the clock. Is anyone loading it on a 650? Do standard .38/.357 does work or do I need to mix in some 9mm? What about the powder funnel? Thanks!
  24. That’s a huge help. Thanks! What length are your Mid Colt cases? I have spare .38 and 9mm dies, so it sounds like I might be better off running a .38 sizer, 9mm crimp die and whichever seater reaches? I use SNS 160’s with no crimp groove. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. matteekay

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Lots of great info in this thread, but the big one seems to be the extractor. Not a huge surprise there as it's a 1911-based platform. I fit a Wilson stainless one and tuned the stock one and wound up sticking with the latter. I find RIA's safeties to be really sharp so I round them off and polish the sides (you could also fit a new one) but that's not really an operational thing... Mag tuning, as always. The MecGars seem pretty solid from the factory and didn't flinch when I added the Taylor Freelance basepads. I can fit 22 (stiff) reloadable, but I usually run 22+1 at the line and reload with 21 rounders.