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  1. Ah, bummer. We're taking the kids on a trip in the opposite direction (SD). Maybe next time.
  2. I hate to say it but... it's really just a preference thing. I shoot heavy and slow in everything (including my revo's) but plenty of people go light and fast. My loads are: - 147gr in 9mm - 160gr in .38 Short Colt - 200gr in .40 - 230gr in .45 One consideration is that you might have to change your sights when shooting heavy and slow. Our beloved Protocall Design has made me custom front sights for my Rhinos in .40 to compensate for my loads.
  3. Turns out... I am shooting Wed/Thu for IDPA Nationals. I had a Fri/Sat slot but my son has a Scouts thing on the Saturday I need to go to so I switched. Probably should have auctioned off that slot, lol.
  4. Nice! Though I still wouldn't try it past a Level I, lol.
  5. I hate rule-checking people but can you quote a source on that? I could see this being a point of contention at a big match. The relevant rules I found are: IDPA Rulebook 8.1.8 Non-IDPA-Legal Features and Modifications for All Divisions - The following features and modifications are not allowed in any division unless otherwise specifically allowed in the rulebook. F. Lights mounted on firearms. G. Rail mounted lasers and bolt-on trigger guard mounted lasers are not allowed. Carry Optics Appendix 1.2. Types of Optics - Optics suitable for this division fall under two categories with different restrictions on how they are mounted to the firearm. B. Active: These are Red or Green LASER sights that project a dot onto the target. Active LASER sights are permitted to be mounted on the frame of the firearm. Typical locations can be the rail or the pistol grip. This rule supersedes Rule 8.1.8.(G) found in the 2017 Rulebook. I don't see anything that voids 8.1.8.(F) regardless of whether or not the light is used.
  6. I think the current division is fine. On the flipside, I also think (and have petitioned NRIO about it, who could not care less) that revolvers with a micro-dot should be allowed in Carry Optics. If iron-sighted revo's can run in Production, and CO is Production with a dot, then it really stands to reason that the wheelgun should be included. I get that the optic is technically frame- and not slide-mounted, but I think having 12-to-14 less rounds is probably a big enough disadvantage to offset that.
  7. Agreed, but that won't happen until the majority of reloaders feel like they have "enough". Which in turn won't happen until supply increases. Not quite chicken-or-the-egg but at the very least... cyclic? I guess? I'm haven't paid stupid prices yet and I'm hoping I can hold out with what I have so I'll never have to.
  8. Has anyone run WST in 10mm? These will be powered-down USPSA loads (basically trying to mimic my 200gr .40S&W load).
  9. Yes, Para used ramped .45 bushing barrels. I've built two 2011's using Para top ends and they worked well once I had a load dialed in. Not sure that I'd say they're any better than a standard barrel for .45, though.
  10. MidwayUSA has had CCI SPP and Federal LPP coming in and out of stock over the last week. They're overpriced, and limited to 1 box per customer, but the pace of them selling out is definitely slowing down compared to a month or so ago. Not celebrating yet but here's hoping...
  11. I'll bet you're right - it's probably less to do with the finish type and more to do with the prep.
  12. I've wondered the same thing. I gently pry with a gunsmithing screwdriver from a few different places but all of my guns have marks now.
  13. Yikes - first wave of registrations and the entirety of the Afternoon Friday / Morning Saturday schedule is gone. I guess I should be planning a midweek trip out to Grand Junction, lol.
  14. This may sound totally ridiculous but I figured I'd throw it out there... I recently picked up a 1911 that's been fully cerakoted. This is my first time with a cerakoted slide after having a number of parkerized, blued, stainless, chromed, and TiN'd guns. It seems like no matter how many times I clean and degrease the slide, it has a level of slipperiness that none of my other guns did/do. Granted, it's a pretty smooth slide with only front and rear serrations, but some of my other pistols have even less and it's not a problem. Am I totally off-base here? Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  15. 11 points, shooting Revolver. Cameo is my favorite range and it's only getting better. They were telling me at Regionals that they're only $10M into a $30M build-out.
  16. Oh wow, that's a whole week ahead of me. My friend also got in and he's squadding a week after, so that must be the cadence... That's a hefty price... that might actually be worth it...
  17. Got the email today - looks like I'll be wheelgunning in IDPA Nationals so no IRC for me. Does someone want to take one of my Rhinos and see if they can get Jerry to bless it?
  18. I got my registration slot/time today. Hopefully you all did too!
  19. Registration is closed. I assume we'll hear something about who got in at some point...?
  20. Yeah, I wondered how close they are to Ruger/Taurus springs. It's a no-go for me regardless (ESR4LYFE, yo) but it's always fun to consider the viability of other platforms.
  21. Literally just that. Is it a coil or leaf spring?
  22. Oh, that's a really good point. Especially if you were planning to run SSR; you'd probably wind up hand-plucking brass during reloads
  23. I've played with one; really nice trigger, but heavier than what I'd consider competitive. Not sure how tune-able it is, either.
  24. Lots of time spent on compatibility of parts. The whole top end is swappable with Glock so you could technically buy this as a super-fancy parts kit for something like a P80...
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