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  1. If you load with the strong hand your weak hand supports the cylinder. It may not be your preferred side, but it's off the clock with steel challenge
  2. As YSR noted, you can replace the spring loaded detent in your existing screw with a solid rod and grind an angle on the tip. I assume you load weak hand and don't hold onto the cylinder while loading. I'd use one of the Speed Beez loading trays with a twist type loader from 5 Star. https://www.5starfirearms.com/N8-357-38-Speed-Loader-p/nf35708000.htm
  3. Remember, if it ain't broke... My 627 holds the A zone on a turtle at 50. This is with a factory forcing cone, beat up cylinder notches, an ugly crown and a clocked barrel. It might do better if I fixed all these things, but my machine shop instructor once told me that "The more you F with something, the more likely you are to F it up."
  4. I have no lead in any of my barrels since I moved to coated bullets. Unless something is damaging the coating, the lead does not touch the barrel. Pull a few loaded bullets. Are you cutting thru the coating with the crimp? I do get some plastic buildup in the barrel. That stinky shotgun solvent knocks it right out though, it's designed to remove plastic wad fouling.
  5. That's typical. You need a little space to allow for dirt on the face of the cylinder. The factory standards on that measurement changed over the years as people began to shoot their guns more.
  6. It doesn't affect you, mr limited shooter. How close do you load your 40s to the major floor? I load to 135 and poppers still malfunction occasionally. Steel gets a little beat up with people sitting at out and all. As I noted in a previous post, under select conditions a competitor can shoot sub minor ammo for score. This crap needs to work, and we need a system that corrects things when it doesn't.
  7. It would help for some of the forward falling poppers _if_ you can have the same person set out wrong again.
  8. The rules don't require you to make power factor with every shot. If you're shooting match ammo, you're not even required to make your declared power factor at all. And it's not cheating. Steel doesn't test for power factor. Steel respects power factor in that major has a larger target area that will drop it. Steel is not there to be a test, that's what chrono is for. Steel needs to work when someone hits it, period. We use it for activators, so that's more than one miss if the steel doesn't work. Shooting Revolver minor I don't generally have extra ammo in my stage plan. The stages should operate the same for each shooter. If Joe had a standing reload because a popper malfunctioned and I didn't, how is that a fair test? This has been a problem for the entire time I've shot USPSA and I'm glad they're finally doing something about it.
  9. You seem awfully hung up on this sub minor ammo thing. Maybe we could start using chronographs at major matches to calculate power factor?
  10. USPSA doesn't have safety officers
  11. ICORE provides financial support for major matches in the form of cash vouchers for the special category and division winners. If you're not recognizing the special category winners anyway, I can't see the loss greatly affecting the match. I was less than impressed with receiving an email from ICORE on the subject. It made the whole organization feel unprofessional. I'm not registered for the match, and it doesn't affect me. If you pull support for the match, let the match director handle communications with the registered shooters. To me, the email to every ICORE member felt personal and vindictive.
  12. I believe it's ICORE's reaction to the match not awarding all of the different participation trophies as required.
  13. Not in a Rhino. That upside down barrel works wonders
  14. The acceptable range of diameters in the specification does not take moonclip use into account. 9mm is an auto cartridge, and the undercut is there to allow for clearance on an extractor.
  15. I think you'll find RP brass does fall within the SAAMI spec. The allowable diameter on the groove is .347 - .020 You can find the SAAMI cartridge specifications here: https://saami.org/technical-information/cartridge-chamber-drawings/
  16. My new Springfield Range Officer fits the box tight enough that the rear sight compresses when putting it in. My old Springfield slides in without compressing the sight. I'm using Dawson no gap pads on both. Every gun if an individual, some guns zero with the rear sight adjusted higher than others.
  17. Do you recut the crown after that?
  18. He does volunteer. He was rangemaster at the Colorado ICORE regional. He runs 2 matches each month, one IDPA and one USPSA. When I was short volunteers at my USPSA match last month, Mattie drove an hour and 20 minutes each way to put a stage on the ground for me.
  19. Not just no. Hell no. Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas
  20. My feelings as well. I wanted to go this year but I decided against it when the stage diagrams were released
  21. If the stages have movement and interesting shooting challenges the round count shouldn't matter. The rounds you should be counting are the ones you shoot in practice. You all do practice, right?
  22. Remember, they pick these questions to encourage you to dig into the rule book. Not all of the answers will be obvious at first.
  23. I've got one of Jack's J frames with the hybrid ports, it does recoil down slightly even with 38 +Ps.
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