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P16-40 for Limited


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I just picked up a used stainless P16 Limited to use for USPSA to replace the P14 that I've been using since '05.  It has a magwell and extended mag release.  Evidently the barrel has been throated as I can do the "plunk" test with ammo loaded to 1.200".  What do you use for a recoil spring/mainspring combo?  And what bullet weight do you use?


I asked TT what he used and the answer was a 10 lb recoil spring and no shock buff.




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40sw BarSto bull barrel, 13lb recoil spring.   17lb mainspring.    180 zero, 1.180 oal, 4.7 TG     Aftec extractor, modified mag catch, can use STI or SVI magazines.


I spoke to Travis T. at the Limited nationals in Las Vegas a few years back at the awards dinner.    I joked with him that myself and my friend and he (Travis), were probably the only Para shooters in the room!

I asked him his setup....10 lb recoil spring with a 15lb mainspring, no shock buff, 180 bullets with N320.

And that he has cracked a few slides with that setup!


You can see in videos of him shooting how the slide does slams back.


Thats is a very light setup.   Too light for me to try and experiment with.

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When I ran my Para.... 12# recoil spring, ZERO brand 180gr heads over 5.2gr's UNIQUE powder and loaded out to 1.135" (could have gone longer, but this load worked well in my Para, STI, and Glock 35).  


Para's are good Limited guns....heavier than STI's, so they soak up more recoil....accurate (at least the older Canadian one's), and easy to work on.  Parts are pretty available (typical 1911/2011 parts).....mag's are a different story....Numrich (an online parts dealer) usually has parts & mag's.  STI used to make mag's for Para's....MBX makes some for Para's, and there are some usually for sale here and about.  


Good luck in Limited and enjoy!

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On 9/11/2018 at 1:53 PM, pc13 said:

12 lb recoil spring with 4.2 titegroup and 180 fmj.  nice gun for limited, but just bought an STI and still waiting.  Wanted something newer and with the island barrel for better sight tracker...


This exact load was ran in my P16-40 with great success. Montana Gold 180 Tmj.

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