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  1. Welcome to the forum, Dave!
  2. 124JHP, 3.9gr N320 very soft ~119PF. Consider trying some 147gr loads. 147JHP, 3.3gr IMR Target, soft & quiet ~124PF.
  3. I realize ammo is tight now, but try to run 124/125 gr loads rather than the Blazer 115gr. 147gr can be situational because of the shorter CZ throat. Check the buffer and keep it well oiled.
  4. Welcome to you, KDU! KTM fan myself.
  5. Welcome to the forum, Brian! Enjoy.
  6. Mostly good. Welcome to the forum, Kimberly!
  7. Welcome to the forum! You won't be disappointed in the TSO.
  8. All the best to you, Rich. Hoping for that miracle. Take care!
  9. Grip tape on the sides of the slide will limit holster options.
  10. Wolff conventional springs are a solid choice and they are found under the Colt heading: https://www.gunsprings.com/COLT/1911 GOV'T PISTOL/cID1/mID1/dID1
  11. Don't know where you reside, but if it is above 42°N you can extend your season with indoor range. I am not a big indoor range fan, but when the weather sucks it is much more hospitable.
  12. Maybe you are reinventing the wheel. Your load is too light for 8# recoil?? Could the problem be the load? Just saying.
  13. A 30 degree swing won't have much of an effect on the majority of common powders, but can on some. Just compensate for the difference if using powders like WST, TiteGroup, W231/HP-38 or other somewhat temperature sensitive powders. Chrono & load PF for the 41F and you are good to go.
  14. Selection is discontinued due to lack of availability, not primers themselves. You are going to start a riot with talk like that.
  15. Welcome to the forum, Acnorthport!
  16. Yeti


    Welcome, Kash!
  17. Yes, get a chrono. From vid, looks like short stroking. The empties are barely getting out. Go up on the drop weight a bit and/or go down to the next recoil spring weight.
  18. Dawson, TaranT or TaylorF. All are nice, but I'd give the edge to Dawson. Ease of on/off and DP bases cooperate with many magwells.
  19. SSL Cert just needs to be renewed. I'm sure they're on it.
  20. I'll take another whack at that dead horse... Mobil 1, BF-CLP or FP-10.
  21. Interesting design and I think they are pretty cool, but not a good idea for competition use these days. No support at all now, no parts. Soon there will be no parts even available at places like Sarco. Unless you plan on buying a bag of spare LDA unique parts, I say no. If you just want to own one for general use, go for it. Still buy the spare parts though.
  22. Hope we all can get some SPP someday soon. Neutering 10mm brass is just sad.
  23. I'm with the WHY? votes. Just download the 10mm brass to your 40S&W PF and shoot until SPP are available again.... maybe in 2024. Extra set of dies? Voting yes. Setting up a magnum toolhead make sense. Swap and load to pre-established settings. Quick, easy, no monkeying around.
  24. Congrats on the new Dillon and welcome to the forum, Wildcat! The Blue Cult has a strong following here.
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