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  1. zipper046

    Gen 5 34 Issue

    had this same issue....with a 6# trigger return spring....replaced it with a stock spring and the issue went away....as others said....OEM trigger return spring (or the Taran one, but I have no experience with that one...)
  2. I had read that a while back (couple years ago)....but figured I would give it a whirl....3 years now and 1,000's of rounds and no issues yet....but I have 4.5# and 5.0# springs just in case....
  3. I hear ya....I'm thinking of trying a Johnny Glocks....hear great things about them....just got used to the EDGE. I will say...my home trigger job (polish job, 4# striker spring, lightened FPS spring, & extra power trigger return spring) gives me a great 3.25# trigger....my EDGE is at about 2.75 - 3#'s....negligible difference for my shooting....except the EDGE does give a quicker reset with the over-travel & pre-travel screws in the trigger housing....
  4. Glocktriggers.com "The Edge" in my G35.....have run it for like 10 years and it's solid and never had an issue....I believe its the "Vogel" model now...
  5. Sights are personal. I've run numerous types...Fiber optics, 3-dot white dot sights, square notch rears, U-notch rears, Trijicon night sights, etc. I'm partial to night sights, as that is what is on my duty issued weapon and I'm used to them, and I like a traditional square notch rear. I tried the U-notch...they are good for quick target acquistion, as they have a bit more room to see the target around the front sight....BUT, I found myself burying the front sight lower into the U-notch and pushing my shots down. As for brand....I settled on Ameriglo. Their outlines around the tritium vials are better constructed by Trijicon (they use white paint and Ameriglo uses PVC type material that lasts longer and doesn't flake off), the sight bodies are steel and hold up, and they are a tad less expensive than Trijicon and use Trijicon tritium. As for style....I settled on the "straight eight" type of sights....dot-over-dot....single dot on front sight, and single dot in the middle of the rear sight. As for model.....the Ameriglo Pro iDot works best for me. The front ring around the tritium vial is green in color and glows when hit with light (photo-phosphorescent) and the dot-over-dot is very quick upon sight acquisition and it's decent for precise shot placement. For me....Ameriglo Pro i-Dot's are what I now run on my CCW G19 and I run "straight eight" style sights on my Dan Wesson CCO.
  6. I run a glocktriggers.com "The Edge" in my G35 and it's a great trigger. I have a G19 Gen4 for CCW and it has a Gen3 trigger bar, lighter springs and polish job and comes in around 3.5 - 3.75#'s and is great. May play around with some TTI stuff....
  7. zipper046

    P16-40 for Limited

    When I ran my Para.... 12# recoil spring, ZERO brand 180gr heads over 5.2gr's UNIQUE powder and loaded out to 1.135" (could have gone longer, but this load worked well in my Para, STI, and Glock 35). Para's are good Limited guns....heavier than STI's, so they soak up more recoil....accurate (at least the older Canadian one's), and easy to work on. Parts are pretty available (typical 1911/2011 parts).....mag's are a different story....Numrich (an online parts dealer) usually has parts & mag's. STI used to make mag's for Para's....MBX makes some for Para's, and there are some usually for sale here and about. Good luck in Limited and enjoy!
  8. Sounds like you need some more crimp. I've had this happen on some rounds that got hung up on the feed ramp of one of my guns. It was a Failure to Feed where the round hit the feed ramp and stuck. I ejected it, and lo and behold it was REALLY set back! LOL. You just need to increase your crimp a bit. But be CAUTIOUS! If you are running PLATED bullets and you over crimp, the mouth of the case will bite into the plating and it will strip off and cause tumbling of the rounds (evidenced by key-holes in the target and poor accuracy). If you are running PLATED...add a bit more crimp, then pull the bullet head. If there is a FAINT ring around the bullet head where the case mouth was...you should still be ok. If you have a DEEP ring, then you have too much crimp. If you are running FMJ heads (ie: Zero brand or others), then increasing the crimp will be much more forgiving. For COATED bullet heads, I've found that more crimp than PLATED but slightly LESS than FMJ works just fine. It's part of the fun of reloading...finding that perfect balance.
  9. zipper046

    Glock porn

    Wow!! I really like this slide set up!!!
  10. OP....your logic is on the right path...good entry into Limited. G22 is snappy as others stated...BUT, add a Tungsten guide rod and "Seattle Slug" to add weight to the package and it'll dampen the recoil enough....
  11. I run a glocktriggers.com "The EDGE" in my competition G35. Great trigger, clean break, and breaks at ~3lbs on my Timney trigger scale... I am thinking of trying a DK trigger kit for comparison....
  12. I had this EXACT same problem with my Springer Loaded 1911 in .40s&w, but didn't know about the high mag catch you can buy. I actually had a spare Wilson .45acp Bulletproof SLIDE STOP I installed and the nosedive problems went away. (I also polished the feed ramp). try the high mag catch...or if you have a spare .45acp slide stop, try that. Z-
  13. CaptainOverkill....I think the thread others were referencing was my thread from a couple month's back. I had the EXACT same problem with an STI Eagle I bought. It was pinching the web of my left hand when I disengaged the safety. Before investing in another safety (and having to fit it), I took the original and I filed and sanded down the bottom radius to create more space between the bottom of the safety and the grip. I'll see if I can get some pic's to post up tomorrow...don't have any "before" pics, but you can see the "after". Seems to work. I still get a little pinch, and I may file it down a bit more, but it's comfortable enough for me for now. z-
  14. Yup....Eagle is in the #1 place....Para relegated to backup.... :-)
  15. I run Berry's plated in my Glocks and STI. at 1.135" OAL, 180gr FP, over 4.5gr UNIQUE they are accurate. In my STI I can get 1 - 1.5" at 18 yards (max range indoors). Interestingly, during the bullet crunch I bought some AIM projectiles plated heads from Target Barn. They looked like absolute GARBAGE...alot of black spots all over them! I read that the molds they use have alot of oil residue on them and that causes the spotting when they are plated...UGLY...BUT...ACCURATE AS ALL GET OUT! Same load as my Berry's and I shot 5 rounds at 18 yds under an inch off a rest!...since then I've consistently had 1 - 2" groups at distance shooting freestyle two-handed.... For match ammo...ZERO heads all the way....best I've found...MONTANA GOLD's are my second best match ammo....
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