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  1. I have used both BBI & Blue Bullets, plus many others and the quality has been good. Price per shipped, at the time I need them is the key factor. ACME, Bayou & SNS fan also, I tend to stick with Bayou & ACME lately.
  2. ESP legal.... do it. Very pleased with my 60 grit.
  3. I prefer the EGW U-die version for use with jacketed. LEE FCD fan too.
  4. Yeti

    Nickel Brass

    I prefer as little nickel plated as possible because it doesn't last as long. Can't say I've noticed that it feeds or loads any differently at all.
  5. Spray OneShot into gallon Ziplok bag, dump in clean brass, shake around, dump into case feeder. I wait about 10min. I've been lazy and just sprayed brass in the case feeder and it works fine too. The feeder stays cleaner & attracts less grit, if I use the Ziplok.
  6. Top off before you run to lock. Plan exactly where mag changes occur and adjust when your plan goes south. Change mags on the move. Magwell makes a 'big' difference. Practice reloads repeatedly during dryfire practice and change your rig to make you smoother.
  7. We have thoroughly enjoyed the GoT run, but were disappointed in the final six episodes. It was readily apparent that they were rushing to wrap it up. It was entertaining don't get me wrong, but the final season lacked quality writing. The acting was good I can't blame the cast. The writing quality was not up to the previous at all.
  8. Buy some test tube cleaning brushes. Works perfectly.
  9. Alliant's Sport Pistol feels very similar to N320 and is economical. So far I really like it.
  10. Have been using those for years and it saves time. Works well. Never got the .380 plate, but sorting the modest amount out of the 9mm isn't bad.
  11. Set of Cobra's & set of Dawson's - no issues for either with DP ICE (std). Can use either. IMO the Cobras seat fine, but go with the Dawson's if you are looking for extra oomph.
  12. .040" but the bulk fiber at .039" works perfectly.
  13. Excellent choice. Pattern it when you do get it and if needed adjust the shims. Enjoy!
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