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  1. Yes, get a chrono. From vid, looks like short stroking. The empties are barely getting out. Go up on the drop weight a bit and/or go down to the next recoil spring weight.
  2. Dawson, TaranT or TaylorF. All are nice, but I'd give the edge to Dawson. Ease of on/off and DP bases cooperate with many magwells.
  3. SSL Cert just needs to be renewed. I'm sure they're on it.
  4. I'll take another whack at that dead horse... Mobil 1, BF-CLP or FP-10.
  5. Interesting design and I think they are pretty cool, but not a good idea for competition use these days. No support at all now, no parts. Soon there will be no parts even available at places like Sarco. Unless you plan on buying a bag of spare LDA unique parts, I say no. If you just want to own one for general use, go for it. Still buy the spare parts though.
  6. Hope we all can get some SPP someday soon. Neutering 10mm brass is just sad.
  7. I'm with the WHY? votes. Just download the 10mm brass to your 40S&W PF and shoot until SPP are available again.... maybe in 2024. Extra set of dies? Voting yes. Setting up a magnum toolhead make sense. Swap and load to pre-established settings. Quick, easy, no monkeying around.
  8. Congrats on the new Dillon and welcome to the forum, Wildcat! The Blue Cult has a strong following here.
  9. Welcome to the forum, RH!
  10. Welcome to the forum, Troy! Wishing you a smooth remainder of deployment.
  11. New changes seem fine to me, but we'll see what gamer ridiculousness transpires. Definite move away from IPSC. Would enjoy an Action .22 option too, nice!
  12. Other than needing FEDs for tuned revo use, shoot what you can get these days. It is rough out there! Never noticed a significant difference (other than perhaps seating effort) with swapping in commonly used standard pistol primer brands for an existing well below MAX load. Certainly I have preferences, but can't be too picky at the moment.
  13. Dirty range brass goes into one bucket to be sorted, deprimed & cleaned. 5 gallon bucket for each type, plus one misc. Each holds clean ready to load batches in large Ziploc freezer bags, just zip and dump in feeder. If I didn't bag batches, I'd probably go with the cat litter containers. Way easier to move around.
  14. Minor PF looked decent, but Major went to hell. Try using sandbags. Perhaps you do need a little larger bullet. What did the barrel slug out to?
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