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  1. I run Bayou 200's as well with 4.0 gr WST at 1.145 OAL and get 172 PF out of my STI Edge... YMMV
  2. I use N320 for both 147 and 124 coated bullets and it works well for me...
  3. I'm about an hour south of you, may have make a trip to check it out. Sounds great!
  4. When I switched to 200's I worked up a major load for it then switched to a 165gr bullet without changing anything on the press and made a great minor load. I'm using 200 gr RN Bayou's with WST at 1.135 for major and 165 gr RNFP Bayou's for minor. Major PF is 170 and minor is 143. YMMV...
  5. Bayou Bullets is all I use. They're great bullets..
  6. I've shot Bayou 147's with N320 our of my M&P Pro and I like it a lot. Accurate, clean, and very little smoke...
  7. pixfella58

    Para Magwells

    I was in the same situation when I got my P16's last year. I ended up getting the small Para magwells from Cheely. They fit great with no trimming required and I like them a lot. Note that the magwells are not on his website but contact them about instructions on how to order them . It was pretty simple really.
  8. Just a quick update, I took the Taylor Freelance extension I got recently and filed the top outside corner of the sides and front just a tiny bit, sanded it smooth, put the mag back together and tried it in the gun with the Cheely magwell on and boom, it works! I'll probably order a few more now that I know it will work...
  9. I'm putting them on the older Para mags...
  10. OK, so I ordered 1 of the Taylor Freelance mag extensions and it fits fine on the mag tube. It works in the P16 without the magwell but won't lock in place with the magwell on. I'll do some filing to see if I can get it to work.
  11. I have seen those. They're marketing them for Rock Island "wide body" and I as I said above they told me they tried one on a P16-40 factory mag and it worked. I'll probably end up ordering one to see how it works and if it does then get more.
  12. I also use 12lb recoil springs with no shockbuff in my P16-40's...
  13. I may give that a shot. I would love to find a few more Dawson's for Para though...
  14. I have a couple of P16-40 magazines with these on them however they do not work with the Cheely magwell on my guns. Does anyone have any experience with the Arredondo basepads?
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