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  1. I got he TF for my M&P 40 2.0 and I really like them.
  2. Another vote for Bayou. I recently switched to the Bayou 120 gr TCG in my M&P's and they're great! I got a noticeable improvement in accuracy with these.
  3. Bayou Bullets for me. I've loaded 120, 124's, 135's, 145's, & 147's in 9mm and 165's, 180's, & 200's in 40 with no issues. A plus for me is they're local so I can pick up what I need.
  4. I used Titegroup when I first started reloading. I found some N320 locally, tried it and have never looked back. It's shoots clean, meters great, and not as hot as Titegroup. The reviews on Sport Pistol has me intrigued though...
  5. I've tried that and in my case it worked fine. My major load is 200gr Bayou bullets with WST running 168PF. Without changing anything on the press I load 165gr Bayou bullets and get 143PF. I shoot the 165's for Steel Challenge. Hope this helps.
  6. I've found Para Grips on Ebay...
  7. A shooting buddy has a Pro Series CORE in 9mm that he added an Apex trigger to it and he loves it. I will definitely consider that if for the 40 when I get it. Thanks for your input.
  8. Thanks for your input! I had an M&P40L a few years to start shooting Limited major and was working up a load for it when I came across a steel double stack 1911 (Para) and used that one and sold the M&P. I really like the M&P's and have 2 Pro Series in 9mm, one of which is the C.O.R.E. model that I just recently put a red dot. I've been shooting an STI Edge for the last year or so. I like a lot but I have small hands and it's a bit of a challenge which is why I'm looking into getting the ported M&P40L. Thanks again for your comments and be well!
  9. Does anyone here have any experience with the S&W Performance Center M&P40 2.0 with the ported barrel and slide? The reviews seem to be good.
  10. I run Bayou 200's as well with 4.0 gr WST at 1.145 OAL and get 172 PF out of my STI Edge... YMMV
  11. I use N320 for both 147 and 124 coated bullets and it works well for me...
  12. I'm about an hour south of you, may have make a trip to check it out. Sounds great!
  13. When I switched to 200's I worked up a major load for it then switched to a 165gr bullet without changing anything on the press and made a great minor load. I'm using 200 gr RN Bayou's with WST at 1.135 for major and 165 gr RNFP Bayou's for minor. Major PF is 170 and minor is 143. YMMV...
  14. Bayou Bullets is all I use. They're great bullets..
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